Dead Air Ghost Silencer Wipe Replacement Program

Last year we reported that the ATF told Dead Air Armament that they were no longer able to sell replacement wipes for their popular Ghost M silencer directly to consumers. The reasoning behind the decision is not a new policy; wipes have been considered silencer parts in the past, making them replaceable only by FFL license holders. Following this “guidance”, the Dead Air team has setup a network of dealers who will replace wipes for Ghost owners. Absent a nearby participating dealer, customers can send their suppressor back directly to Dead Air for silencer wipe replacememt.

I still have a hard time wrapping my head around how flat rubber washers are somehow silencers (silencer parts = silencers), but it’s a crazy world we live in. I explain it all in my upcoming book: 50 NFA Regulations and Other Unbelievable Tales – available as a digital download or handy pocket reference guide.

On a more serious note, technological advances will continue to push us towards deregulating NFA firearms all together. At least that is my dream. See below for links and details on Ghost M maintenance from Dead Air.

Silencer wipe

Dead Air Armament silencer Wipe Replacement Program:

Dead Air can no longer sell wipes to end users as we have been advised they are considered silencer parts. Because of this, we have set up a few options for customers to get a new wipe installed, as quickly as possible.


We have compiled a list of dealers with the appropriate licenses which allow them to replace your old wipe with a new one. If there is a participating dealer near you, this is the easiest and quickest option.


There are two mail-in replacement options available. Select your option here, and send it in. Fast and painless. We recommend using the small flat rate USPS box as an inexpensive option.

OPlease choose this option if there are no participating dealers in your area.

This limited edition shirt is exclusively available to those who purchase with Wipe Replacement.


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  • Will

    Sending your can back in a small flat rate box? A bold choice.

    • pun&gun

      And somehow that doesn’t make you or your postal employee a felon, but if anyone else picked up that box you’d have owner-unsupervised possession of an NFA item. 9_9

    • clp21

      Pretty sure you don’t send the can, just the wipes

      • Will

        That would be ideal, but the article says:

        “customers can send their suppressor back directly to Dead Air for silencer wipe replacement.”

        • Cymond

          I don’t think they can send you replacement wipes any more than they can send you replacement baffles. However, you can send them a “damaged” suppressor and they can “repair” it with new wipes.

          Idiotic, I know.

          On the bright side, once they have a network of FFLs trained on the legality of making repairs, the Econo-Can might have a market again. (It’s a registered oil filter adapter. The original idea was a lot more interesting until ATF ruled that the oil filter could not be replaced by unlicensed individuals.)

          • Andrew

            That seems unenforceable, even if the filters were serialized.

  • AD

    Can they sell sheets of rubber and a pair of stamps that cut discs out of the rubber sheets?

    • J.T.

      Or you can just buy rubber washers at the hardware store. That is how stupid this whole thing is.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Dead Air can’t. Because then they’re silencer parts.

      But your local Home Depot or Autozone is allowed to because they’re just gasket parts at that point.

      The law/regulation makes exactly that much sense.

      • tsubaka

        how legal it is do it yourself?
        grey legal?
        Fully legal?

  • glenn cheney

    Wipe the TURK, he is a jerk.

  • PK

    Best that you keep that book/guide updated and add a date to the cover “2017s rules/regs”… you know how fast things can change/be reinterpreted. Especially with the upcoming 29P and ruling on modular silencers/markings.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Luckily it seems that 29P is dead and the modular silencers deal is case by case. I deleted those chapters.

      • PK

        Fingers crossed that it becomes moot in the next few years. The morass of regulations on just silencers is frustratingly complex, for all involved. NFA regs as a whole… well, it keeps me busy, that’s for sure.

  • Kevin Riley

    By these crazy rules that ATF has set up, my half-empty 2 liter Coke bottle in the fridge would be considered a silencer part.

    • Herr Wolf

      We are really living in “The Land of the Free” when the ATF can tell us that rubber washers are illegal to own.

  • Raven

    Or you could step out of 1980 and buy something that doesn’t use wipes.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      If you want the absolute smallest quietest suppressor, it’s wipes or nothing.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      The Ghost is top notch.

  • Blake

    OK this is just a great plug. In an article that’s related, short, and makes sense. Great job.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Hey, thanks!

  • James Ivy

    Go buy the rubber and a cutter and hammer out all you want, done! I have done this for years without any concerns even before wipes we’re messed with by the atfarlf