[ARMY-2017] Other Kalashnikov Concern News: AK-12K and AK-15K, Airsoft Guns, Scopes, Boats and Bikes

As you can see from our recent articles, Kalashnikov Concern has introduced a number of new products during the ARMY-2017 exhibition. Besides the firearms which we wrote about in separate articles, there were many other new products that are either not entirely small arms related or are prototypes with a very little information available about. Many of them won’t “qualify” for a separate article, that’s why I’ve decided to combine them in this article.

AK-12K and AK-15K

Images by Maxim Popenker

Earlier, Kalashnikov has introduced the AK-12 and AK-15 assault rifles. Both were heavily modified AK-74s with the former being chambered in 5.45x39mm and the latter – in 7.62x39mm calibers. During ARMY-2017, they have shown the short barrelled prototypes of AK-12 and AK-15 called AK-12K and AK-15K respectively.

Vladimir Onokoy, the technical consultant of KC, talks about these rifles in the video below:

Prototype .50 Caliber Rifle

They’ve also shown a prototype of a new .50 caliber bolt-action anti-materiel rifle.

Airsoft Guns

Kalashnikov Concern also announced the release of two airsoft guns. One of them (AR1) is an airsoft version of the AK-74M. It features a steel receiver and barrel as well as real AK-74 furniture. The second one (MR-659) is an airsoft replica of the Makarov pistol.


During the ARMY-2017, Kalashnikov Concern officials signed an agreement with a Russian company called Shvabe. It is quite a large company specialized in optical devices manufacturing including rifle scopes and combat sights. According to the agreement, Shvabe will design new scopes for the Kalashnikov Concern and the first models must hit the shelves by the end of this year.

Other Products

As far as I understand, Kalashnikov Concern is not concentrated on small arms only. During the exhibition, they’ve introduced a number of other products too, including military/tactical apparel and backpacks, UAVs and even electric motorcycles designed for the military and law enforcement use. Below is the promotional video of their military motorcycle.

They even make military boats! The video below kind of represents their multi-segment marketing and the strategy of providing complete solutions for special forces.

By watching the development of the brand, I think pretty soon the name Kalashnikov won’t be exclusively associated with the rifles.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • Brett baker

    The idea behind KC was to put all the military gear under 1 brand.

  • Major Tom

    The most disappointing thing about the AK-12 fiasco is they caved into making an AK-74M with an upgrade kit instead of the next generation weapon it was.

    Let’s hope the A545 is adopted so they can get a nice slap to the face about remaining stuck on ancient designs. A slap in the face that AR manufacturers need as well.

    • Petto

      74m upgrade kit and current AK12 are still very different

      • LCON

        Right they moved the front sight to the gas block Which was changed to allow removal of the gas system to the front of the rifle. The Rear sight post was made more like the Galil in both placement and function. The upper Receiver cover was changed in disassembly. The stock was changed to a M4 type collapsible and Pistol grip was changed to a modern polymer. The Safety/dust/selector is more like what you see from Krebs custom. The hand guard is now both railed and Free floated. The Muzzle device is now a bird cage style.
        All totalled these changes make the gun less of a “Upgrade Kit” and more of a total rebuild.

        • andrey kireev

          Im still more interested in what they retained from original AK-12, and whether or not Balanced recoil mechanism ended up staying…Otherwise it’s just a same old rifle with few swapped parts.

          • LCON

            The Balanced Recoil system is in the A545. None of the AK12’s had that system.

          • andrey kireev

            Good to know. From my perspective that would make upgrade to AK12 even less appealing, aside from simplicity perspective… Personally I would love to see RU military going with A545 over AK12… but I honestly can’t see RU military switching from AK-74’s, which they still have plenty of, and the new ones are extremely cheap to produce compared to the other two.

          • LCON

            Eventually they will move, It’s a matter of the weapons age and wear. The Russians like the US are constantly manufacturing and remanufacturing weapons. with foreign sales and donations, active deployments and training the numbers in stock drop. THe AK12 and AK15 seem to be targeted for a more cost effective replacement with ease of transition training in mind and a RPK16 to come in alongside. the A545 is a more ambitious system. Personally I expect that the Russians would have all three in service for some time after trials with the AK74 burning up residual stock, the AK12 and AK15 going to Regular Russian army forces as it’s replacement and the A545 and A762 to Speznats, VDV and Russian Naval Infantry.

    • LCON

      the Changes between the AK400 based new AK12 and the AK74M are massive. The new AK12 is not a Upgrade. It’s more like going from the M16A1 to the M4A1.

      • andrey kireev

        More like changes from M16A1 / M16A2 to M16A3/A4 with aftermarket parts…..and unless they still retained the balance system, still same in function.

        • LCON

          AK12 never had balanced Recoil. Nore did AK74M. The AK107 did, And the A545 does.

          “More like changes from M16A1 / M16A2 to M16A3/A4”
          No M16A1 and M16A2 were not the same weapon And the differences between M16A2 and M16A3 an A4 are much smaller. M16A2 Changed the Sighting system, Receiver shape, forward assist, Trigger group, front sight post, Stock, Pistol Grip, handguards. Barrel profile and twist.
          between A3 and A2 is the trigger group.
          between A2 and A4 are a new flat top upper and higher front sight post with after market rail system.

          I compare it to M4A1 because the number of changes made are more like the PIP M4A1.

          • andrey kireev

            Thanks on the info on that recoil system. However, you missed my point partially. I guess what I’m saying was that changes are incremental, and parts are interchangeable for the most part, what was added are mostly ergonomic / QOL changes, while the core mechanism stayed mostly the same. My example was not focused on individual details, but rather general overview of the evolution of the platform. I don’t really understand the parallels with the M4A1 though, because It’s technically a slightly different class of weapon, which draws parallels to AKMS and AKS74U, due to it being a carbine. Just a bit lost that’s all.

          • LCON

            not that much when you consider that the M16series is a 20 inch barrel. the M4 series is a 14.5 inch barrel. The MK18 (10.3 Inch barrel) is closer to a equivalent of the AKS74U (8.1 inch barrel)

          • andrey kireev

            ehhh… still carbines

          • LCON

            Which is what the AK74 is. It has a 16 inch barrel.

    • n0truscotsman

      *If* the upgraded 74M is more reliable, then I think they made the right choice.

  • forrest1985

    Nice, thanks for the post!

  • bj

    I’ll take the short barrelled ak12k and rpk16 to hang on my wall thanks. Very cool rifles.

  • .45

    This stuff looks pretty slick. I especially like the stunt driving boat. Don’t see that kind of thing too often.