Invest In & Own Part of a Gun Company?… Ideal Conceal Now Accepting Investors

Ideal Conceal

Ideal Conceal has been out of the public spotlight for a little while now. That is not to say they have diminished or gone away. They merely have been focusing on getting their cellphone pistol to market and fine-tuning their firearm. They have developed several prototypes and are nearing completion of a final product. As that time draws more near each passing day all of us who follow the firearms industry are presented with a unique opportunity. Would you like to invest in a gun company?

Ideal Conceal is accepting investors in their cellphone pistol. Kirk Kjellberg, the CEO and inventor of Ideal Conceal, shared these thoughts on their crowdfunding site:

Ideal Conceal, Inc. is a custom pistol manufacturing company. We are the inventors and patent pending holders of the gun known as the ‘Cellphone Pistol.’

It is our mission to ensure that you have a dependable way to carry a concealed pistol to defend yourself with.

We are raising money to manufacture this game-changing weapon, and offering you the unique opportunity to own a piece of the company.

Join us, and carry the revolution!

I will not go into detail about the finances of investing in Ideal Conceal or any gun company for that matter. For that, you should check out his crowdfunding site and seek the counsel of a true financial expert. I am merely a guy who loves shooting guns and writing about them just like many of you reading this love guns as well.

What I can say is I am a MN native who manages a gun shop only 15 miles away from Kirk’s base of operations, and I met him 2 years ago before he ever had national exposure. He has always expressed a lot of confidence and optimism in his idea. Everything he laid out in front of me during our first interaction when Ideal Conceal was simply a fledgling concept is now becoming true.

I will reiterate once again that I am not an investment expert. That still being said, with a minimum investment price of only $102, it would be pretty cool to tell your social circle of gun buddies that you own part of a gun company.

To better decide if this is something for you, check out the Ideal Conceal websitecrowdfunding site, and/or YouTube channel.

Phil Note: TFB is in no way advising/soliciting readers to invest in this company or any other. This is just an unusual move by a gun company and should be considered news only.

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • Daniel

    “High velocity .380 caliber for great stopping power”
    Seriously. I’d actually respect “small caliber for small gun” or “to keep weight down we have to use lighter weight materials that could not withstand more powerful cartridges” or “it’s a 2 round cell phone gun- clearly a gimmick but obviously better than nothing”.

    • Samuel Millwright

      Modern 380 defensive ammo is nothing to sneeze at dude, now say the same thing wrt 32’s and 25’s and I’ll agree with you!

      But realistically a +p .380 defensive load is extremely capable at typical handgun engagement distances from fairly minuscule bbl’s even!

      That new 80k psi rated 380 brass actually has got me thinking about some things.

      Realistically, institutional inertia and the pointlessly reactionary nature of most gun consumers does more to keep unnecessarily large rounds like 9×19 etc etc alive.

      They should’ve died already considering “what we know” and especially advances in powder, case technologies, projectile construction, and just plain the science tells us they’re not actually helpful and actually harm our ability to effectively utilize our handguns.

      • Old Tofu

        well spoken , bullshit but well said.

        • Samuel Millwright

          I don’t carry 380’s either so I’m part of the problem lol…

          That doesn’t mean that i can’t clearly see and acknowledge the situation.

          Personally i want 7mm penna and 7.92 vbr like rounds to finally get seen for the great ideas they are

        • Samuel Millwright

          Please do explain why it’s bullshit in your opinion if you feel like it though… I’m totally open to learning new stuff

        • Samuel Millwright

          Damnit… So tell me why it’s “bullshit”

          Thanks for being fun though and realizing getting pissed at me for saying what i said is like getting mad at the weatherman for the forecast…

          Just like him, i don’t make the news i just report it!

          What i mean is that very exhaustive and repeated rounds of research by ARL and a bunch of others I’ve read have come to these conclusions, not me, I’m just choosing to believe their findings because they square nicely with everything i know and have seen.

