Daniel Defense Dips into the Color Wheel & Serves Up Cerakote Elite “Deep Woods”

Deep Woods

Firearm manufacturers and finish applicators are always experimenting with new ways to create stronger finishes. The coordination of guns and technology between Daniel Defense and Cerakote has recently been able to produce just that. Daniel Defense’s new Cerakote Elite finish is being touted as not only stronger, but more impervious to scratches and abrasions.

This new coating will also be coming at consumers in a new color that Daniel Defense is calling “Deep Woods.” This new Deep Woods color is a green, Earth-toned shade that is more neutral or flat in appearance than traditional Olive Drab Green (OD Green).

The new Cerakote Elite Deep Woods will be initally available on 5 of Daniel Defense’s rifle models:

  • DDM4V7
  • DDM4V11
  • DDM4A1
  • DD5V1 Keymod
  • DD5V1 M-LOK

Marty Daniel, the President and CEO of Daniel Defense was quoted as saying this in regards to their new finish and color offering for Daniel Defense rifles:

We are excited to be working with Cerakote to release Daniel Defense Deep Woods on several of our rifle models. We debuted the Deep Woods finish on our DDM4A1 rifle at the 2017 NRA Show in Atlanta, Georgia, this past spring. The response was very positive to not only the Deep Woods color but also to the look and feel of the Cerakote finish.

This is something that you should see immediately available through Daniel Defense supporting dealers. The full press release for the new Cerakote Elite finish in Deep Woods can be read below.

Deep Woods

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  • Jonathan Galt

    My favorite coating, Krylon, beat DD to to the punch.

  • armatus rebellio

    There are 10 hotlinks in this story. All of them “Added by VagLink”
    Not one of them actually links to Daniel Defense.
    The two Danial Defense URLs that mention DD are in graphics that are unclickable.

    • Blake

      Yeah TFB puts those in as a shady way to make money. I’ve commented about them before. I don’t mind advertisements, but having a freaking bot just assign links to words it thinks the word matches is lame. Want me to actually click your ads and make you money? Make the ads for something I actually want.

  • Anonymoose
  • Docduracoat

    I have switched from duracoat to cerakote
    It is a superior product
    It is childishly easy to apply, just follow the directions exactly
    I usually use the air cure on barrels as it is more heat resistant
    I am glad to see Daniel defense getting their own color

  • Mr.SATism

    “Daniel Defense dips into the color wheel in order to give us green, grey and grey guns”