The 5th Generation GLOCK Glock 17 and Glock 19 Gen5 Pistols: Improving Perfection! (4K UHD)

In this very special episode of TFBTV, James has the privilege of introducing you the Glock’s new Generation 5 series of pistols. James was asked to visit Glock Headquarters in Smyrna, Georgia and shoot a case of ammunition through the new Gen. 5 Glock 17 and 19 at the Glock Operator Course over a two day period. In addition to functional and cosmetic changes, the Glock Gen. 5 has increased it’s reliability and service life, and James’ experience was no exception, as he and representatives from a number of other outlets shot thousands of rounds through the Gen. 5 Glocks without cleaning them, and they proved utterly reliable over the course period.

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James Reeves

• NRA-licensed concealed weapons instructor, 2012-present
Maxim Magazine’s MAXIMum Warrior, 2011
• “Co-Director” [air quotes] of TFBTV
• Former Regional Sales Rep, Interstate Arms Corp., MA
• Champion, Key West Cinco De Mayo Taco Eating Competition
• GLOCK® Certified Pistol Operator, 2017-2022
• Lawyer
► Instagram: jjreevesii
► Twitter: @jjreeves
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  • Giolli Joker

    Very informative video.
    I’m in the group of the “not excited by this” but at least I got an understanding of the differences between Glock Generations.

  • While I will end up buying a Gen 5 19 and do see it as an improvement over the previous generations – there’s still quite a bit left on the table for improvement that would be very inexpensive for Glock to have integrated:

    -Forward cocking serrations
    -Actually removable backstraps that can change grip angle (not just stack on grip straps that increase the size.)
    -Nickel Teflon coating the trigger components and firing pin block for smoother and improved trigger.
    -Replacing the factory Glock plastic sights with a plastic version of the Ameriglo – ie a Orange plastic insert in the front sight and a black U notch rear.
    -Removing the pignose profile and replacing with a straight Picatinny rail

    • jonjon7465

      All those would raise the price point

      • The upgrade of the the factory sights to a “plastic HD” would cost essentially nothing except new mold tooling, as they would still be plastic.

        The removable backstraps would also just be a function of new mold tooling – which was already required for the Gen 5 no finger groove upgrade. Likewise, the Pig Nose replaced with Picatinny rail would also be integrated into the new mold tooling. Given that a small company like LoneWolf or Polymer 80 can make these sort of frames, the worlds most successful handgun company should easily be able to.

        Nickel Teflon Trigger would be minimal cost if done in house; the Glock Gen 2 came with a black finish on the trigger. We’re likely talking 50 cents more cost to use NP3 given the economy of scale Glock offers.

        The only real extra cost would be forward cocking serrations – but this is a simple machining operation done to every other polymer striker fired pistol on the market.

        Glock’s are already the cheapest striker fired pistol in the world to produce due to their simple design and economy of scale. At most, these tremendously helpful upgrades would have cost $5 more to implement.

      • James Young

        It would only raise the price point if Glock decided to raise the price point. They could always lower their margin instead of raising the cost to the consumer since they sell Glocks at a higher price than all other polymer striker fired pistols except the VP9 whose price they match.

    • HKfan

      Agree, their current backstrap design is a job since all you do is add on a cheap, think piece of plastic, nothing gets replaced nor are you changing the contour. I have to disagree with the Picatinny rail. 85% of people who buy pictaninny-equipped guns never mount anything on them as far as concealed carry and finding a holster that doesn’t hang up is a mission

    • Stuki Moi

      Standard Picatinny rails are too big and clunky for a handgun that mostly wears nothing there. The others have to follow a “standard” in order to ensure accessory availability. Glock has a large enough share of the market that they don’t have to.

  • John Morrison

    They brought back that crappy (gen 2) finger cut out for mag extraction at the front of the grip. Why do we need this with drop free magazines? This really screws up your grip on the G-19. Not as bad on G-17. Does it matter? I went to buy a G-19 in 1989 and left with a G-17, solely for this reason.

