The movie 6 Days is supposedly released today. It is a reenactment of the siege on the Iranian Embassy to eradicate the terrorists and save the hostages inside.

This photo was taken  of Margaret Thatcher and three SAS members just after the famous siege. The SAS are holding MP5s with lights. Some of those setups were adjustable for windage and elevation and were used as aiming modules. Not quite like a laser but it worked.

Anyone going to see this movie?


  • Patrick Reginald


  • Walter E. Kurtz

    I may have to go downriver in a PBR to get to a theater but I plan to see it. I’ll take a few ‘yards with me too. Hopefully buttered popcorn hasn’t fallen victim to the diet Nazis. The horror…..the horror….

  • CJS

    Who’s more scared of Who?

  • codfilet

    Flashlight technology has advanced since then……….

    • B-Sabre

      Which weighed more – the loaded MP5 or the flashlight?

      • mosinman

        the flashlight doubled as a melee weapon

        • micmac80

          Actualy it doubled as a sight , what flashlight ilumiated bullets killed , not much iron sigts shooting with those masks in the dark.

          • mosinman

            i was joking

      • FarmerB

        The flashlight (torch in the UK) is light. But the stack of D-cell batteries is another matter…

  • B-Sabre

    When men were men and the Iron Lady glad of it!

    • USMC03Vet

      Before massive cucks destroyed the great.

      • Anonymoose

        She helped by banning semi-auto centerfire rifles.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          Well, that’s something of note.

        • David

          Actually go back to Tony Blair! And just to point something else out, the Dunblain incident should have had nothing to do with English firearm law as occurred in Scotland. Politicians and sheep is all it takes to lose your rights!!

      • The British only keep their stiffer upper lip because the gentlemen in Rotherham like how it feels.

        • Flintshooter

          Now that there is funny

        • BFG-9000

          Queen’s subjects are used to banning weapons and everything since middle ages, its nothing new.

  • FulMetlJakit

    And that was the scariest thing those brave commandos had to face that week.

  • Ken

    Only in limited release. Not here yet. Will probably see it if nothing better to do. I know how it ends. Did watch Wind River last night. Really liked that one.

  • Tassiebush

    I remember the old torch used as an aiming device approach mentioned without much detail in books. I am imagining that it was used with the old spotlight focus function on a maglite! Does anyone know how it worked?

    • Joshua

      most flashlights at least of that time have a visible “focus point” in the center of the cone. What you get is a comparatively small circle of intense light in the middle of the flood of the light. so you put that bright circle on the target and shoot.

    • Mattie Dimes

      Works good for the ol home defense scattergun, if you have access to a night range/innawoods spot to dial it in.

      • Tassiebush

        I imagine it would!

    • Nicholas C

      I speculate there was a mount that adjusted for elevation and windage.

      • Tassiebush

        Agreed there must be something like that!

      • BFG-9000

        Nope, nope. It was used at hallway distances at best.

  • SP mclaughlin


    • Orion Quach

      Fookin lazer sites

  • Dan Goodwin

    Was at RAF Mildenhall, TDY with the Blackbird and watched it on live TV at The Bird in Hand pub. Was proud to be a young Cold Warrior that day!

    • RetiredSOFguy

      I’m kinda surprised you don’t have a pic of the sled as your avatar. Hot ride.

    • MidwayBill

      Spent two years at Lakenheath. Remember the Bird in Hand well!

  • Steve Truffer

    “Oh, we love you Mrs. Thatcher…”
    I’ll leave out the rest of Mr. Alan Dean’s song.

  • USMC03Vet

    Now days the British government imprisons their SAS for firearm ownership.

  • B. Young

    I think she has a .455 Webley revolver in that purse! Looks heavy.

    • Mad Marsupial

      There are plenty of jokes about her purse.

      She was rarely seen without it and one day she’d ducked out of a room for some reason, but left the handbag. The joke goes that the meeting was started without her since the handbag was there and it was the next best thing…

  • M1911

    Now she was a leader.

  • shooter2009

    My MP5 Operator class and my MP5 Instructor class were taught by Phil Singleton, who was one of the raiders in that op. Great guy, real deal.

  • John Paschke

    But there’s no England now.

  • Uniform223

    • shooter2009

      Oh, yes…

  • Jacob Peters

    Evil woman passed the strictest gun control laws in the UK. She was the UK’s Hillary Clinton.

    • RetiredSOFguy

      She may not have been pro gun, but she was a stalwart ally. I’d take her over Hillary–they may both be gun grabbers, but at least Thatcher wasn’t a socialist.

      Even Reagan gave illegals amnesty. None of them are perfect (but of course their are vast differences still amongst them).

  • saw the movie. was pretty accurate but the ending was more somber then i would have wanted. also they didn’t show Thatcher drinking a beer with the SAS after. it was honestly a victorious day in western and British history.

  • Blake

    You’re a moron.

  • Al Schmidt

    Saw the movie last night. Was pretty good. Some of the dialog was hard to understand because I don’t speak brit, and they did portray Thatcher and the Home secretary as kind of blood thirsty and the hostage negotiator as a tortured soul who was trying to save the terrorists as well as the hostages. Solid 4/5, worth a watch.

  • BFG-9000

    Note the colossal flashlights blocking the iron sights. Seen SAS documentary, where one of the partiers (John McElisse?) notes that they used the flashlight bright spot for aiming – he said that in general sense, that “bullets go where the flashlight shines”, or something like that. Didnt elaborated on how it was done during the op.

    • GuruOfGuns

      With the gas masks of the day using the iron sights was way too slow and the SAS were into “instinctive shooting” back then anyway. I had a chance to handle that set up and it was viable enough but making an MP5 top heavy is not great. RIP John McAleese.

  • David

    A take off of the incident film wise with the SAS was ‘Who dares wins’