Talo Distributors Announces 50th Anniversary Engraved Colt 1911

Talo 50th Anniversary Colt

Talo Distributors recently announced a new limited run of Colt 1911 pistols to commemorate its 50th anniversary of business. The new guns feature the detailed work of Ray Armand Jr, an award winning firearm engraver.

At its base, the anniversary gun is a royal blue Government model 1911. It is a Series 70 version and chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge.

Both the slide and the frame receive extensive engraving work from Armand. All of the controls are polished and retail the royal blue coloring. The grip panels are made of dark walnut and engraved with a Colt logo and design that matches the slide and frame work. The screws that hold the grip panels in place are blued.

Talo 50th Ann

Only 300 of these guns are being made. Serial numbers of RFC001 through RFC300 will be used. I suspect that at least several will stay in the hands of company employees. While a suggested retail price was not offered, I expect that these will command a price in excess of $2k due to the extensive customization by Armand. The guns are now shipping to dealers that place orders for them.

Talo offers many custom and limited edition firearms from manufacturers. For example, the company recently announced it was offering a Colt SAA that was being made for the .32-20 WCF cartridge.

Richard Johnson

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  • Vitsaus

    Another gaudy engraved Colt that will increase in value by 20 dollars over the sale price in the next 10 years.

  • Brett baker

    So beautiful, so expensive.

  • Major Tom

    The finish and look makes me go “Do want!” but the 2k price tag makes me go “Do not want!”.

  • ABeiruty

    Price is what matters. How much? Where is displayed for sale?

  • Kyle

    I want!

  • Edeco

    Not feeling it, the thickness of the frames and spaces around the engraving seems uneven.

  • Lehmann

    Colt should instead do something along the lines of FN’s collector M4 series and HK’s 416F-C products. Limited editions that are clones of militarily significant arms will sell out faster and gain value more easily than run of the mill engraved guns.

  • jerry young

    Probably worth every penny of the asking price but not within my budget so it looks like I won’t be owning one of these Colts and with only 300 being offered I foresee that $2000 price tag to go up.