Discontinued Browning BDA Gets New Restriction-State Friendly Magazine from Mec-Gar

Typically, once a platform is discontinued by its manufacturer, the aftermarket slowly folds. Few new products are released (unless the platform is alive through other companies) so it comes as a surprise that Mec-Gar, a manufacturer of fine firearms magazines, has announced the release of new Browning BDA magazines with a 10-round maximum capacity.

For those not familiar with the BDA, short for “Browning Double Action”, the moniker was used across a variety of handguns from the late 1970s through 1997. A full-size model was produced by Sig Sauer for Browning for only four years, spanning 1977-1980. The handgun was made in three calibers 9mm NATO, .38 Super, and .45 ACP. Records indicate that only about 1800 were manufactured. The weapon has a striking resemblance to the venerable “P” series.

Mec-Gar’s offering is for the BDA .380, manufactured by Beretta (which also has an uncanny resemblance to the Model 84). Offered starting in the early 80’s, the handgun was manufactured until 1997 under the Browning name for the US market and FN name for the European.

The new restricted-state magazines are limited to 10 rounds. Two SKUs are available including a blued model and a nickel-plated magazine. Retail for the blued is set at $31.30 and the nickel magazines run at $33.85. They are available now through Mec-Gar and through their dealer network.



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  • The introduction of the Girsan MC14 from Turkey probably spurred the development of the magazine. The MC14 is basically a hybrid of the BDA380 and Beretta 84.

    • Geoff Timm

      Interesting pistol, prices for the MC14 run from under $400 to $1600…but listed as out of stock all over the place. Geoff Who notes new Berettas are available, but not listed on the Beretta website…Interesting.

  • Matt O

    maybe its because the 380 BDA and Beretta 84 mags are interchangeable. Because, they are.

    • Isn’t the only difference the slide? BDA has a typical slide with an ejection port, and the 84 (which it is a rebranded version of) has the typical Beretta open slide…

      • Matt O

        Yep, so they’re making 84 mags and just marketing them for both

  • FWIW: The SIG-Sauer produced BDA were simply rebadged P220 with a slightly flossier finish. I can’t imagine that SIG-Sauer’s US importer, Hawes Firearms, was entirely thrilled with competing with Browning. The 1978 Gun Digest (published in 1977) shows both the Hawes-imported P220 and the rebadged Browning BDA. The Hawes P220 were to retail at $399.95, while Browning somehow managed to beat their price at $319.95. By the next year’s issue, Hawes’ and Browning’s prices met in the middle: $349.95. However, Browning had already given up on the non-.45 models, while Hawes was still advertising the 9x19mm and .38 Super.

  • Jeez Louise

    That hand looks awfully familiar…

  • Matt

    Beretta has offered 10 round magazines for the 84 for decades. Those are also interchangeable with the BDA and the Turkish 84 clones.

  • claymore

    Love mine in blue. Carried it daily when under cover for many years. Changed to rubber Houge (sp?) wrap around grips in appendix carry and the rubber was tacky enough to prevent it from sliding down but not too tacky to disrupt the draw.

    As he talked about carried FMJ ball at the time in the early 80’s as they were the only ones available at the time that would get the required penetration through denim and was posted in an area where it gets COLD LOL.

    Still have it 25+ years later.

    • Yeah, my 84F is as fun as a bucket of kittens.

  • John

    Oh, I don’t know. There’s going to be a LOT of people in California who will drive demand for this “outdated” and “antique” accessories for their “discontinued” pistols. And Mec-Gar is a very reputable company.

  • GR Arnold

    I have a Browning BDA but it is a problematic weapon. If I chamber a round then use the de-cocker it will fire but sometimes it fails to fire the next round if it chambers. It basically only wants to operate as a single-shot about 50% of the time running a myriad of issues. This happens regardless of what ammo I use, bullet weight, magazine used, etc., and I cannot figure out what the problem is. I love the feel and balance of this pistol but it sure is a contrary creature.