TFB EXCLUSIVE: NFA Process Modernized For Fast Approvals

Without rule changes, regulation amendments, politicians or legislation, a partnership between the U.S. government and a small private industry group has dramatically changed the process in which National Firearms Act (NFA) controlled items are transferred between individuals and entities. There is now a system in place within the BATFE’s NFA DIvision, that will allow nearly everyone who files a Form 4 to transfer controlled items, such as silencers, a genuine chance at receiving approved forms in a few short months. Alongside the ATF, three silencer industry stalwarts spearheaded the best modernization of the registry in 83 years: Dead Air Armament, GEMTECH and Silencer Shop.

The goal is to have wait times down to a fraction of current levels.

We have been following this story, quietly, for about eight months. And while there is obviously going to be a lot of details to discuss, I will try to keep everything short and sweet. Because, for the most part, the system itself is pretty simple.

One of the biggest aspects to remember as we walk through this process, is that the new system is free and open to everyone – all manufacturers, distributors, dealers and customers can use the new ATF process for any NFA item transferred via Form 4. Not only that, but it is completely voluntary, if you want to continue to use the old submission process, it is still available – the choice is yours.

MOdernized NFA Process Overview:

Silencer Shop, along with Dead Air and GEMTECH, has developed a bar code generation/scanning system that allows the ATF NFA Division to forego the bulk of the manual data entry associated with processing NFA forms. It is this mundane process that takes up the majority of the assistant’s time processing applications – before it even reaches an examiner’s hands.

Besides being labor intensive, there is a high potential for data entry errors (as high as 50%), slowing the process even further. Not only that, but the NFA Division has constantly shifted resources to cover the current processing ‘rush-of-the-month’ (EForms popularity, 41P/41F panic, etc); the lack of focus makes human resource consistency a challenge.

All of this used to take up the majority of the time to get a form approved. Used to.


About a year ago, Silencer Shop CEO Dave Matheny approached the ATF about updating the NFA application process to include an automated data entry system. The goal was to use basic technology to speed up the transfer approval system currently in place. At the time, no one showed significant interest.

Leveraging industry relationships, Matheny contacted the CEO of Dead Air Armament, Eric Rogers, who was able to organize a high-level meeting with the ATF NFA Division leadership. Together, Matheny, Rogers and Ron Martinez, the CEO of GEMTECH, attended the meeting where Matheny demonstrated a prototype of the automated data entry system. Key aspects of the proposal focused on three simple, yet very important facts:

  1. The modernization would not require a rule or regulation change
  2. The updates would not affect the substance of the NFA process or systems
  3. The cost of the new system to the government is virtually insignificant

The NFA leadership, realizing the impact the new process would have on wait times, approved a pilot program allowing Silencer Shop to create a data entry system and bar code generator for applications. Silencer Shop coded the new systems and the two leading manufacturers advised and supported it at the ATF.

We want to thank the people at the NFA Division and the ATF who were open to working with us to develop a more efficient data transfer system. Manufacturers, Dealer, and Customers will all benefit as NFA wait times come down, and stay down, with the application of this and several other new technology-based solutions.”

– Dave Matheny, CEO Silencer Shop 

For eight months, these three silencer industry leaders, met with a very receptive group of ATF leadership, and hammered out the details for a system that is simple, free and available to anyone who is filing an NFA form, no matter which manufacturer, distributor or dealer is handling the transfer.

Enough of the background, let’s talk about the process.

How it works:

Buy a silencer, any silencer from anywhere (or any NFA item):

When it comes time for your local dealer to transfer your NFA item(s) to you or your legal entity, they head over to one of the three websites setup to generate barcode enabled NFA forms: available now at Silencer Shop and coming soon to Dead Air ArmamentGEMTECH and silencer wholesalers. There are no costs or fees for either the consumer or the dealer.

After your dealer completes the Form 4, they print out all the copies with the barcode imprinted on the top (if you are buying through Silencer Shop, the bar code process occurs entirely behind the scenes):

Obviously, then you mail your forms to ATF Atlanta for payment and processing. Once they hit West Virginia, however, instead of waiting in stacks of boxes for an assistant to manually enter all of your information, your barcode is scanned and the form is all ready for the background check portion of the application phase.

