Thanks to Hrachya for sharing this. This was posted on Made In Russia Facebook page.

Automatic A-545 (former AEK-971) with wireless goggles for hitting targets from the shelter. / Автомат А-545 (бывший АЕК-971

The AEK-971 is a Russian (formerly the Soviet Union) selective fire 5.45×39mmassault rifle that was developed at the Kovrov Mechanical Plant (KMZ) by chief designer Sergey Koksharov in the late 1970s and 1980s (currently manufactured by Degtyarev Plant).

The A-545 is a successor variant of the AEK-971 that was announced on 23 December 2014, which features numerous internal and external improvements over its predecessor.

It says it uses wireless goggles which I assume show what the optic is seeing so the soldier can fire around corners.

If you recall, Tracking Point did something similar using Google Glass and their optic system.


The optic on the Russian AEK-545 looks rather small to contain all that technology. I am very interested to know more about it.


  • KidCorporate

    Another second-world prop masquerading as actual hardware. Miniaturizing electronics is not the Ruskies’ strong point and if we aren’t fielding stuff that small neither are they.

    • Joshua


      That would be alien levels of miniaturization…. And that ain’t happening in Russia.

      • Tritro29

        Ahh or you simply put a bluetooth bridge on the USB slot of that sight (hint there’s one) and the signal of the inbuilt camera is sent to the googles’ display, instead of the actual sight screen. Like 30 dollars on Amazon.

        Literally 30 dollars. But hey, you guys are all space engineers, so what do i know.

        • Joshua

          So in other words it looks good in photos but isn’t usable in real world scenarios….That’s basically what I said.

          Sure you can make it work but it is for nothing more than photo ops.

          That thing would last a day in actual harsh environments.

          • Tritro29

            In other words, you had no idea of what the sight is capable of and you run your pie hole like the good American that you are. Being usable in real “world” scenarios has been the bread & butter of IWT. But again, not American thus must be Sh*t. Thank you for being so predictable.

        • Samuel Millwright

          ^5 i suggested a custom board and a mimo bluetooth setup, but was unaware that this was an existing thermal sight…

          But sure, we’ll go with alien technologies level miniaturization.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          Can you shoot me some Amazon links? I have $30 I can spend.

    • randomswede

      Noone’s fielding anything of the sort, yet.

    • SP mclaughlin

      They are the ones putting people on and off the ISS though…

      • int19h

        Yes, using technology that’s proven and reliable, but developed several decades old and only marginally improved since then. It’s a very different niche with different requirements.

        • Lying Bastard

          technology “developed several decades old and only marginally improved since then.” You mean like the Space Shuttle (I am staring at you, Sanger Bomber. Ok, halfway (design) since your skip reentry was only invented in the US by Scaled COmposites) and the new ultra-high bleeding edge superadvanced spacecraft US will be deploying to go to the space station and other places (Apollo anyone?)

          • int19h

            Yes, exactly. Neither country has anything to boast about when it comes to drastic new advances in space tech. Which is exactly the point – you can’t point at the fact that Russia still launches stuff into orbit, and say “well this proves that they’re high-tech when it comes to electronics”. You couldn’t do so with US, either, but US has other fields in which it can showcase its technological advantage in this department.

      • tazman66gt

        Using tech that isn’t too far off of Sputnik.

      • Samuel Millwright

        And killing Isis like they’re black rhino poachers… Basically they are actually doing stuff.

        • Reality

          ISIS doesnt have any place in this discussion about microtechnic…. Youre way off topic.

          • Samuel Millwright

            Actually yeah it does,

            I don’t let my dad talk to me like that what makes you think I’ll take it from you?

            Honestly, I’m genuinely curious?

            What makes you think YOU are the arbiter of what does and does not belong here?

            You aren’t tfb staff, i know that.

            So why do you think you have ANY SAY HERE?!

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        To be fair, KidC said ‘miniaturizing tech isn’t their strong point’. You countered with ‘they shoot rockets into space well’. They may be good rocketeers, but rockets aren’t small, and don’t refute KidC’s claims.

    • Tritro29

      Ahh, yes the world’s premier expert on Russian hardware.
      Ok, i will bite.
      1. That IR sight is made by IWT and it is called Xaron/Charon. It has been in use with our SF (Army/FSB) for about 5 years now. One of these was captured by ISIS after they killed one FAC in Syria, there was even an article to identify the scope back in 2015/2016 here on TFB.
      2. The Charon was always touted as being BT compatible (which is the case for baseline handheld lasers like the Bosch PL-series) let alone a kit like this.
      3. Miniaturisation has been actually a song point of the old Soviet Union, you’re confusing serialization of the process with the actual process.
      4. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

      • Codewarrior

        This will take us away from the firearms subject a bit, but… No, minuaturization in the USSR sucked. I was an EE there, then in Israel, now here.

