Reloaders Can Now Send Syntech Down Range through their Own Handloads


Federal has announced two different component bullets now available for handloaders within the last week. The 2nd one being their unique Syntech bullet that is encapsulated in polymer. Could this be a trend towards Federal attacking the reloading bullets market?… Time will definitely tell. For now, we will take a look at the Syntech bullet now available as a component for reloaders.

The beauty of the Syntech bullet that reloaders may soon come to love is in the polymer jacket. This jacket has a host of benefits including eliminating copper fouling, lead fouling, extending barrel lives and decreasing heat and friction. All of this also makes it easier to clean your firearm’s barrel at the end of the day.

Federal went on to further advocate for their new component bullet that will soon be hitting store shelves:

Federal Ammunition is pleased to announce it is now offering popular American Eagle Syntech Total Synthetic Jacket (TSJ) bullets as components for handloading, allowing both competitive and casual shooters to load Syntech to their own specifications and pressures. The competitively priced component bullets are available in three popular handgun caliber options. Shipments are being delivered to dealers.

With an exclusive TSJ polymer jacket that eliminates copper fouling and decreases heat and friction, Syntech loads have redefined the range ammunition category. Now handloaders can get the benefits of the same groundbreaking design in Syntech component bullets. The advanced range projectiles provide clean, accurate, consistent performance, as well as less splash-back on steel targets.

The current bullet offerings you can get are from likely suspects. Basically, your standard 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP lovers are covered.

  • 9mm | .355” | 115-Grain Syntech | 100-count | MSRP $16.95
  • .40 S&W | .400” | 165-Grain Syntech | 100-count | MSRP $18.95
  • .45 ACP | .451” | 230-Grain Syntech | 100-count | MSRP $21.95

It will be interesting to see if Federal begins to offer more calibers and grain weights under this polymer-encapsulated bullet. They could also offer more bullet types that are entirely new or expand through their recently announced Trophy Copper bullets. Lots of possibilities abound for Federal in their latest exploration in selling reloading components.

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • Heartbreaker

    Nope. I can get Hi-Tek coated bullets for $6 per 100 that work great.

    • Will

      And if someone doesn’t want to buy 3000 off the bat, they all sell 250-ct sample packs for 20 bucks. Just pick a color. I like Blue.

      • iksnilol


        • PK

          Someone had to say it.

        • Billy Jack

          It makes the barrel more aggressive. syense

        • Jeremy

          But, but that’s heresy!

          • iksnilol


      • PK

        I haven’t run into too many sellers who allow you to select a color, it’s usually just “color may vary”. Which company do you buy from? I’d like to have options.

        • Most use the same color every batch, in fact more than one based their name off the color.

          But I will say Bayou allows you to select your color. But the choices are green, red, yellow, and black IIRC.

          • PK

            Excellent, thank you! Looks like my next order will be with Bayou Bullets, if that’s the company you mean.

          • Yes Bayou Bullets. A friend of mine, who is also shoots Bianchi, tested them and found that they are the most accurate 115gr coated bullet. Good enough for close range (25 yards or less) practice for Bianchi.

        • Will

          I just meant that they are broadly the same across companies and you could just pick based on color. I use Blue Bullets, but have used Black Bullets International and SNS Casting in the past. Bayou is also good to go.

        • Bramos

          Eggleston Munitions allows you to pick from 6 colors and give the option for sizing variations like +0.001in or +0.002in. Another good choice.

          • PK

            Good deal, I’ll add them to my list of places to try. I appreciate the tip!

  • Eric Frey


  • Nandor

    Competitively priced?! These are more expensive per bullet than Hornady XTP self defense hollow points. They’re charging 16 cents per bullet when you can get plated bullets for 7 cents (9mm) and Hornady FMJ for 10 cents.

    • PK

      That’s… a lot. Other places sell polymer coated lead core for 7-10 cents a bullet.

      Still good to have more options, and maybe this increases the popularity of such projectiles to the point where they finally become commonplace, driving the cost further down.

      • Actually unless someone invents machines to automate many of the tasks it is unlikely that the prices will get lower.

        • PK

          With increased production of bulk products, automation follows. The price will come down if they continue to gain popularity.

    • USMC03Vet

      Knowing Federal I knew better than to get my hopes dashed that the price was going to be reasonable.

  • Klaus

    I would be more excited if they were Semtex not syntech.

  • Joel

    The open question is if Federal’s product is basically the same as the many smaller producers that have been out there for years. Did Federal innovate on this one?

    • The earliest powder-coated projectile was Smith & Wesson’s Nyclad. Federal bought the patent rights back in the 1980s when S&W dropped its ammunition line.

  • PK

    Is that unique, though? It’s polymer with tungsten or other metal powder inside, right? Frangible bullets like that for reloading have been around a while.

    Or is this a solid lead core with a polymer jacket? Either way, interesting to have more options. Shooting on steel is becoming more and more popular.

  • Dickie

    Red rocket

    • Brett

      I knew I wasn’t the only one.

  • TechnoTriticale

    The return of Nyclad?

    • Federal has claimed that they are not using Nylon with the Syntech.

  • Matt O

    I was as excited until I saw the price, and no 147gr? These would be ideal for keeping a can clean

    • I wouldn’t use these in a can. They have less leading than lead bullets, but there is more leading than FMJ IME.

      • Lew Siffer

        Wow! Thanks, I never would have thought that, and you have saved me some money and time and trouble.

  • InfiniteGrim

    You can buy loaded ammo, for that price… LOL

  • Stand Your Ground

    Do they make these in yellow with little smileys on them? That would be fun.

  • tony

    Airsoft on steroids

  • Mark Horning

    I have been using polymer coated bullets almost exclusively for the past year or two. At twice the price of everyone else Federal can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    Bayou, SNS, Missouri, Blue bullets ect will sell you at least as good a product for half the price.

  • Mattie Dimes

    Saw the picture, quickly scanned headline, assumed these were handload simunitions. Instantly the mind races at all the awesome stories and YouTube video that would produce. Then I actually read the article, not as funny of a future as I was imagining.

  • ToddB

    And federal in a few months will drop the line due to ‘lack of demand’, not because they priced them 2 high. Come on powder coated bullets that cost the same as jacketed. The whole point is being cheaper. Not that I would buy any, for the price of 3 boxes from Federal you can buy your own powder coat gun and make all you want, any color you please. Guess I deleted the pic of a bin full of various coloered 9mm that looked like M&Ms. Another thing you can do with powder coated bullets, is drive them as hard as jacketed. No gas system fouling with the coating. I can push a 230gr cast at 2500fps out of a 300 mag.

  • RazorHawk

    I thought these were simulation ammo, too bad though.

    It would be great if we could practice at home.

  • Justy

    Wow, much groundbreaking, very redefined. Too bad ARES has been selling a whole lineup of polymer coated bullets of whatever color you want for well over a decade now. For cheap.

  • markrb

    Uhmmm….I can powder coat my lead bullets much cheaper than that.