“Working together as a team, the cooperation between industry and government has resulted in a streamlining of the NFA application process and dramatically reduced wait times for all of our customers.”

– Eric Rogers, CEO, Dead Air Armament 

Here’s where the only caveat comes in – the background check for NFA forms usually takes three weeks for the FBI to complete. In a small amount of applicant submissions, the background check can take longer, depending on some unknown variables. (Don’t ask, I don’t know. And yes, I know we have an instant NICS system for Title I guns and, no, I don’t know why it can’t get used for NFA).

If you are lucky, your background check is done in about three weeks, your form is approved and everything, including your minty fresh stamp, is mailed back to your dealer so the transfer can proceed as planned. Again, the goal is ultra-fast approvals. It may take a little time for everyone involved to get used to the new data entry process, but everyone involved agrees that wait times will drop dramatically.

The way forward:

Boom, there it is. A simple system with basic technology has now upgraded the NFA application and approval process as well as reduced wait times. Besides Silencer Shop, who developed the bar code system and Dead Air and GEMTECH who harnessed their decades of experience and industry relations, much of the credit should be given to the ATF. It would have been easy enough for the NFA Division to politely decline outside industry assistance and maintain the status quo. On behalf of NFA aficionados everywhere, thank you BATFE for making this possible.

We are excited that the public sector (ATF) and the private sector can work together to achieve a significant reduction in wait time for our customers”

– Ron Martinez, CEO, Gemtech 

Want some more good news? Starting on July 11, 2017, all Form 4s from Silencer Shop were imprinted with the new barcode, meaning if you purchased a silencer in the last 30 days, chances are your forms have been “upgraded” and are in line for expedited processing as we speak.


Silencer Shop partners with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) to expedite the Form 4 process.

Austin, Texas – Silencer Shop, through collaboration with Gemtech, and Dead Air Silencers, has partnered with the ATF in the development and implementation of a brand-new process that makes Form 4 submissions more streamlined and convenient.

With a recent surge in applications due to the 2016 implementation of Rule 41F, which requires the submission of fingerprints, photographs, and a background check prior to receiving any NFA item, the wait-time has spiked to nearly a year.

“After collaborative discussions between industry leaders and the ATF, we’ve devised a new barcode system that will benefit the ATF, industry members, and consumers, without requiring time-consuming process changes or system upgrades.” said Dave Matheny, Founder, and Owner of “With this new system, the ATF will be using 2D barcode scanners that read forms submitted by Powered By Silencer Shop dealers – or any other dealers that choose to use the free Form 4 generator.”

The new solution consists of a form generator which encodes information in a 2D barcode on the ATF Copy of the generated forms. The generator will be free to any dealer or individual, and hosted on the Silencer Shop, Gemtech, and Dead Air Silencer websites. Powered By Silencer Shop dealers will automatically have the barcode added to any forms processed by Silencer Shop – and nearly 3,000 barcoded Form 4s have already been submitted as of today.

Using these forms, the data entry staff at the NFA Division can simply scan a barcoded form to enter data, error free, in seconds. This frees up Division resources to work on other tasks, and virtually eliminates a time-consuming and error-prone process.

“This solution will help reduce NFA wait times and will benefit both customers and industry members” adds Matheny. “We would like to extend our thanks to the ATF for working with industry members to make the NFA process more efficient.”

With the integration of barcode technology, and other changes, consumers could be looking at 30-60 day wait-times.

About Silencer Shop

Silencer Shop is a full-service suppressor distributor that carries a variety of silencers, accessories, and other types of firearm equipment.

Passionate about providing consumers with the simplest buying experience possible for suppressors, Silencer Shop works round the clock with regulatory bodies to make registration as streamlined as possible.