        This was something we were not good at. Parts were huge. IC packages were gigantic and years behind the West. Component integration – elementnaya baza – was pathetically large. Knock-off 8080 CPUs a decade behind their appearance in the US is not minuaturization. Also, what we did have was hand-stiched. Part yields in Zelenograd were hilarioisly bad compared to what I got in Israeli fabs in the early 1990s, in the USSR i binned opamps by hand…

        We had some good mettalurgy and smart people making point solutions for problems. But our designs, electronics specifically, were larger than the West’s.

        • Tritro29

          Ahh it didn’t, you only have to look at the way we went around many process hurdles for many military application. You were and Eastern European then…what has this to do with the typical miniaturization task. Sights for tanks, sights for Atgm’s, switchboards, CPU’s were well within the norm of one another. The issue was, however, the serialization of the process and the lack of an internal market (or demand) to actually develop further both processes and serialization.

          That is exactly what I said.

          The usual example you are giving me is timeframe 88-91, basically the years we ceased to exist as a coherent economy. We can compare kits of both era on the battlefield and you will find out that MANY aspects both sides had largely comparable kit, in size and virtue, with the US having some very specialized kit we ignored and us having very specialized kit they didn’t care much for.

          However, the funny part is that you claim we had the advantage in metallurgy…well we did not as out standards were distinctively non-compatible with Western ones. This didn’t made us superior or inferior , but different.

          These compromises are being clearly sorted out in the Middle east by largely equivalent foes taking on each other and proving that the concepts, training and quality of the opponent makes one lose or with the battle, not the actually metal you wage it on.

          As a proof of concept, the CLU unit on a typical 80’s Soviet ATGM is twice more powerful than the average Western ATGM, yet the guidance method is totally anti-instinctive. Zoom on a Faktoria unit is twice as powerful than the Milan F2, same size. Both are from the same era.

          I can list a long row of such items.

          So no, miniaturisation did not suck, we just had no market to sell computers and gizmos, because we didn’t have the rest to follow up, like goods, services etc. You know state-sponsored economy etc.

    • int19h

      I don’t see anything here that can’t be made with stock off-the-shelf components. 100% manufactured in Russia? Almost certainly not, but it’s not like they can’t buy the parts they need elsewhere.

      • William M Durham

        bet they got all they needed from our dumb assed CIA and by eavesdropping on all our big mouthed defense contractors. In 18 months we cant even figure out who , when or where the “world” got the DNC’s records that busted Clinton and crew. We have a lot of good ideas and things, but so do the Russians and all their little pals. After we share all the tech on a space station so what about everything else?

        • int19h

          Why would they need to eavesdrop? Wireless cameras are not secret tech. Neither are VR goggles, at this point. This is all readily available in regular commercial channels, for anyone willing to pay. It might not be “battlefield proof”, but it doesn’t mean it can’t work as a proof-of-concept, or even undergo some real field testing somewhere in Syria. Cheap Chinese drones are not “battlefield proof” either, but they’re being used quite successfully in real combat in Ukraine and Syria.

          • Samuel Millwright

            Dude and if you really want to you can seriously ruggedize and toughen civvie tech to well beyond what’s actually needed for 90% of everything.

      • Samuel Millwright

        Ali express and digikey baby… It’s not like the chicoms respect sanctions rofl…

        Sure you might pay some markup but it’s doable with ease. Hell the pic shows enough detail to say all but exactly what they did!.

    • civilianaf

      We have no idea what they have in development. Their recoiless rifle is an actual new design. Their 9×54 Sniper Rifle is a new design, and its epic.
      Their entire government has stuff in development, with unlimited resources. They go to great care to only manufacture certain specs for their rifle parts, like cold hammer forged barrels, that only their military gets access to. Our military gets products from publicly traded corporations that are only concerned about the bottom line. What you see online, is what they let us see, what they have is far more advanced than that. Not like us with a shiny new package on a design from 1953.

      • Mr._Exterminatus

        9×54 sniper rifle? Do you mean the 7.62x54r dragunov? I’m genuinely curious about this.

