Homemade MAC-11 submachine guns seized in Alberta, Canada

According to Edmonton police A Parkland County machine shop was being used to manufacture MAC-11 type machine pistols for the criminal underworld. The examples seized appear to be entirely handmade including the magazines and are each fitted with a silencer.

Near identical weapons have been seized in the past, one in Alberta in 2015 and what appears to be a .22lr version in 2016 in Saskatoon. This signals that a larger number than police suggest have been produced and are still in circulation. Police also seized a modified Beretta handgun fitted with a homemade silencer as well as a Suomi 9mm submachine gun.

Very similar illicitly made MAC-10 / 11 SMGs are regularly seized by police in a number of countries with strict laws on firearms ownership. A MAC type submachine gun can be manufactured quickly and cheaply using basic tools in any garage to then go on to fetch thousands of dollars on the black market.

The example below was seized by police in Queensland Australia and was likely to have been produced by a Sydney Jeweler turned underground gunsmith who reportedly manufactured over 100.

MAC type copies seized in Brazil:


  • yukon cornelius

    Looks like the most well made mac of all time…

  • AD

    Is that a push-button magazine release at the heel of the grip?

    • PK

      Paddle that pivots and not a button that moves in/out, but yes to it being the release. You push that toward the body of the magazine (extending from the grip) and pull the mag out. Very common mag release on this type of gun.

  • Brett baker

    Vulcan blessed Ingram.

  • micmac80

    Get the man a job at Colt Canada

  • Bill

    I may be wrong, but with the trigger zip-tied back in the first picture, if someone inserted a loaded magazine and cycled the slide, wouldn’t the gun fire? I thought they were open-bolt guns with fixed firing pins.

    • PK

      They are, that’s hilariously unsafe if people were able to handle them, or have ammo around… in this context, I think it’s more to evoke a “look, the police have that one and made it safe for us!” feeling among viewers.

      • cdndave

        In our committee of non-gun owners created, vague and ill thought out gun laws, that zip tie constitutes a legal trigger lock. Police are sometimes some of the worst informed, and in this case clearly couldn’t figure out how (or why) to run a zip tie through the action – not surprised though, just look at that suit.

        • PK

          Trigger lock. Keeping the gun 100% in the firing position (just add ammo!) is really counted as a trigger lock.


          • iksnilol

            Well, you can’t pull the trigger, now can you?

          • PK

            You can’t not pull the trigger, at any rate!

        • AlanHan

          Now that’s what I call fully automatic….

      • datimes

        I was very unsettled and nervous seeing an image of that gun. I began to perspire until I observed the zip tie. Thank God we are all safe now.

      • Bill

        In crime scene lab classes I teach that zip ties get run up the mag well and through the ejection port to render the weapon safe for the evidence custodians and lab techs. That way a mag can’t be inserted and the slide can’t go into battery. In general NOTHING goes into a trigger guard unless there is no other way to attach an evidence tag.

      • jerry young

        But it’s the police what could go wrong?

      • Rooftop Voter

        I feel so much safer now that this is in police custody and secured properly. Did this homebuilt have any scary attachments?

    • Some Rabbit

      You can’t expect Canadian police to know anything about guns. They probably figured if the trigger was tied back, nobody could accidentally pull it.

    • trailrunner78


  • ozzallos .

    Criminal underworld… So some guy living in the Canadian outback with his pet grizzly, right?


  • Ranger Rick

    Please tell me this is not so, clandestinely manufactured gangster guns for organized crime gangs in the “Great White North”?

    How is this possible after the election of the “golden boy” prime minister?

    • Bill

      I know you’re being facetious, but Canada has a LONG history of organized crime. There’s also a large outlaw motorcycle gang presence.

      • Herr Wolf

        Motorcycles- or mopeds?

        • GaryOlson

          Snowmobiles and snow cats. Just don’t call them a Sled Gang or The Red Flyers.

        • infidelijtihad

          HA’s are apparently the dominant biker gang. We have native gangs and a significant asian gang presence. I imagine the middle eastern gangs are eyeing territory. Don’t know much beyond what the news reports.

    • Trudeau was hardly going to disband the RCMP, man.

  • BorodaJoe

    Is that a slide lock on the beretta pistol? If it is that’s taking the suppression to the next level.
    Very proffesional you don’t see that on homemade jobs.

    • trailrunner78

      Good eye Joe…..and exactly right.

  • Jim Slade
    • iksnilol

      John Woo and co.

  • gg canadian gun control laws, y’all sho’nuff keepin’ tha maple-biters safe from stuff can be whipped up by any mook with a lathe an’ a drill press

    • jcitizen

      Yep! Things would have been safer if they had just stuck to the old law.

  • Bradley

    Is that a silencer on the end of a muzzle brake?

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    That’s a whole lot nicer than a parts kit and piece of steel channel.

    Not that I’d know how you would make the parts fit together and work.