For more information, visit:

Media Contact
Gary Groppe
Silencer Shop
13729 Research Blvd STE 630
Austin, TX 78750
(512) 931-4556


Everyone is hoping for the deregulation of silencers via legislation, but in the current political climate, bills like the HPA and SHUSH are unlikely to see enough widespread support to become law in the immediate future. And even if we are blessed with an NFA miracle and silencers are removed from the NFA, no one, not the government, industry or the consumer has lost anything due to the modernization of the application process.

Yes, the entire NFA is outdated and should be abolished, but the reality is that silencer, SBR, SBS, AOW and even machine gun owners are a minuscule part of the pro-firearms constituency. Until that changes, we are likely stuck with the laws currently on the books.

No one involved in this new process is making any promises, but if everything works as planned, sub two month approvals should be easily attainable. So, if wait times have prevented you from joining in the silencer party, your ticket has arrived.



[AUTHOR’S NOTE]: I’m planning a series of articles focused on the new submission process, wait times, additional background and future possibilities in the coming weeks. 


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  • Mark Chavendish

    What about form 1s?

    • KestrelBike

      ^^^^ This is the stuff I’d like to see.

    • Ramennoodlesoup

      My form 1 from this week had the barcode.

      • Mark Chavendish

        Did you use Silencer Shop’s Form 1 service? How did you file? Thx

        • Ramennoodlesoup

          Yup, used their service. Purchased the tax stamp and the single-shot trust at the same time. They already had my prints from the kiosk and my photo from the app. I then got an email from SS where I electronically signed and they took care of the rest. Piece of cake.

          • AntiCitizenOne

            Was your Form 1 a trust or individual?

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          I’ve done two Form 1s with their service. 10 minutes tops. Worth $40 all day long.

  • TangledThorns

    I went cross eyed reading the process. Sounds faster but ugh, we need that HPA now instead.

    • Todd

      You’re more likely to get common sense healthcare reform.

    • Tim

      Is it any surprise that this expedited process came to fruition once democrats got crow-bared out of office? Not a chance in hell this would have happened with Bill Clinton’s wife in the White House.

      I’d say it’s a clear attempt to preempt passage of the HPA.

      • Pete – TFB Writer

        I agree with your first statement.

        On the HPA: Wait times should never be the argument for deregulation. We should argue freedom and technological fallacies of controlling tubes.

        Besides, no senator is going to say “but wait times are down” because they won’t know/care.

        It’s our fault if we stop pushing for the HPA because of this advancement.

        • Edeco

          Kindof an OK point but it all looks the same to me; we get scraps for convoluted, philosophically unsound reasons. (Full) auto isn’t on the menu and the HPA last I heard treats cans like firearms and the very name contains an argument based on utility which is self-limiting if not hazardous for our cause.

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            Believe me. I agree with you.

      • matt

        One issue for you there. the author mentioned this process started 8 months ago. so under Obama. also most of the ATF are not political appointees. in fact only the director is and that position is still vacant. so these are all career guys (and gals) making these decisions.

        democrat or republican makes a nice narrative, but this is a cost saving measure. most agencies try to do those when possible unless they get their hands tied by politics (which is usually from congress, see the SLS, Senate Launch System, I mean Space Launch System as an example)

        • Jeremy Nettles

          Meh, sounds to me like as soon as it became clear Washington would be full of red this term, folks in the industry started laying plans and making calls, while folks in the gov’t who’d kept quiet for eight years started to open their mouths, and other folks in the gov’t who’d spent eight years cashing blank checks from the White House realized they’d better tone it down and offer a few carrots if they wanted their tenure to survive the changing of the guard.

          If the stock market can be significantly affected by election results before inauguration day, why is it a surprise that gov’t agencies could do the same?

    • RetiredSOFguy

      Unless I’ve missed something, I prefer the SHUSH Act to HPA since I don’t want to do a 4473 either. It’s just an accessory. Just curious if you’ve seen the SHUSH Act?

  • Holdfast_II

    Interestingly, I ordered an item from SShop on the 22nd of July – I noticed the bar code on the form, but didn’t know what it meant.

    Also, per their site, the Form 3 to my local dealer has already been approved, which is quick. I guess we’ll see how fast this actually is.

  • jonjon7465

    Silencerco products should be banned from this since left silencershop.