        • FarmerB

          Well, I think the Dragunov has been available for a while for civilian hunting in 9×54. Not sure it would make a good sniping round – sort of like a low-pressure 358 Win.

          • Mr._Exterminatus

            That makes more sense.

    • Samuel Millwright

      How wrong can one guy be in one post! Roflmfao….

      Geography quiz hotshot:

      Russia shares a border with who? How much of the worlds digital goods and even optics and optronics do they and the russians combined make?

      Ah… So ka…. You have misspoken glasshoppa!

      They very much CAN do this, and guess what they just did!

      And showed it to us…

      This means something betters already around bro.

      Besides, you can kitbash that whole rig for between $2000 & $42000 depending on the options package and capabilities.

      P.S. we do have better we just don’t put it out until it’s $87000 a pair and only socom gets 19.

  • Congo Rick

    I tried out a sort of a Land Warrior project back in the day.
    I used to play a lot of airsoft and paintball. I took a bullet cam, attached it to a pair of video glasses so I could shoot while in cover.
    For close ranges, it worked fine but there just wasn’t enough resolution for it to function in a real life combat scenario.
    Now, that was years ago, display technology definitely wasn’t there yet and it did cost me a bundle.
    With the reduced cost and higher quality of display and camera technology, I’ve always maintained that being able to aim while in cover gives you a tremendous tactical advantage.
    I do hope that the Army hasn’t shelved the Land Warrior project entirely, because I do think the idea has legs.
    I get that the Army’s chief objective is to integrate the individual troop into a fighting network with real time data transmission and that’s more of a systems engineering project than a hardware project. But at the very least, at current market prices, the remote aiming module could start shipping tomorrow, at a reasonable cost and be effective in combat.
    The module could later be integrated into a network centric system when operational.
    That’s my two cents anyway.

    • gunsandrockets

      Seems like a gizmo that would functionally integrate better with a handgun.

      • Samuel Millwright

        Heh colt SCAMP!

    • Samuel Millwright

      They haven’t it’s just evolved… The new envg and the clip on thermal weapon sight has the technology embedded and able to fuze i2, daylight cam, and IR then pipe it to your envg monocle and give you a floating POA pipper.

  • Blake

    A scope like that really doesn’t have to be very large if using analog tech. Hell I could take the FPV rig off one of my quadcopters and attach it to the back of an existing scope and get something about this size. I don’t know how they’d make an analog signal high def enough to really pick out targets, but a typical CMOS camera would work well.

    • FarmerB

      Transmitter takes 4-5W? Ouch. Bluetooth would have better power consumption (and a lot shorter range) but it couldn’t cope with HD type bandwidth requirements (or even low-def).

      Dealing with digital video streams normally requires high amount of computes and specialized hardware. Those CPU cycles will suck the power, which is why that transmitter needs 5W.

      • Samuel Millwright

        There’s a couple neat ways around that….

        1. MIMO transceivers (multiple input multiple output) think a 6 pack of low power Bluetooth transceivers at worst.

        2. Image trimming outside primary gaze area utilizing eye track and focal point tracking on the goggle which sends 40+ “image keys” to the mount so that onweapon processing only handles exactly the image area needed. Depending on several variables this can help a lot.

        All of what I’ve listed, there for the taking various places for anyone who wants it. Basically, this used to be really hard but people have actually largely figured it out.

        • FarmerB

          Gawd, MIMO? Smart image trimming? You must work in a defense industry 🙂

          • Samuel Millwright

            Nope… But i do haunt MIT’s cery awesome free resources downloadable dissertations and etc EXTENSIVELY

            Working on getting in though

      • Blake

        A much bigger concern in something like this (and likewise FPV) is lag. All digital signals lag, and up until the ProSight system came out none of them were fast enough to enable racing quadcopters through them. That system has revolutionized the industry.

        As far as power consumption, that’s not all that bad. On racers we are using 4S 1300mAh batteries and only noticing an extremely minor loss in flight time, and that’s mostly due to adding 1.1oz more weight than usual. And that’s with a 3,000′ range. For something like this you would easily drop the power quite a bit. Our analog systems normally run around 200 mW, so I’d be willing to bet you could drop a ProSight-like system down to the same power level since you only need a few feet of wireless range.

        • FarmerB

          Thanks, that makes sense…

  • Brett baker

    Remember,guys,it doesn’t have to work. It just has to appear to work well enough to get a contract.

    • Tritro29

      You really start to reek of insecurity right now. Remember you don’t have to win, just pretend mission accomplished eh?