          (To include my own defensive shooting experience where i used a cheapass surplus astra a100 loaded with cheap israeli i think it was 115 grain 9mm fmj. That incident made me conclude that pistols exist to get you to a REAL GUN and are only marginally better than fists at quickly ending an attack! I also concluded a bunch of other things including that my aim kinda sucks and even “good hits” don’t mean s***! I landed a very solid upper torso hit and a neck/jaw hit on one of my 3 assailants with 2 of my first 5 or so shots yet he was still really doing his best to shoot me when i slapped in my third and final 15 round mag! goid hits ppl will tell you that’s more than enough but no one notified him of this! I expended my entire 46 rounds of ready ammo (15+1, 15, 15) and it was BARELY ENOUGH! I was averaged out to 33% of my shots fired successfully struck an assailant directly without ricocheting etc first. Many were through auto glass and body panels and range was abberantly long compared to average gun fights (7 yards or less) this occurred at 1.5-2.5 times that range over the course of engagement. Overall everything I’ve read about defensive shootings says i did almost freakishly well especially considering the ranges and lighting conditions etc, but i look back and can only think of how terrifying it was especially when i knew my last mag was closing on empty! Because of that experience i believe there has to be a better way / chambering / ammunition or SOMETHING because pistols just blow at even slowing attackers down much less incapacitating or killing! And truthfully i was damn lucky to be running fmj since intermediate barriers were between them and me at basically all times!

          Long story short, if bigass calibers like now can’t assure stops with under 4 solid hits to assailants then f*** it give me a smaller caliber much higher mv bullet with at least pseudo Spitzer tippage, deep magazine wells and reasonable grip size even with it’s double stack double feed magazine, and work the ergos like a porn star works… Ummn ahem so i can point shoot from the hip and hit someone at 12 yards even though i just got punched so hard i landed upside down against a fridge and have to make this first shot count so i can drill the SOB who punched me before he jumps on me pins my arms and beats me to death at his leisure!

          (Obviously the punch scenario really happened to me and it made quite an impression on me mentally as well as the broken cheekbone walking with a limp now because i had a ken onion leek buried to the hilt in the back of my left thigh barely above the knee and my other injuries plus the 2 hours it took to get all his blood hair and tooth fragments cleaned out of my carry gun and holster alone! (IRL there was no second guy, i failed to get my gun unholstered before he pinned me down and pummeled me then stabbed me and thought he had me broken so he relaxed i heaved with everything i had got my right leg free and donkey kicked him straight in the nose (blood shower eeeewwww!) used the time n space the kick brought to get my gun out from being pinned between me and the floor, and repeatedly smashed him in the mouth as hard as i could with it side on until he went limp enough for me to extricate myself from under him and create enough separation distance safely without just shooting him.

          The point in me posting all this is to show that i came by my beliefs through a combination of research experimentation and finally by flat out earning my understanding etc through first hand experience with defensive application of force as a law abiding citizen.

      • gunsandrockets

        Handgun caliber debates are the dumbest debates.

        I’m really amused at those people who think 9mm Luger is God’s Own Death Ray and then scoff at .380 ACP as barely better than Nerf darts.

        They are only mere handgun cartridges. Not only handgun cartridges but small handgun cartridges, usually fired from even shorter than normal handgun length barrels. Until you start moving up to at the least a hot .357 Magnum load from a long barrel, the practical terminal ballistics differences between handgun cartridges are hardly worth mentioning.

        • Samuel Millwright

          Nuh uh dude!!! .38 casull or bust bro!!!

          Honestly we’ve been f***ed so hard by ammo restrictions that are f***ing tyrannical stupid and written by illiterate but financially incentivized chimps specifically to buttf*** us ONLY AFTER they toss the handful of sand into your bare asscrack that the absolutely best possible legal and financially viable solutions available to us wrt caliber and projectile construction would take the pistol from marginally better than fists to solidly into almost as good as an 18 inch lead pipe wrapped with fabric tape on the “grip” territory…

          We’d have to have a situation with an order of magnitude less legislatively codified mediocrity and erratic/purposely baked in likelihood of stray bullet casualty news headlines baked into our artificially restricted limited and enforced at gun point performance walled garden to actually ASCEND to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic levels of futility

      • Sulaco5

        I don’t believed there is a rating for a “PlusP” .380…..nor have I ever seen same on cartridge rim. Nitch ammo manufactures?

        • Samuel Millwright

          I’ve heard talk about it and read about it but my only 380 is a cz-83 that’s more just a part of my czechnology pistol collection than a shooter.

          Such rounds do exist though apparently.

          Personally, even though i know 9 isn’t technically “optimal” it’s still my one and only pistol cartridge i buy and keep in large quantity for “serious business”

          I got 3 shields and 2 sd9’s this summer (his & hers matching sets + a shield for experimental work r&d and range toy to get used to firing baby single stacks which is new different and skeery for me)

          These are our “business” pistols with deep and refreshed on a schedule and reorder x if you shoot the ammo from the box this postit is taped to basis for spares, parts, mags, ammo each one “likes”, night sights, several holster options, and matching earrings slingback heels and miracle bras color coordinated and so this season to match the other paraphernalia ;p

          I have a crap ton of other 9mm pistols an old hipoint carbine i got for $40 and etc but these are mostly reference collection / toys for boys pieces.