    • Dakota Raduenz

      I’m not sure of the backstory here (nothing nasty or negative about these two jump out at me), but it is literally for everyone, even if you buy from a completely unrelated company. It makes their customers happy and is wicked free publicity.

      Was there something untoward about SiCo leaving SS?

  • Mmmtacos

    Now if we could only get the wait time down to zero seconds, the tax down to $0.00 and the registration not required then we’ll be cooking with fire.

    • Major Tom

      Charcoal, wood or gas for the fire?

      • DorfMeister

        Jet fuel

        • BluNos

          Jet fuel is nothing more than glorified kerosene.

      • B-Sabre

        Thermite. With a napalm chaser.

      • Brett baker

        White phosphorus.

      • Haulin’ Oats

        None of the above, Smokeless Gun Powder is the one and only true fuel for that fire.

    • ProudAmerican

      Truly! So much enthusiasm for “a few short months” and “if you are lucky”?

      Kudos for improving the situation, however “zero seconds, zero tax, zero retained records”—that is worth enthusiasm.

      • Pete – TFB Writer


    • Pete – TFB Writer

      100% agree. That should be the goal.

  • Gun Fu Guru

    The government has a maximum of thirty days to decide on FFL applications.
    It is completely idiotic that it take more than a year to get Form 4s approved.

    • Paul Rain

      Idiotic- and deliberate.

      The ATF has other priorities, like supplying the cartels with guns, remember?

    • PK

      Idiotic, possibly deliberate – but perfectly legal!

      • Billy Jack

        Anything is “legal” with the right black robe’s say so, if it ever even gets that far.

    • bbies1973

      There is no decision, there is no discretion. It is simply a tax collection process.

      • Gun Fu Guru

        They have to decide if the applicant meets the criteria, but you are correct: there is no discretion. The process is rigid.

  • USMC03Vet

    This sounds like fake news. I’ll believe those wait times when it’s confirmed by NFA buyers.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Nope. Not fake.

      • Fred

        Pete, how can you make the claims you are making about wait times when you can’t explain how the process works?

        The thread on ar15 demonstrates these are WILD ASS GUESSES. The implied efficecies can’t be explained. If you’re making estimates as to wait times, show your math please….

        Otherwise, it really is fake. Guesses are not estimates.

        • jonjon7465

          Since its fake dont use it. He said you have a choice to use the old process after all. If you use the new one then you are a hypocrite.

          • Fred

            Or I will do as I please and ask all the questions I want and if you don’t like it you can run along little doggy.

          • jonjon7465

            Too late. I called the ATF and they said Fred can’t use the new system. Don’t even bother trying.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          These aren’t “wild ass guesses”. These are estimates directly from the ATF based pilot and meetings with leadership.


          As stated here and at AR15: this doesn’t cost anyone anything and it is completely voluntary.

          Tell me, where’s the downside?

          • fred

            Nobody said there is a downside, absolute strawman.

            However, if you make a claim it will reduce the time you should be able back that up with the data. Without data, it’s just a guess.

            What leads to this is that it has been misrepresented by implications it would eliminate data entry by ATF personnel. Yet, no one can explain how that happens since the barcode doesn’t contain the necessary data to eliminate those steps.

            Even you admit on the AR15 thread, you can’t explain it. This is your article, you made the claims about time reduction yet you can’t explain how the barcode works and how it reduces the timeframes. Do you not have a responsibility to investigate and understand things before you write an article and echo claims like that?

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            I’ll ask you to read the article and the AR15 thread again. There are plenty of facts to point to reasonable a estimate of wait time reductions. As I stated above, these estimates ar from the ATF. Question answered.

            I’m not here to argue with you.

            I do find it funny that you turn up only in Silencer Shop posts with negative comments either as “Fred” or “Josh Barnhardt”. What, you don’t think we have a way to spot trolls?

            Point being, trolling gets you banned.

          • Fred

            Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

            You can ban me for trolling, trolling being a catch all that includes anyone one with banning powers dislikes including inconvenient questions. It’s only an argument if you take it as such, otherwise we can have a discussion like adults.