    • Cymond

      I almost bought a G-19 in 2013, but got a used G-34 instead because of the spacing of the finger grooves.

  • John Morrison

    Also, any change to trigger feel? From the video, looks like the striker safety plunger is square, not round. Some people say this helps the G-43 trigger pull.

    • Ken

      Beat me to it. I was wondering the same thing and was puzzled as to why that wasn’t mentioned in the video.

  • Thomas Bennett

    Did Glock retain the new barrel/recoil rod lug placement on the M, for the Gen5?
    In a video on the 17M, they demonstrated that the recoil spring had been lengthened, using the same basic size and placement of the recoil spring lugs on a G26 for the 17M and 19M

    • burningwar

      The 19 and 26 already have the same lugs.

  • Madcap_Magician

    Oh look, a shot of the firing line from behind… which one is James Reeves… well, which is the only guy wearing short shorts…

  • derpmaster

    Thank god they canned the finger grooves. I’ve never been a glock fanboy (I can’t stand the grip angle) but the finger grooves were the make/break feature for me even considering one.

    • jlarson41

      I’m with you, 99.9% of all other striker fired handguns have the same grip angle, which for most people points naturally. Also the Glock frame is very fat where the trigger finger lays along the frame making it difficult for a proper trigger engagement. Most other handguns have a dished area to make this easier. Also for those that are impressed by the small number of parts in a Glock; a GMC V6 has a great deal fewer parts than a Ferrari V12 but which would you rather have?

  • john huscio

    I think i see chris bartocci

    • You do. Watch my Glock 18 mini-documentary, we did a little collabo.

  • john huscio

    LOL @ those who thought they’d be releasing something radically different……if you’ve been paying attention for the past year or so, you knew what was comming down the pipe.

    In any case im ready to trade my gen 3 19 in for one of these. Im a fan of the improvements and especially like that they went conventional lands & grooves for better accuracy……..if i cared about forward serrations, id buy a beretta apx.

  • ExMachina1

    Kudos to Glock for departing with tradition and boldly innovating with an eye on the future… /s

  • ProLiberty82

    Most of all I wish they would have upgraded the triggers on their guns, the PPQ, VP9, P320 and even the M&P M2.0 have them beat at this point.

    • the VP9 in many more ways than just the trigger. Quite possibly the most ergonomic striker-fired handgun out there.

    • Stuki Moi

      But none of them get there within an only 35 total parts budget…..

      I’m not a big fan of the Glock trigger (I’m a DAK man, so what do I know….), but it has proven to be good enough, that most people can operate it effectively with a limited amount of training. While those who train more, can become flat out awesome with it. So, objectively and practically, few seem really hindered by it.

  • Loki

    Snore. This site is nothing but glock worship anymore and it’s just tiring.

  • Loki

    Snore. This site is basically a Glock forum anymore.

    • Stuki Moi

      The largest and most influential handgun maker on the planet, is just commencing a once-a-decade or so generation change………

      Last week, it was basically a Sig forum…….

  • JMR

    Oxymoron title. If it’s perfect it can’t be improved upon.

    Title should be “Glock, finally puts out a pistol customers have been asking for since gen 1… kind of”

  • ostiariusalpha

    This might be the first Glawk that I’m actually interested in owning. PVD slide, no finger grooves, ambi slide lock, and an improved barrel; this pleases me greatly. I’m guessing Kivaari is as little happy to see the return of the two pin system, so he can gloat at me even more about how easy it is to disassemble.

    And goddamn you Reeves, for ambushing us with this b-llsh-t:
    Save that crap for PMs to iksnilol.

    • Dougscamo

      What I want to know is how our “hand model” got callouses on his palms….had to be in the weight room because “honest labor” is not the venue of an attorney…

      • What????? Doug, you don’t see me throwin’ hay bales and wrangling broncs here on the ranch in Uptown New Orleeens?

        • Dougscamo

          You don’t want to go there James….otherwise you will be inundated with Village People jokes….

    • iksnilol

      Unbelievably tight shorts… I won’t complain.

