Cannon Safe Partners with MidOcean to Acquire Stack-On


Cannon Safe recently announced that it had partnered with MidOcean Partners to acquire Stack-On Products Company. The CEO of Cannon Safe, Aaron Baker, will lead the newly combined company.

Cannon Safe is well known in the firearms community for building consumer grade lockable storage containers. GunVault is one of the company’s current brands. With the acquisition, Stack-On will now be part of the Cannon Safe business. Stack-On is known for making a range of inexpensive locking cabinets. Stack-On also makes a variety of tool boxes and garage storage products.

The name that many shooters may not recognize is MidOcean Partners. According to MidOcean, it is an “alternative asset manager that specializes in middle market private equity and alternative credit investments.” The┬áprivate equity portion of MidOcean lists a number of holdings, though none appear to be in the shooting and outdoors markets. Previously, MidOcean listed Bushnell in its holdings and helped the company acquire other companies like Kolpin, Millett, Simmons, Primos Hunting and Night Optics USA.

Terms of this acquisition and partnership have not been released. However, it will be interesting to see if MidOcean provides capital for Cannon Safe to make additional acquisitions. The gun safe market (I use the term safe in the general, not technical, meaning) may be ripe for consolidation in the current economic climate.

Richard Johnson

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  • Tim

    ‘STOP’. Just stop. No one cares about your $5,000, fireproof safe. It’s not going to stop competent, determined thieves. Stack-on is perfectly appropriate for keeping firearms out of the hands of minors.


    • Billy Jack

      But I need an overpriced safe that weighs a lot but has drywall and little steel. Who’s going to steal my money if this new exciting venture doesn’t?

      • Sand

        if you’re that determined to get rid of your money, I’ll take it.

    • Major Tom

      Nothing stops a determined thief…except an armed opponent equally determined to stop him.

      • Billy Jack

        For 5k it better come with an armed midget.

        • Russ Kell

          Modular trunk-monkey compliant. You can move your modular trunk-monkey from your vehicle, to your safe, no adapters required.

      • QuadGMoto

        There is no such thing as a safe that cannot be defeated. The purpose of any safe is to give that armed opponent time to discover the attempted intrusion and act to stop it. Good safes give more time. Poor safes give less time. Stack-Ons give almost no time. (See YouTube for how easy it is to open the things.)

        Of course, don’t forget the issue of protection from fires.

        • PK

          I prefer things to have a decent fire rating and a TL30 rating, but then you’re into $10k+ for a middle sized safe.

          Security isn’t cheap, insurance is.

          • Billy Jack

            Replacement vs protection. Being able to replace them is a kind of protection. As long as they are replaceable, insurance is the better option, especially with the inferior safe products out there.

          • PK

            And, a whole lot cheaper. Sure it takes a while to get appraisals, and have every last detail documented/photographed for the insurance, but it’s nice to have peace of mind. I don’t worry about my stuff… worst case scenario, someone brings in heavy construction equipment and leaves with my safes, I’m still covered.

  • Edeco

    I like Stack On, they took care of a defect for me nicely. Good concept too, adequait security for polite situations. Compared security for fire and burglars with tools, with the associated weight and cost it’s very low hanging fruit.

  • TangledThorns

    I bought a Liberty safe, it was double the price of the Stack-On but its quality and made in America!!