            The reality is the questions are legitimate and there are not ‘Plenty of facts to point to a reasonable estimate of wait time reductions’ as you falsely assert here. If there is, by all means…. lay it out.

          • jonjon7465

            Don’t worry pete. Fred can’t used the new system. If he does it he’s will dishonor his whole family.

          • Fred

            Do you really think Pete needs your moral support? As sound of thought as thinking I need your permission to use the system. Run along now.

          • DangerousClown

            They’ve eliminated the data entry bottleneck and errors. That doesn’t magically allow anyone to give you an exact timeframe for processing. Form volume, staff, and the actual background checks are still variables.

            And your IP address gives you away every time.

          • Fred

            Oh wow, amazing insight. Since my IP address gives me away… who am I?

            Oh, that’s right you don’t know. Widely speculative motivations, et al…

          • DangerousClown

            I’m not the one banning trolls (on this site, anyway), so I don’t care who you are. Just pointing out the obvious, since you need help with that. But I won’t feed you any more, so you’ll starve for attention, and go find some other site to whine on.

          • Fred

            Oh you got me with your quick wit again. Totally defeated.

    • Slim934

      I cannot speak for the form 4’s because I am going through the process now, but form 3’s are definitely much faster now. I recently purchased a suppressor and was originally told 5-7 weeks for the form 3 transfer. It took a little more than 1 week in reality.

      So far: real news.

    • KCsmith

      I’ve been waiting over 13 months now for my latest form 1 to be approved. They’ve been ‘estimating’ “one more month” for 9 months now.
      I’m as skeptical as you are.

  • Davis

    Question: what if you already have a form 4 waiting? Will the new forms still be in line behind or others, or would it be faster to cancel the existing form 4 and process a new one with the code?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Let it ride. It’s going to be faster for everyone.

      • Davis

        Faster for everyone as in everything submitted should be faster moving forward, or as in I’m just wasting everyone’s time by resubmitting?

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          Everything submitted will be moving faster, barcode or not. When did you submit?

          • Davis

            March and June

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            I’ll make a guess: March in October June in November. Please come back to let me know how wrong I was. 🙂

          • Davis

            Deal. Beers on me if you’re right, I had fingers crossed for a year when I bought them.

            However, I just checked my forms (purchased from a local dealer and submitted via silencershop kiosk) and they already have the bar codes! I’m not sure what this means, but I imagine it’s good

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            I’ve got you on that bet. Beer delivered to your door if I’m wrong.

          • Tox

            I dunno, I put a F1 Ind. in on Nov 7th, still pending… its going to take a while to chew through the backlog.

      • KCsmith

        I’m over 13 months so far on my last form 1, still waiting. I call every month now just so they can lie to me and tell me “one more month”, just like they have since the 5th month.

        I’ll believe it when I see it.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          I’m at 12months for four Form 4sm I’m frustrated but hopeful.

          • Vanns40

            To all at TFB: If ten million gun owners got off their lazy butts and called Congress & NRA and said pass it or no more votes and no more money how fast do you think it would be passed? Hint: next week. But, gun owners are so lazy we can’t get them, en masse, to do anything.

          • The Punisher

            That’s because they foolishly think sending money to the NRA to “lobby” for them is the way to go.

            Your logic is sound but it goes far beyond just getting a new piece of legislation passed. If you wanted anything changed and 10 million gun owners stood up and said – no more taxes, no more regulations, no more BS – you’d get one of two things: capitulation by the government or war. Either way the fictional setting we live in would be destroyed and we could potentially move forward.

            But your conclusion is also correct. We have the government we deserve because people are sheep and really to lazy to care about anything beyond themselves.

          • Vanns40

            I’m still waiting for TFB to reply…..

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            I think I agree. Do you want me to sound the alarm? Shall we make Nov 1 “No NFA Day” for rallies, support and petitions?

            Serious here, what should we do?

          • Vanns40

            The “we” should have been NRA sending out as many requests for gun owners to contact Congress NOW as they do fund requests. You’ll notice they’ve been all but completely silent. The “we” should have been every single manufacturer pounding Congress. They too have been silent.

