Timney Offers Safety Selector for Modern Sporting Rifles

Companies tend to come in two flavors – those who expand across a wide array of products and those with razor-focus on their competencies. It would seem that Timney Triggers, which as the name implies is known for their triggers, is perhaps showing a glimmer of the former, having spent many years as the latter. Timney’s latest offering is the “49R”, a safety/selector for AR-pattern modern sporting rifles.

The safety selector itself is not necessarily anything new, but it is a solid product well-executed. Features include a precision-machined steel core, fully heat-treated and carbo-nitrided. Precision machined for feel and smooth operation, the core is set up for ambidextrous throw levers and a user-selectable throw. By installing one way or the other, the shooter can choose from either a 90 degree throw or as the name implies, a 49-degree throw.

The precision machined part is critical for shooters with high-end low pull-weight triggers (like those that Timney offers – coincidence?). With single-stage hair triggers being common across hunting and now even shooting sports, having the correct tolerances for proper engagement of the trigger bar while on “Safe” will ensure shooter safety.

The new Timney 49R Safety Selector is available directly from Timney and through their dealer network. Retail pricing is set at $65.95. 


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  • ANON

    Nice Talon Safety Bro

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I was thinking the Noveske. Oh but this one is 49 degrees!! … :

      • Aaron

        Well, discounting the fact that the shorter throw means even less safety biting into your index finger (at least for those of us with size large-XL hands) there is the reality that the Noveske uses the polymer selector levers made by magpul for SCAR 16/17 vs. Steel selector levers. A complaint common among people who have owned and used the Noveske is the flushness (or lack) of the fit to the lower and grit getting between the lever and lower and creating unnecessary wear on the anodizing.

  • Jtx

    At this point I find it much cooler for one to make their own parts instead of relying on what is already on others guns. If your looking for a fancy name that will make the range monkeys and mall ninjas drool then hey there ya go. Literally everyone and their granny are making parts for ar 15 patterned rifles and it all just seems to have slight variations on a copy of a copy of someone’s almost original design from 10-20+ years ago. With 3d printers and rapid prototype machines cheap and readily available and so many people that are computer savvy why are we not seeing more innovative things for a much lower price?

    • civilianaf

      Preach on, I dont get it either. Hate to see companies with resources just copy other peoples stuff, to keep their brand alive.

      • bigkracka

        I don’t get why there are so many ambi safeties in the first place. The ambi craze started a few years back so now every Gucci gear loving range hog has to have one. I do like the short throw of the Magpul/Noveske but run the single side, it works and it’s cheap. Paying more than mid $20s for a selector just seems asinine..

        • civilianaf

          Can I please use “Gucci gear loving range hog” from now on. Your my hero. Best reply ever.

  • civilianaf

    WOW! More of the exact same thing everyone else is making! Ill take 50.

  • Tom Currie

    I have only one problem with the article.

    If your trigger is so light and the travel so short that you need to rely on the manual safety to “ensure shooter safety” then either something is wrong with your gun, your gun handling, or quite possibly both.

    Isn’t this the same blog (admittedly a different author) that castigated people with a diatribe about why no one should ever need or want a manual safety on a pistol.

  • Lee M Attinger

    No way!!!! A precision machined steel core and 45 degree throw levers. That’s insane!!!. The only company that should get credit for innovative thinking for their safety design is Odin. I’m not saying you have to like their push button safety but atleast they were thinking outside the box.

  • Ryfyle

    What if I want a Post-Modern sporting rifle.