Wolf Gold 5.56 Made In Taiwan

This video clip was posted on 青年日報 (Youth Daily) Facbook page.

It is a short video montage of Wolf Gold 5.56×45 ammo manufactured in Taiwan by the 205th. A division of the Department of Defense and Ministry of Defense.

Full Auto T91

He looks bored, I would be too if I had to shoot an FN MAG in semi auto.

Nicholas C

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  • int19h

    Simply the best brass-cased plinking ammo on the market. I honestly don’t understand how anyone else can still sell 55gr FMJ at higher prices – who buys it?

    • Jolly

      My personal favorite for plinking is PPU 55gr FMJBT. Cheap and I consistently hold 1.25 to 1.5 in groups not even trying that hard.

      • int19h

        From what I’ve seen in other people’s testing, Wolf groups about the same.

        It would be interesting to round up all the budget 5.56 and .223 offerings on the market and compare them side by side – group size, velocity and its variance, general quality of manufacture, any specific features (e.g. Wolf is sealed), and so on.

        • Alahahahah

          Just don’t count that Turkish ammo in the ‘Budget’ class!

    • Machinegunnertim

      I wonder the same thing, there must be a lot of idiots out there that automatically assume that higher price means higher quality or features. Take Glock fans for example…

  • TangledThorns

    Still have a unopened case bought before the last couple of panics before 2016.

    • Alahahahah

      Buy moar

  • st381183

    Wolf Gold is awesome but don’t tell anyone…..sshhhh

  • Spacedredd

    I use the wolf gold for training, T&E, and plinking. My ARs and XCR-Ls chew it like sweet sweet candy…For SHTF I have switched to this instead of the M805.. It creates a more effective would channel then the 62grn… This ammo has become one of my favorites to shoot. Plus its manufactured from an ally…

  • john huscio

    I could go for a pallet or two

  • nova3930

    The wolf gold is a good ammo value. Loaded like 556 but sells at 223 prices….

    • Alahahahah

      Yeah it’s NATO spec ammo

  • Martin M


  • TyreByter

    MY guns love it. good price.


    Great ammo. Loaded hot for 223. Best deal going. Most people assume Wolf ammo is made in Russia. Wolf doesn’t make ammo. They buy it where they can in bulk and pack it under their name. They 22lr ammo is from Germany and is match grade.

    • wicapiwakan

      Fun fact: Wolf is actually an American company.

      Most people assume they’re Russian, when that is not the case. Their HQ is in California.

  • Alahahahah

    Best deal for past 3 years! Huge muzzle flash but WTF who does not love Muzzle Flash?
    OK enough w/the product hype!

  • burningwar

    I learned a couple things from this.

    Wolf Gold 223 isn’t repackaged Taiwanese surplus ammo, it is purposefully created.

    Taiwan uses some Beretta 92 variant (looked like a flush barrel with the regular grip?).