Full Auto H&K PSG-1

Yes you read that correctly. An H&K PSG-1 converted to full auto. This is not a G3 converted into a PSG-1. It is an original PSG-1. Taylor Pickerell took a PSG-1 and installed an auto sear. Why? Why not!!! Make everything full auto just because.


The conversion was actually very easy. According to Taylor this set up costs about $55k. $18k for the PSG-1 and $37k for the transferable sear pack.

PSG1 converted to full auto. This is checkmate @hecklerandkoch

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H&K reposted the video and here is their response.

Probably the best video of the year. Things you DO NOT do to a PSG1. 1) Give it an ‘HK Slap’ 2) Shoot steel cased ammo. 3) Switch out the trigger for a full auto one. However, the gun ran like a Swiss watch, or should we say an HK. A tip of the hat to the crazy Taylor Pickerell from Buhler Ballistics

When Taylor took the PSG-1 out of the case and was getting a magazine he nonchalantly mentioned “oh that is loaded backwards”. I think in reference to the infamous “backwards bullet” H&K catalog photo.


H&K even responded to it. Not sure, but this may be a shot at FN and the issues some have had recently.

Do you even Truck Gun?

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  • Giolli Joker

    18k$ well spent.
    37k$… maybe.

    Cool video, nice subtle joke and funny exchange with the “Company that hates us”.

    So much envy.

    Alex C. left before a full review of is PSG-1… sad!

    • Mr._Exterminatus

      Buying the auto sear is actually a good investment, they keep going up in price every year.

      • Nicholas C

        Exactly. And they aren’t allowing us to have new ones anytime soon.

    • Tassiebush

      He did a pretty good video on it! I was very interested in the features that ensured it locked up consistently!

    • FarmerB

      Wow – I think they are about 6K around here (Europe).

      • FarmerB

        Actually one for sale in an auction today, with reserve of $4999. Always liked the thought of getting one, but I really don’t need yet another .308 semi-auto.

        • FarmerB

          Sheepish look. It went for about $9K plus 20% commission. Mad prices. I still maintain I see them here for about 6K.

  • Major Tom

    ” Things you DO NOT do to a PSG1. 1) Give it an ‘HK Slap’”

    F that! I will give HK firearms the “HK Slap” all I want! (Those that can do it anyways.)

  • Vitor Roma

    Given how heavy it is and how fine tuned the action is, the recoil ends up quite low. Nice.

  • bluecheesedressing

    This is like watching someone chop the top off of 63 split-window because they wanted a convertible.

    It kinda hurts, but morbid curiosity keeps me watching.

  • PK

    I see no real problem with this, it’s a shame when a gun is “too nice” to enjoy as you please. I use and shoot all the guns I have, from the 1867 Werndl to the most modern designs I own.

  • Congo Rick

    Hey man, nice super rare, super expensive rifle. Are you gonna take care of it and maintain it in the appropriate fashion?
    No. I’m gonna install an auto sear on it so it wears out the barrel, which is permanently affixed and cannot be replaced. Later on, I’m going to use the Mona Lisa as a place mat.

    • Joby

      If he can pay 55k for a toy, he can pay for a new barrel and whatever parts have to be cut off to replace it.

      • trjnsd

        Such an item is only original once. Any additions or replacements and its no longer “original”. Value drops.

        • AK™

          Why buy something thats going to sit on a shelf and collect dust and possibly rust?

          If I spend ____ amount on a HK,Im going to shoot it. Its designed to be shot.

          Was it designed to run full auto or HK slapped? No. Thats his perogative.

          • CavScout

            We get you don’t know much about guns… but full auto fire pretty much instantly destroys a barrel for precision work ever again. It’s not an AR, the barrel doesn’t simply pop out and pop another in without issue. These are more like hand fitted guns, if not literally hand fitted. Odds of him ever getting good accuracy out of it again is remote.

          • AK™

            Nope,I totally haven’t built about 10 AR-15s and 3 AR-10s..and totally havent been around guns for 30 years. My parents didn’t start teaching me gun safety at age 5. They totally didn’t start me with a .22LR bolt action Winchester Model 69.

            I know the PSG (aka Precision schutzen gewehr) is hand built,BUT

            It is his gun,he bought and paid for it..

            Is there some guide out there saying “if you bought this gun,you can’t ever do anything others deem unfit because it’ll destroy its value”
            Im sure theres a finite number of civilian PSGs out there. So what?
            Its a gun,the manufacturers designed it to be fired. It’ll wear out.

            I’m sure HK might not even service it after this video..or they might. Who knows.

    • Houston Moore

      I mean, if I had the means, I’d totally do the same thing.

    • Audie Bakerson

      Gun Jesus has said he would like to be able to borrow a PSG-1 to shoot and compare it to the WA-2000. He does this instead.

  • Mr._Exterminatus

    Not something I’d do, but if this guy wants to do it, it’s on him when his barrel wears out.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    You only live once.
    Have fun with yo sh-t.

  • Rob

    “That mag is loaded backwards”

  • Jeff Smith

    You’re article doesn’t mention that HK dared him to do it via Instagram, which makes the story 100x better. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fc240f0d5051e7f81a070a637d00050bbc3afcf0e3389d9a9f39f2fcbad4fa43.png

  • forrest1985

    “Just because you can” springs to mind. But hey if he has the cash who am i to tell him how to spend it.

  • El Dude

    How many PSG-1s actually get shot at all anymore?
    How many are collecting dust because they’re so valuable?
    Dude has money and wanted to do something. He did it. MORE POWER TO HIM.

  • iksnilol

    That poor barrel.