      In all seriousness, I’m sorta worried about visiting the US lest I get struck by a restraining order or something. That, and I’ve got to be careful to check anything related to James in case y’all commented something about me.

  • GordonTheDog

    I wonder how they were able to get rid of the finger grooves. As I understood it, they weren’t there as a wonderful ergo feature, they were there to get around the ATF’s dumb import requirements, as having grooves makes them more “sporting” and gives them 6 more points on that dopey import form.

    • Ken

      They make ’em in ‘murica now.

  • Mr. Katt

    And the SIG beat the Glock HOW ??? I’m still scratching my head over that one, unless you factor in the usual payoff and greasy palm corruption in the Pentagon.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      They both fire when the trigger is pressed and the SIG was cheaper.

      If you look into it deeper, the modular gun is a WAY better buy for the military.

      • Ευστάθιος Παλαιολόγος

        Plus, the SIG can fire even when the trigger is not pressed… 🙂
        Sorry, try for a Toyota joke

      • Emfourty Gasmask

        to be fair glocks arnt exactly complicated

        • iksnilol

          but more expensive, so they lost.

    • n0truscotsman

      It was the ammunition and contract price that SIG beat them on.

  • Some Rabbit

    So when will Glock perfection finally be realized, Gen 10, 20? And most importantly, when will James grow out of short pants?

    • Stuki Moi

      He now has the distinction of being perhaps the person in the whole world, with the most rounds down range in a Gen 5, while wearing shorts…….

      Man, I’d be scared sending cases of hot brass in the direction of a shorts clad attorney, in the lane next to me 🙂

    • iksnilol

      Hopefully never.

  • Slim934

    Well one thing they could have done would be to make the MOS system standard on all the slides they produce for the gen 5. That woulda been nice.

  • Joshua Graham

    I like it. If they had some sort of exchange program where I could trade my Gen 3 + some cash for a newer Gen 5 I would do it, but as it is I don’t see the need.

  • Moondo

    James, it looked like you slam loaded a round during one of your mag changes, is it still possible with the ambi release? Also, I have read that the trigger was re-shaped, did you notice any difference from past Gen Models?

  • Lawbob

    First you said you shot just over a case of ammo. Then you said you shot two cases.

    Also: you didn’t discuss the internal changes other than say it was 2 pins. Didn’t they change the trigger up?

    • I would answer your question but who would take the word of a PROVEN LIAR

  • jonjon7465

    Whats the deal with the other Gen5 Models? I already have a 19 and a 34, wouldnt mind a 26.

  • HAHA73

    Looks like a winner just like me xoxoxo

  • HKfan

    Glock’s current generations: Gen 3, Gen 4, Gen 4FS, Gen 5, MHS… This is looking like SIG’s 2006-2013 catalog

  • James Young

    Good changes all around. What’s left?

    The front slide serrations? Most people don’t use them but they’re nice to have for racking the slide with your full hand, and they make the gun look better. RMR cut? That’d be nice, but that’s not standard in the industry (yet) so Glock still feels they can charge more for models with RMR cuts until it becomes standard. 1913 rail? Hopefully someday. Grip angle? That’s a feature, not a flaw. If you don’t like it, Glocks aren’t for you. Looks? Improved on the Gen5 IMO, but still leaves much to be desired. Better ergos on the grip? Getting there, but I won’t know for sure until I get a Gen5 in my hand.

    Closer to Perfection. It’s a step in the right direction. I’m interested.

    • n0truscotsman

      I think its pretty well known that any generations glock has from here on out will continue to be very modest and conservative.

  • miami7

    Are there anymore interchangeable parts from the Gen 4 other than the mags? Will the Gen4 grip plugs fit? How about the slide lock?

  • Jay Abramson

    Horse hockey. No such thing as perfection (and I am a Glock owner). If they WERE perfect there would be no need for improvement.

  • ShooterPatBob

    When is the release date? A buddy of mine just had his house broken into and needs to replace his Glock. As for me, I’d like to handle one to see how they feel without finger grooves, but I don’t see anything worth trading in my Gen 3 G17 or Gen 4 G19.