F&D Defense XAR Invicta Folding Rifle Now Shipping

F&D Defense has recently announced that the first rifle utilizing their folding technology is now available for purchase. It is called XAR Invicta and is chambered in 5.56x45mm / .223 Remington. This folding mechanism was announced earlier this year and was initially shown on an AR-10 pattern rifle.

The MSRP for a complete XAR Invicta rifle is $2,499.99. It is available in two color options – black or FDE. It also can be purchased either with 16″ or 14.5″ barrel. In case of the 14.5″ barrel choice, it will come with a pinned and welded muzzle device. You can also send them your muzzle device of choice and they’ll pin and weld it onto the 14.5″ barrel.

As you may remember from our earlier coverage of this system, the F&D Defense XAR rifle has a hinge mechanism on the upper receiver which allows the barrel and the handguard to fold to the rifle’s left side. The locking mechanism is sort of a tension latch which looks to be a pretty rigid construction. When folded, a socket on the forearm engages a detent on the upper receiver to prevent unintentional unfolding.

Of course, no matter how well it is built, it can’t be as rigid as the conventional fixed barrel. However, everything has its tradeoffs. If you want to fold in half your AR-15 and make it easily fit into your backpack, then maybe you’ll be ok to sacrifice a little bit of rigidity.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • USMC03Vet

    Pardon me while I go buy 4-5 good AR15’s instead…..

    • Gun Fu Guru

      For the same price too. $2500 is way too much for this.

      • Uniform223

        Still cheaper than an M27

        • And, while I don’t want it, cooler than an M27 in concept, too…

        • Gun Fu Guru

          M27 is a squad support weapon though. It is naturally going to cost more.

          • Uniform223

            Calling the M27 a squad support weapon is dumb in my book…

          • Gun Fu Guru

            Any more stupid than calling an ACOG the “Squad Day Optic”?

  • FulMetlJakit

    Needs more SBR and side folding stock.
    That price though.

    • Badwolf

      law tactical stock folds to the left. this barrel also folds to the left. houston we have a problem.

      • Samuel Millwright

        Holy cheech n chong how high are those idiots lol?


        Uhhhh the election panic was almost 2 years ago and desert tech willgive me a 308 ambi bullpup for that now…

        The 556 conversion is balls expensive and still not actually… Real, buuut they didn’t add 220 for the folding stock that’s not even actually folding the right way for real convenience!

        • Patrick

          They have a unique product in the market based on what I would assume to be a significant R&D investment. Why not price it high until demand declines? If you really want / need it now, pay the premium. Welcome to supply & demand capitalism 🙂

          • Samuel Millwright

            I hope they do well i REALLY do…

            They’re just not getting my moneys

      • Julio

        I can’t imagine a situation where you’d want to fold both at once. The barrel is longer than the receiver and stock combined, so folding the stock too would just make the rifle thicker, not shorter. In fact, I see little benefit to a folding stock at all, unless you are in an environment where you’d rather the dirt got in at the back than at the front, which raises the question of when exactly you’d want the rifle to open at the front, other than to clean the locking lug recess. Make no mistake, I think this is very cool, and cool has a value -and a price to go with it- all of its own, but I don’t think it makes sense in any other way.

  • Georg B.

    sell the complete upper without the lower and I might be interested.

    • Mr.SATism

      I’m pretty sure that they have that in the works (Or at least that’s what I heard from MAC’s time with the rifle)

    • Cal S.

      That would only save you about $200, unfortunately…

  • Flounder

    MAC on youtube has a pretty good review of this up already. it looks good.

  • BeGe1

    First thought: “I could clean the holy hell out of that star chamber!”

    Spent way too many hours of my life trying to get star chambers clean…

  • Edeco

    “…it can’t be as rigid as the conventional fixed barrel.”

    Thank you. Not quite the way I’d say it, since since with loads of added material who knows what can be done. I’d say an added joint is always a liability. Pound for pound solid will be stiffer and more consistent. But either way, it drives me nuts when they say something like “just as good.”

    I wonder what happens if you release the bolt.

  • Mr.SATism

    Oh man, I always wanted to see a rifle fire a bullet without the barrel! (No seriously, will someone please put that on youtube?)

  • Schlampei Ficke

    Where is the pic of this combined with a LAW folder and that folding suppressor mount? i need it for reasons

    • tsubaka

      considering the law fold from the left and this too……..
      well it’s gonna looks retarded 🙂

  • john huscio

    Nope. The only word i have for this

  • Cal S.

    Well, it looks…interesting. I’ll just take the upper off with those handy-dandy pins and save $2500.

  • David G

    This looks nice but can it fire from the folded position?

  • Broz

    Solves the problem of locations where folding STOCKS are verboten!!! Can’t afford it, though…would rather have a Dolos barrel change system with the side-folder stock that Bigshooterist featured….two/three different calibers…5.56; .300 BO & 6.5 Grendel.

  • Mr.SATism

    It’s so stubby! And in full auto! Thank you so much