            Gun owners need leadership. NRA, GOA etc ARE the leadership and they have not led when they and Congress both promised to do so. As I have stated before, we should be telling NRA, get these Bills passed or no money. They, in turn should be the ones orchestrating this into a cohesive movement. Lord knows they’re efficient enough when it comes to asking for money.

            As for TFB, you’ve got a bully pulpit, use it to try and motivate people to call Congress. Publish phone numbers for House and Senate leaders and ask readers to burn down the switchboard for a given week. Wait a week and do it all over again.

            If it doesn’t get done this year it won’t get done.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Another in the long list of examples of how privatization is superior to anything government run.

    • Joshua

      until the corporation decides they can use their position to their advantage instead of serving you, then you are right back to where you started with the government run, except the corporations are harder to get rid of.

      • Stewart Hickey

        At which point, assuming that corporation hasn’t utilized an overinflated federal government to artificially monopolize the market, other smaller companies will pop up that serves the interest of the costumer, and business will shift their way, weakening the larger company. This cycle is constant and repeating without fail, unless of course you allow companies to utilize government and regulation to suppress others. Corporations are harder to get rid of? Since when have corporations been able to legally change the rules to benefit themself, without the help of the Fed? *cricket*

        • Joshua

          Since the beginning, The auto industry is full of this, you constantly see new smaller companies pop up to challenge the big three, only to get bought out within five years. It has gotten to the point where business graduates today when they submit their end of program business proposal, it almost always ends with the line: “Five year plan, get bought out by (insert major competitor here).”
          Once a company achieves monopoly, or a couple of companies achieve a corporate oligarchy, there is no small companies who can compete, they get eaten alive. You want a classic example? Winchester. Winchester destroyed countless companies in their bid to be *The* lever action rifle company. The only company who has been able to compete with Winchester successfully was Marlin, everyone else got destroyed.

          • Edeco

            I would say there’s more than ready capital keeping down competition in the auto industry. High regulations favor big, established companies, making competition basically illegal without backing of a major government. And even then they were too big to fail that couple of times, got handouts. The union is a handful in some states, and there’s what happened to poor John Delorean, which I think was a set-up.

          • Stewart Hickey

            Your car industry example perfectly terrible, as it is one of the most obviously affected industries of government corporatism. Did you miss this part of my statement, ” assuming that corporation hasn’t utilized an overinflated federal government to artificially monopolize the market?” Smaller car companies can not often compete, as they do not receive the corporate subsidies that so many major corporations get (ala Tesla’s mass success), or they are crippled by the always increasing and expanding regulations, often pushed for by those corporations. Corporations LOVE regulation, no matter how much they pretend to oppose them, as it increases the barrier to industry, allowing them to maintain a legal monopoly.

          • Joshua

            then pick an industry and we’ll see if it doesn’t follow the model.

          • MichaelZWilliamson

            By “Big Three” you mean Toyota, Hyundai and Nissan, right?

      • BrandonAKsALot

        That’s why competition is vital.


    On 26 June 1974, Clyde Dawson pulled a 10-pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum out of his basket and it was scanned by Sharon Buchanan at 8:01 am. The pack of gum and the receipt are now on display in the Smithsonian Institution. It was the first commercial appearance of the UPC. 46 years ago this technology was first used. MY MY what an efficient form of government we have created! I wonder what this has cost taxpayers?

    • Lowe0

      That looks more like PDF417, which only dates back to 1991.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Pocket change. Literally pocket change.

      Is it archaic technology? Sure. But it’s still an upgrade.

    • itsmefool

      It’s “Institute.” The real institution in D.C. contains nothing but alcoholics, philanderers and crooks…in other words, Congress!

  • Veteran for Trump

    I already have the 2 suppressors I wanted and built on Form 1s.
    (And for a LOT less than a commercial one)

    If I decide to make another I will wait until the HPA passes or the SHUSH Act passes.
    Suppressors should be sold the same way as a handgun or rifle.
    And a suppressor can’t kill anyone by itself unless used as a bludgeon.

