Enter to win a Freedom Munitions and SOG Prize Package!

Freedom Munitions and SOG have partnered with TFB to give you the opportunity to win an amazing prize package. Included in the giveaway is a $500 gift card to Freedom Munitions and a SOG Seraphim 35 pack.

The giveaway will run until September 15th 2017.

Giveaway Package:

How to Enter:

  1. Enter your email

For Additional Entries:

  1. LIKE both company, Facebook pages
  2. Share the giveaway with your friends on Facebook

Giveaway ends on September 15th 2017. The winners will be chosen the week of September 15th 2017.

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  • neoritter

    Will I not win and just get spam if I enter?

    • Scott Tx

      most likely. after the last contest I’m still scrubbing spam out of my inbox. no more.

      • somethingclever

        Yeah, it’s the cyber equivalent of buying a stranger a drink at a bar. Best case scenario you spend a lot of time trying to get rid of consequences.

        • Gun Fu Guru

          Taking long showers doesn’t cure herpes.

  • USMC03Vet

    Are there actually winners to these? I notice you delete the entry pages and never announce winners or have any recourse to find out who wins unlike the vast majority of giveaways that are held.

    Just curious.

    • Indianasteve

      Of course there are winners. Freedom Munitions ,SOG and whoever it is that sells your info. to the world.

      • Marcus D.

        I get e-mails once a day every day from Freedom Munitions. Probably because I shop there almost exclusively. The only thing they don’t have (ammo wise) are SD ammo choices other than Hornady XTP bullets. (Not bad, but not my first choice.) Plus I’ve been stocking up as best I can because come the first of the year I won’t be able to buy ammo on the internet any more. California is, for reasons incomprehensible to the average shooter, convinced that this will reduce violent crime…Well, maybe not that. The Legislature is trying to make it as difficult and expensive as possible to engage in shooting sports, hoping one day to have a whole new population of people who do not shoot, carry guns, or hunt.

        • GaryOlson

          Would an anonymous friend be able to gift you a case?

          • Marcus D.

            Nope. It is illegal to import unless it is delivered to a licensed ammunition vendor, and so far, no one knows if any LGS will accept internet shipments that obviously interfere with their own ammo sales, and even if they do, how much they will charge for “storage and handling”, plus handling the paperwork required to transfer to a buyer. It is kind of hard to ship anonymously because ammo must be marked on the box or container “ORM-D” to comply with federal regulations. Importation without a license is of course illegal, although how the state intends to enforce the law on vehicles entering the state is unknown, since vehicle searches without a warrant, consent, or probable cause is of course illegal also.

        • Tom Currie

          Actually the Freedom Munitions that you get an email from every day is probably the OTHER “Freedom Munitions” — if you look on Facebook you will find two different “Freedom Munitions” — one in Idaho (that I had never heard of) and one in Texas that emails ME every day. This giveaway is connected to the Freedom Munitions in Idaho (at least that’s the Freedom Munitions whose facebook page is connected to the Like button in the giveaway entry page).

          • Marcus D.

            Nope, one and the same. The ordering system is handled out of Texas, but the plant is in Idaho and product ships from there.

  • Don Ward

    Which branch of the military did your writer “General Information” serve?

  • Kyle

    Is the backpack to carry your destroyed gun and severed finger when the ammo inevitably blows up in your face?

  • Swarf

    Man, it’s salty in here.

    • Don Ward

      That’s what SHE said!