          Why do i own more than 12 9mm pistols if i am so opposed to 9?

          TBH i can squeeze a penny until honest abe craps out a quarter, that’s how cheap i am!

          9 ammo can be had super cheap and etc, therefore since pistols kinda suck no matter what I’m cheap and no one makes the guns or factory ammunition to feed the guns i actually want…

          I buy 9’s cheap, stack em deep, and b***h more than an entire baptist ladies quilting circle about the whole situation.

          This is the traditional way of my people

        • Samuel Millwright

          Buffalo bore maybe? I’ve heard talk of hot 380 defensive ammo capable of meeting the fbi testing standards at 7 yards.

  • A.WChuck

    Ah, the good old “Hot Chick to distract from the crappy product” trick. Advertising 101

    • ZuluHotel

      Not gonna lie, got me to click the article…

      • Anonymoose

        I only came here to comment on her boobs and how fake they are.

      • Anonymoose

        I only came here to comment on her boobs and how fake they are. Maybe instead of this goofy crap they should come up with breast implants with guns inside .

        • Samuel Millwright

          Implants are part of the shield side of the sword shield dichotomy bro!

          I’ve read through literally dozens of gunshot to the surgically enhanced funbag survival stories it’s almost enough to start considering tactical moobs as a way to never leave home unarmored!

          • Stand Your Ground

            That is one unusual ‘gel test’

        • Fast Forward

          I hope she’s using all copper (environmentally friendly green ammo), as lead vapour would almost certainly go straight up her nose.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Fake? How?
          They appear to exist.
          They have mass and take up space.

          Sounds real to me.

          • Swarf
          • ostiariusalpha

            Seriously, how can anyone tell just by looking at the picture? It could simply be the way her bra and dress are squeezing her bazookas that they look like that. Of course, I’m ready to volunteer myself to confirm or deny their augmented status with a closer inspection.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            That a negatory, Ghostrider. The pattern is full.

          • KidCorporate

            Handle a couple and you’ll understand. Trust me.

          • DangerousClown

            He could have just said non-OEM.

        • CountryBoy

          Man, the liability that went along with THAT outfit must have made Lloyd’s of London develop palpitations…;-)

  • Madcap_Magician

    Someone needs to tell them that you can’t improve a low-capacity, low-caliber, hard-to-deploy gun by adding a really short dress with a deep neckline. Unless the dress somehow adds eight rounds to the capacity.

    • Samuel Millwright

      In other words, what really can’t actually be improved is stupid gun buyers who insist on asininely obsolete chamberings or nothing.

      • Madcap_Magician

        I don’t think it’s the gun buyers who are stupid, but a small-ball gun manufacturer who is very certain he knows what gun buyers want better than the gun buyers do? Well…

      • BillyOblivion

        .380 isn’t a bad round *in it’s envelope*. Which is to say VERY close where you can guarantee face shots.

        There are times and places it’s the least bad option. Admittedly I’d rather carry my G43 than my LC *most* days, but I’d rather have the LC and a knife than just the knife.

        • Samuel Millwright

          I know man… I carry a 9mm shield every day so yeah…

          Though 380 with enough bbl length is easy a true 7 yard cartridge these days

        • Samuel Millwright

          Right, if i could use an updated a d upgraded white m3 half track or m8 armored car as my commuter vehicle and grocery getter that would be ideal, but i can’t do that because i don’t have the money and or the production capacity to roll my own 80mm 9000 fps max velocity unguided rockets with 1.5+ mile range and a PELE or ALP Warhead version making up every other shot and a second warhead type maki g up the other half of my pair of 24 rocket tube launcher assembly which I’d have installed as part of the upgrade / update! (48 rockets ttl)

          So i have to compromise. I lost a bunch of weight after a serious illness about2 years ago and especially in summer a double stack tiny 9 isn’t really an option anymore!

          My current carry gun is a shield in 9 and i bought enough spare mags + extenders to give me a 47 ready round EDC loadout. (1 more round to get home with in case i have another gun fight like my first one lol!)

          Is it what i want? Not even CLOSE!

          Will it work until i can get a bettet solution implemented? Oh most definitely!