  • clp21

    Delayed further overloading silencer shop website…

  • Dual spor

    What. A. Joke.

    • hking

      Its unbelievable how stupid this is and how much fake ass fawning and back patting the gun media and silencer companies are doing. This is going to save a max of 60 seconds on the processing time of a form, its just simple data entry. Its not going to speed anything up a meaningful amount.

      • MichaelZWilliamson

        Then don’t buy one.

        • hking

          I have 12 stamps and another 4 in the pipeline. I know the process boy.

  • Wild Bill

    Government Stupidity. Nothing is as inefficient as making more efficient something that should never have existed in the first place,

  • I’ve always thought a perfect compromise, considering the tax doesn’t even pay for the labor to do all the crap to begin with, would be to change things slightly. Instead of paying for a stamp for every item at the time of purchase, make the stamp into something like a new variant of an FFL, similar to C&R, etc.

    You’d pay $200 and submit fingerprints and whatnot, but in turn this would get you this new type of FFL (if a Class 3 FFL is for dealers of, maybe a Class 3A for owners?). This new type of FFL now allows me to do the same transfer process of a class 3 item (ones legal for a non-LEO to possess, so, the same regularly transferrable items as we can have now) that dealers use.

    You could even take it a step further: with this license, when you want to buy something that’s under NFA, the Dealer/individual logs into an ATF portal and completes an online transfer of goods from himself to you as part of the transaction, which registers and verifies your license number.

    We still have the NFA protections that the grabbers whine about, but we also have a process now which is at worst a 1-month process (current dealer to dealer transfer) or at best instant (an electronic transfer).

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      That would require a law by Congress. ATF has no authority to change the stamp status.

  • Frank K

    ATF must be connecting the dots now that the HPA is close to to becoming a reality. The reason why they are stepping up there game?….. Taxation without representation!

  • Frank K

    ATF must be connecting the dots now that the HPA is close to to becoming a reality. The reason why they are stepping up there game?….. Taxation without representation!

  • dltaylor51

    There is no reason these approvals cant be accomplished in a matter of seconds,my silencer approval to almost 11 months and that $200 fee is highway robbery.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Imagine what it was in 1934 dollars.

  • Tom

    “…We have been following this story, quietly, for about eight months.”


  • LE

    What they fail to mention, is all of the “labor intensive” data entry is put on the dealer to enter. Meanwhile, the NFA branch is still collecting their $200 tax and the dealer makes no more profit for the extra work load placed on them…

    • GuruOfGuns

      Hasn’t the dealer always had the labor intensive data entry? I don’t think this makes any significant extra work for the dealer it just avoids the duplicate effort by the feds. Not saying the whole system shouldn’t be repealed.

  • Vanns40

    “…..SBR, SBS, AOW and even machine gun owners are a minuscule part of the pro-firearms constituency……”. And a large part of the reason for this is the $200 tax stamp and the wait. If that were eliminated you would, I believe, almost immediately see an increase in sales and shortly thereafter a drop in prices and a further increase in the number of companies producing suppressors.

    If these same companies went to Congress and the President and lobbied for the suppressor law, citing lost business and income and then had gun owners and the NRA do the same this would get done this year. If it doesn’t get passed this year you can forget it for the foreseeable future, same with National Reciprocity. Gun owners should be reminding the NRA, Congress and the President of their promises every single day.

    We should make it very clear that no passage of these two Bills will result in no support for the GOP in 2018 and no more funding for NRA till they fulfill their promise.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      The GOP knows you’re more afraid of the Dems than willing to support them, and will continue to screw over the firearms community by ignoring them. HSA MAY get passed, but it’s also possible for RINOS to see the status quo as “safe” and ignore it. And no, you’re not going to vote against them over it. Or, even if you do, most won’t.

      • Vanns40

        This is not a question of overt action, as in voting against the GOP, this is a far more subtle tactic, just sit home. The GOP fears this far more than they do anything else in the world. As you so correctly pointed out, they know we won’t switch parties and vote Democrat, BUT, not voting because they haven’t done a single, solitary thing they promised to do, not in the first year but remember, they promised this in the first 100 days on many items. They’ve done NOTHING.