    • Samuel Millwright


      You don’t have all eleventy seventeen pdf’s collected already or anything

  • jon

    Whaooo, ona full auto 9mm MAC11, IN CANADA!!!!! For they is like a one trillion megaton nuke for us.
    Dont worry, Turedeau will pardon this mac11 because SHE is qeer.
    Its seems that is very well made, there is some good smiths in this “country”

  • Daniel

    Bang up job ey. Give that man a donut!

  • Cyborg Fred
    • Rogertc1

      SO FUNNY!!

  • Kona

    I am sure the Government will talk about more restrictions to place on law abiding gun owners ( funny how criminals are the problem but we punish law abiding citizens) to keep use safe from illegally manufactured guns. Like making a AR 15 80% receiver illegal because someone “might” make it fully automatic. This shows people that break the law, criminals, do not obey the law , fully automatic firearms are illegal .

    • nicholsda

      Maybe they are illegal where you are but in most parts of the US, they are not. They do require you to jump through several governmental hoops, fork over some big money, have been registered before 1987, and cannot be newer than 1987 made.

  • Rogertc1

    Looks better made than the old semi-auto COBRA manufactured one like I have.

    • Rooftop Voter

      It is amazing what little cobbler shops can make these days.

    • nicholsda

      And about on par with the Masterpiece Arms that I have.

  • dltaylor51

    These guys look like they know what they’re doing,when they get out of jail I have some work I’d like to have them do for me.

  • armed bear

    Can we get their plans?

    • rc_vic_kerman

      They are online!

  • BrokenTengu99 .

    Damn ! Good craftsmanship !

    • Nurse Ratched


  • trailrunner78

    “A MAC type submachine gun can be manufactured quickly and cheaply using basic tools in any garage to then go on to fetch thousands of dollars on the black market.”

    NOT TRUE, and as usual the press gets it wrong, not that they care being lock step with the political establishment that is made uncomfortable by the idea of citizens who have better guns than they have and know how to use them better than the average police officer. Not that that should include HA and other criminal scum, I have a plan for the next artificial reef that would make a serious dent in that problem, built in food source.

    What it takes to make a MAC from scratch is exactly what was used here, a machine shop. (Not a garage that everyone has one of, but of course that is what they intend you to think.)

    At a minimum that requires a vertical milling machine for the bolt, a lathe for the barrel and suppressor, a sheet metal brake to bend the magazine and the lower receiver to spec. and the skills to use all that, plus welding equipment and ability. Yeah, time to panic people your neighbour could be planning to murder your whole family as soon as he finishes building his “garage MAC”……

    • jcitizen

      Probably made from 80% kits that would be legal in the US – but illegally modified in Canada – Not you are?

      • trailrunner78

        MAC “kits” in the USA pre-date the whole 80% thing really. The receiver of the MAC could be built by A) bending a one piece sheet metal flat or B) having a pre-bent center section with the side plates (3 pieces) pre-drilled for all the pins (trigger, disconnector) that run side to side. Bending that flat is not easy, the slightest mistake and the pre-drilled holes will not line up.

        I’m not surprised to see this really, any third world country with heavy prohibitions on guns has a cottage industry in shop made guns, the Philippines and the tribal area’s of Pakistan are famous for it. You just don’t expect to see it in a country like Canada or Australia. But criminals need guns to do business. And that’s why all these gun laws affect no one but already law abiding citizens.
        So, ask yourself why they want laws that don’t solve the problem they purport to solve……

        • jcitizen

          Back when I had my SOT I used to shoot a lot of MACs – I remember those kits too, but wasn’t interested, because back then full autos were cheap (if you didn’t count the tax). The SM-11-9 was my favorite, but I never got around to buying one when I let my special tax lapse.

          Yep, it just goes to show that if they outlaw all guns only outlaws with homemade guns will have them ( or black market originals)

    • SuperFunkmachine

      Look up Philip A. Luty and the tools he used, bolt can be assembled, a barrel found from useable stock.

      • trailrunner78

        “Bolt can be assembled”? FAIL. Listen, almost everything you can make with a vertical mill you can also make with a block of metal, a drill and a file, but that doesn’t mean that’s how THESE were made. I spent the first week of 9 months of BCIT machine shop training filing a metal block to specific dimensions, so unlike you with something you read somewhere I actually know WTF I’m talking about.

  • jcitizen

    Just goes to show, if you make stupid enough gun laws, the public decides, what the heck – its easier to make a machinegun anyway – might as well do that while violating the law.

  • Obi Sean

    Just like prohibition era bootleggers didn’t waste much resources making beer and wine, prohibition era gunmakers aren’t going to be turning out upland bird guns and deer rifles.

  • trailrunner78

    Your garage or the shop on a farm is not the average garage, Article says “any”, and that is the point, they try to make it sound like anyone could have a couple beers, go out to their garage and bang one of these out. NOT.

  • Nurse Ratched

    BEWARE: BrokenTengu99 . is HIV+