          Its a nice lil gun that shoots better than me and chugs through even crappy ammo, hot loads, and etc while still going 275 rounds currently since it’s been cleaned. Notice, currently, it’s still not even hinting at malfunctions yet!

          (Note: my range shield is NOT my edc gun! It’s a spare gun I’m using for… Science … Yeah science!)

          • BillyOblivion

            I don’t have an “EDC” gun. I have three or four guns that I will switch between depending on what I’m doing and where I’m going.

            Walking the dog “out here” in the sort of neighborhoods where people leave their garages open all day, or for several days at a time? A 70 pound mutt and a LCP or a G43 and maybe a spare mag if it’s between me and the door. Heading out to San Fran for work? LCP and 2 spare mags–it hides better and if I need more than what’s in the gun I’m in DEEP trouble).

            Heading to the Mall or “Downtown”? Glock 19 and two or three spare mags. Out in to bear/big cat country? The 19 gets a mag of buffalo bore.

            It’s about risk v.s. mitigation costs.

          • Samuel Millwright

            Right, we agree there…

            Before i had my health crisis awhile back i carried a variety of guns based on season, clothing choices, expected destinations, phase of the moon, and mood even (it’s feeling like a czechnology day… Grabs a cz75 from safe… Or I’m feeling pretty glocky today… Yup it’s a glock day, now do i go belt and suspenders, business casual, or flip flops cargo shorts and a tshirt with the logo from the company i worked for 3 jobs ago…aka full size compact or pocket pistol

          • BillyOblivion

            I don’t have an “EDC” gun. I have three or four guns that I will switch between depending on what I’m doing and where I’m going.

            Walking the dog “out here” in the sort of neighborhoods where people leave their garages open all day, or for several days at a time? A 70 pound mutt and a LCP or a G43 and maybe a spare mag if it’s between me and the door. Heading out to San Fran for work? LCP and 2 spare mags–it hides better and if I need more than what’s in the gun I’m in DEEP trouble).

            Heading to the Mall or “Downtown”? Glock 19 and two or three spare mags. Out in to bear/big cat country? The 19 gets a mag of buffalo bore.

            It’s about risk v.s. mitigation costs.

    • Trotro

      Improve the gun? No. Improve the appeal of the gun? Maybe.

      • Madcap_Magician

        Yeah, but the fine print says “Accessories not included.” 🙁

    • CountryBoy

      Was there a gun in the photo too? 😉

  • Samuel Millwright

    If they actually did something smart like license the magpul fmg design rather than try to skirt it badly, this could be tempting

  • BillyOblivion

    Very niche market product coming in at a time when margins are going to be narrower than the last few years.

    I’m not a trained investor nor an advisor, but if I wanted to be able to say I owned part of a firearm company I’d buy stock in an established one.

    • derpmaster

      As someone who has seen several early stage investment rounds go through at various companies, I find this to be laughable. Their pre-money valuation of $15,000,000 is completely ridiculous. They are basing that off of what, 750 pre-orders? Assuming a lazy math multiple of 10x, these guys are thinking that they can meet and sustain an EBITDA of $1,500,000 per year. I’m not even seeing a functioning prototype here, just black plastic. They are $150,000 in tooling/prototyping away from being able to make this thing in low volume, at least. Throw in another $250,000 in cash burn on patents and I think their cashflow situation is not really looking so great.

      tl;dr their sales need to be astronomically high to justify such a crazy pre-round value on top of what I see to be ZERO assets or cashflows aside from a plastic mock-up and some CAD drawings.

      • MeaCulpa

        A fool and his money! I almost fell over when I saw the valuation. Not exactly a nice deal for a small investor even if they, for some strange reason, starts turning a profit. You and the other small owners can’t achive meaningful dividend payments and unloading the stock will be a nightmare/impossible.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Maybe like… in a publicly traded forum, some sort of index type system with ticket names that you would use to identify specific companies?

      • BillyOblivion

        If only such things existed…

        • Andrea Goldstein

          Maybe someday…

      • Norm Glitz

        You can buy Ruger stock: RGR/NYSE. Almost every other American gun company is part of some conglomerate or is privately held.

  • nova3930

    Or I could invest my money in hookers and blow. Same return on investment but lots more fun getting to the end….

  • Cymond

    I would sooner invest in Cobra or Hi-Point. At least they’re well established companies that have proven they have a market. A gimmick that will barely succeed or fail severely? No thanks.