        Remember, we gave them everything! They produce, this year, or they face the consequences.

  • bbies1973

    Even the the the full blown fingerprint based background check process can be nearly instantaneous in today’s world of modern technology.
    SilencerShop affiliates have kiosks with digital fingerprint scanners, the same ones used by law enforcement all over the country, which return results in only a few minutes. It is only a matter of getting a beaurocrat to sign off on using the digital response.

  • cruzo1981

    Every time there is good news about wait times I read the article and laugh. 27 people handle all the forms. That means every year each person has to process 100,000+ forms. I think they haven’t hired significant numbers of employees because they don’t want to do the job. We need to help them not have that awesome responsibility anymore, seeing as it’s unconstitutional.

    • glenn cheney

      Put a machine in every POST OFFICE with access to the NICS, for now, as we all agree none of the SBR’s, SBS’s, Supressors s/b NFA, but for now, that is another fight, if won, those “machines” at every Post Office could be quickly removed when not needed.
      No new employees needed. Inconvenience? I know, standing in line 15 minutes with folks mailing their ebay home crafts is demeaning, but, suck it up girls, you can do it.
      If the computer says you’re GTG, you’re GTG.
      We specialize in problem solving and pissing off as many burecrat mofo’s as possible for the least cost and most production.
      Move those color tv’s out boys!

  • carlcasino

    Since the bureaucracy is just a taxing agency just double the tax and approve in 30 seconds. that’s how I pay my State Sales Tax.

  • Mikey

    So the poor suckers already in line in one of those stacks of boxes get bypassed by the new system. Sucks

  • phryd wunderdawg

    Yeah, OK, so something is finally done to shorten this insane waiting to get paperwork and background checks (for each and every purchase, regardless of how recent the last background check was, even if it was just yesterday) so now , maybe, we only have to wait 2 months to claim property we have long ago paid for. Color me thrilled.

    What’s even better, it took an outside entity doing all the work and paying all the costs of this insipid process to get BATFE to even look at improving this ridiculous stupidity.

    Face it. BATFE does everything it can go delay the process and cause aggravattion to us, the customer. Why? Because they can. This is just another overreach of government, pissed off becomes they can’t make these things simply just go away, so they male our lives hell because we dare to want something they don’t like.

    Your tax dollars at work. NOT!

  • E Wolfe

    “Besides being labor intensive, there is a high potential for data entry errors (as high as 50%), slowing the process even further. ”

    This is wonderful news, however, anyone who consistently made that many errors, or even a continued rate of 10% errors in their work, should have been terminated or reassigned to housekeeping duties years ago. These delays are, and were just inexcusable.

  • Steven L

    How about my Form 1?

  • My own experience with the Silencer Shop in July 2016, the day before the rules change, was such that I’ll never use them again. By “batch processing” everyone’s form 4s before the rules change, and lumping them in with all the form 4s that came in on the day of and following the rules change, they subjected me to needless extra months of waiting. I filed online with them and did everything according to their directions. Each time I completed a step, it took up to a couple of weeks to get the next instructions. Using their fingerprinting and account creation process for each of the 4 other people on my trust was needlessly dense and in execution, way less convenient than they advertise – because instead of my taking the stuff to them for their signatures and prints, which I could have done in an hour, I had to wrangle 4 adults with jobs and children into going to the TSS kiosk when it was convenient for them. They didn’t even send my $200 tax – which I paid in July – in to ATF until January of this year, SIX FULL MONTHS after I filed the form 4 with them. In the meantime, no news from ATF. And when they finally did transfer the suppressor to a dealer, they sent it to one that is 25 miles from my house, rather than the one that is 10 miles from my house, without offering ME a say in the process. So I am estimating that I will FINALLY get my Rugged Obsidian 45 some time in January of 2018 – a full year and a half after I began the process. I could have handled the whole thing more efficiently myself. Yeah, it’s more work than it used to be, and shame of the US Gov’t for making it more difficult for citizens to exercise their rights, but it is WAY less trouble than having to deal with The Silencer Shop’s Byzantine process.