      • Brett baker

        It was a comment about procurement. I doubt It’s not that different in Russia from the US. Get a few hand-built samples, make’em look good, get a contract, then hope you can make the deadline.

        • Tritro29

          Well it is different, because for robitized optics we only have one credible option outside The usual research centre items.

  • Old Tofu

    yeeeeeah that’d be great but , tineye only shows this picture coming up in a russian dudes twitter. that looks more like just the run of the mill “stick your gun up and shoot blindly” technique

  • randomswede

    This could easily be a proof of concept trial using off-the-shelf “FPV drone racing” cameras and goggles.
    That’s a sub $300 setup with a camera weighing in at less than 3oz (7g) plus whatever size battery you feel like using.

    Doable: yes, small enough: yes, combat ready: F. no.

    (Check out FPV drone racing on youtube, it’s worth a look)

  • KidCorporate

    That’s even worse, like B movie sci-fi bad.

    • Samuel Millwright

      Really? People like you ooh and ahh over revisions exo, but the Russian one is bad b movie scifi?


      At least pretend you’re not totally blinded by cnn bomb pumped russophobia…

  • Bradley

    It’s not my area of expertise by any means, but it seems like it wouldn’t be that advanced for something small to transmit an image through the scope. I’m thinking about how small a webcam or cell camera is. Transmitting wirelessly may be a bit more, but it doesn’t seem to take much for that either. I can cast an image from a phone using something like a roku stick. I know that’s using Wi-Fi and probably isn’t a great comparison. It just seems like a package that did that without being huge wouldn’t be that technologically challenging. I don’t know much about it though.

  • gunsandrockets

    I’m imagining a camera/laser combo unit that attaches to the frame of a Glock.

    That would be something…

    • Samuel Millwright

      It could be done and integrated into sunglasses even now, but your biggest issue is gonna be robustness, smoothing jitter so you don’t puke, fov limitations, and likely battery life…

      Though battery life could get some help soon due to the whole modular handgun chassis thing.

  • Uniform223
    • Samuel Millwright

      Also o’gara an-pvs-21 and select others have had this and more for a minute

      • Uniform223

        So how far does your pee go?

        • Samuel Millwright

          I don’t get to pee with the big dogs man, but i know a couple guys who indulge me when i ask dumb questions…

          This field greatly excites me, mostly because i grew up reading cyberpunk etc so i try to keep up.

          I also follow some of the cba csail mtm and othet mit groups work in this or related areas, and the open optics and open labwear movements.

          As cool as 3d printers are now, just wait until every handloader is cranking out lapua grade handloads with custom bullet shapes etc… Or the day someone prints up the first round of home firearm optronics!

  • wetcorps
  • Samuel Millwright

    This is Aim Lock’s work for people who are wondering.

    I’m happy to help explain the notes in the pictures and provide more info to help people understand how smart weapons tech is beginning to take shape.

    It’s obviously a field of my interest, and one day i hope to help put together basement battlefield grade optronics fabs for the firearms community.

    My hope is by doing so people who otherwise couldn’t play with high end optics can use sweat equity and ingenuity to get in the pool with the big kids and the rich kids. Hell I’ve even already got the nitrogen purging and sealing situation figured out, and polymer and metamaterials are slowly catching up with high end optical glass!

    Please feel free to ask away gentlemen and ladies.

  • Samuel Millwright

    Yup it’s totally doable…

    Check out aimlock, they put the big name smartguns to shame!

  • UnrepentantLib

    The picture reminded me of ROTC summer camp at Fort Lewis, 1970. The marksmanship instructor was going through the standard positions, prone, sitting, kneeling, standing. The firing line had a row of sandbagged “foxholes.” When the guy was done with his spiel he says something like “There’s one more position that’s come into use in Vietnam. The foxhole unsupported.” He takes the rifle from the demonstrator, gets all the way down in a foxhole, holds the rifle over his head pointed down range, and fires off a string of shots. Not sure that was in the lesson plan.

  • Mr.SATism

    One EMP, and all of your fancy corner shotting goes away haha

    • Samuel Millwright

      So basically you know nothing about emp, Russia, technology, or when to keep your fool mouth shut

      • Mr.SATism

        I just made a joke, sorry if I didn’t make it clear enough…

      • Mr.SATism

        I just made a joke jeez, sorry if I didn’t make that clear enough…

      • Lying Bastard

        Leave the Mall Ninja alone

  • Seth Hill

    Top guy is taking a page out of the Hawkeye Pierce book of shooting.