  • Jonathan Galt

    a $15 million valuation? Seriously, on a non-brand, single-product company that hasn’t sold unit one? Especially when the target audience (people on this and similar sites) have given, at best, a lukewarm reception to the concept.

    If you want to own some small portion of a firearms company go buy some Ruger or American Outdoor Brands (Smith & Wesson) stock. Those companies are publicly listed and are required to issue audited financials.

  • If this guy went on SharkTank he would be shredded – 15 million valuation with zero sales.

    I’ll pass.

  • tony

    Look at those chest armor

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Mani skirt and fakes aside… am I to believe she was pocket carrying that and then also lost use of her left hand?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Concealed my a-s.
    Shes clearly got two 38’s.

    • Samuel Millwright

      Errr technically 38 just tells you the circumference of her ribcage directly under the boob…. Cup size dictates cut color clarity conformal grip ergonomics (how much of a handful) and of course bore axis…

      Nobody likes having to reach down to knee level to get a handful

      • jonp

        Ok, they are 38 +P

        • Samuel Millwright


  • Swarf

    Invest and own part of a gun company? Sure, absolutely. This gun company? Absolutely not.


    • Sulaco5

      Hey George you still working on the Russian zombies story?

      • Working on a WWII story, North Africa, LRDG stuff.

  • Cal S.

    Now they’ve gone and made me ask “Why?” for a second time.

    This company, man.

  • hahahahahahahaha

  • Veteran for Trump

    Uh. NO.

  • MisterTheory

    Samuel, what exactly are you so upset about?

    • Samuel Millwright

      Honestly I’ll break this down for you…

      1. We’ve known our current crop of cartridges sucked since well before they were further hamstrung by the AP handgun ammunition legal BS even further… Technically without the AP mess we’d be able to make the current cartridges at least suck WAY LESS!

      2. Ammunition and ammunition components and their precursor bulk materials are all commodity goods, and thus if a chambering, bullet design, bulk cases etc aren’t being produced in at least 8 figure numbers you’re basically looking at radically increased prices and other headaches directly in proportion to how many figures less than 8 your ammo or least produced component is made in!

      3. That goes triple for actual firearms though I’d guess that the sweetspot is 5-7 figures or so.

      What this means is that even though i know even 9mm is unacceptably powerful and high recoil to be an optimal handgun chambering, because so many other people refuse to believe science and empirical evidence the very few outlier cartridges and pistols to shoot them are hellaciously expensive and unfortunately are mostly over reacting and taking things too far the other way! (and the even bigger stuff is just plain stupidly unfit truthfully unless you’re pistol hunting deer dangerous game or etc)

      Basically, unless you’re independently wealthy and can absorb insane costs to have guns built barrels made and cartridges produced to a spec you bought from someone else or developed yourself … You are basically punished and denied any real reasonable route to somehow get decent guns and ammo by the collective reactionary pig ignorance of the herd.


      Stupid people screw s*** up for everyone, but only the people begging, fighting for, or attempting to bring about change are punished, suffer, and are denied even the slightest respite from the suffering collectively and cumulatively inflicted on them by the stupid!

  • Joe Schmo


  • Samuel Millwright

    Right those stupid scientists engineers and developers who’ve actually empirically tested things and expect us to believe science is right and we’re wrong….

    Murica f*** yeah!

    Majority rules you f***ing geeks

    F*** you and your facts and science! EVERYONE KNOWS X….

    yeah stupid us for actually testing, doing the math, and drawing conclusions only from data and facts even if they don’t match our preconceived notions!

    What has science f***ing done for any of us anyway!
    (Typed on a handheld device with several orders of magnitude more computing power than every computer on the planet the day neil armstrong set foot on the moon….)

  • jonp

    I own Ruger and SW stock. I own a piece of 2 gun companies. What do i win?

    • Kjk

      I owned aobc for awhile. Been doing pretty subpar/average the past 6 months or so.

  • Rocketman

    Did any of those idiots ever think that sometimes airplanes land SHORT?

    • ostiariusalpha

      They don’t strike me as the thinking types.

  • Geremy Tibbles
  • Docduracoat

    The idea is actually a good one
    A .380 caliber gun in the shape of a cell phone so your gun hides in plain sight
    They sell plenty of those sneaky Pete holsters that have a gun hidden in a cell phone carry case
    The fact that it is only a two shot gun is a major drawback
    It’s only the generation one model, so I am certain there will be improvements
    He mentioned a laser sighting module
    Higher capacity would be a great idea
    I sometimes carry a bursa thunder cc with only a seven round capacity in 380