HK433 – The first practical test

What has been called “The German ACR” has now been tested by

Almost seven months has passed since the HK433 was launched at EnforceTac 2017 in Nurnberg, Germany.

If you have missed the news, or need to refresh your memory you can check TFB’s previous article.

Now had the opportunity to examine and test fire the new Heckler & Koch 433 at the Special Forces Workshop in Güstrow, Germany. is a portal featuring technical, cultural and leisure information that is dedicated to the World’s shooters and gun enthusiasts.

Photo: – Tino Schmidt

The housing is made out of light weight metals, lighter and at the same time more rigid than the polymer found on the HK G36 that the HK433 might be destined to replace in the future.

Hopefully the HK433 will combine the strengths of the HK416 and the G36, with none of the weaknesses.

Apart from the obvious Black color there is also version in Green and Brown (Flat Dark Earth). The difference in color matching is supposed to break up the signature of the rifle at long distances.


The barrel is available in six different lengths and can be changed on operator level (if allowed).

The HK433 is available in these barrel lengths: 280 mm (11 inches), 318 mm (12.5 inches), 368 mm (14.5 inches), 421 mm (16.5 inches), 480 mm (18.9 inches ) and 503 mm (20 inches).

The version tested by All4Shooters was a 14.5″ which offers a good compromise between ergonomics and ballistic performance. I have shot my own AR15s with 14.5″ side by side with my 18″, and there is really no difference in precision between them, the difference is the power they deliver at the end of the 300 meters.

Photo: – Tino Schmidt

The weight of the rifle tested was around 3,400 grams (3,4 kg or 7.49 pounds).

The total length was 93 cm and with the stock folded only 63 cm. In case of emergency the HK433 will fire with the stock folded.

The stock can be adjusted in five positions.

The HK433 is fully ambidextrous and the rifle can be changed from a right to left condition without the use of tools.

Photo: – Tino Schmidt Charging handle similar to the HK G3.


If wanted, the HK433 can be supplied with a shot counter to provide the gun smith with information how much wear the rifle had. I’m sure these options will become popular for any Armed Forces trying to keep a record of maintenance costs and intervals.

The practical test

The HK416 shots at about 850 rounds per minute in fully automatic. This has been reduced in the HK433 to around 700 rounds per minute, to allow for better recoil management.

The testers were very impressed with the quality and feeling of the trigger.

According to the data sheet the trigger should break at 2 400 grams (5,3 pounds), but had a very short reset. This allowed for very fast single shots in Semi Auto Mode. concluded that the HK433 is based on well tried and tested technologies which is combined with good ergonomics and modularity.

The HK433 will for sure be on of the hottest contenders to win the contract for the Germany Army.

Photo: – Tino Schmidt


You can find the original source here:

Feel the need for more pictures and some more German? Check Jan-P. Weisswange‘s Strategy & Technology.

Eric B

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  • Nicks87

    Say what you want about H&K but that rifle looks pretty bad ass.

  • FWIW

    Keymod???? Seriously????

    • PK

      HK has always been kind of dickish, they’re just continuing the tradition.

      • Gary Kirk

        Just in appearance this time..

    • If you are in a SOCOM unit and want to place an order for 1,000 units or more HK will bend over backward for you. So you can requiest M-lok.

      Other wise they ignore you.

      • Except KeyMod is the inferior system, and the specs have been out in the wild long enough for HK to adjust to reality…

        • Stewart Hickey

          Except this is incredibly clearly not keymod, the amount of metal between slots is dramatically increased vs keymod, thus why this is probably much stronger. a test between this a mlok would seem necessary, though mlok definitely costs less.

    • Gary Kirk

      Nope, proprietary home crap that is purposely junk, that doesn’t work with other junk, but is the neatest.. Because, H&K..

    • Blue Centurion

      H Key. It’s proprietary and “better”.

  • Vitor Roma

    Well, the triggers seems way too good (and light) for military standards.

    • Gus Butts

      Dammit, we can’t have this!

  • frenchfries

    when can i buy this?

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      When you become a cyborg from the future traveling back to the year 2055.

  • Fffgll

    HK exec 1: Damn! We can’t get the colors to match!
    HK exec 2: I know! We’ll tell them it’s camouflage. You know, that pattern breakie uppie thing. They’ll buy that!

    • 360_AD

      As if color matching is important to real operators.

  • Vitor Roma

    By the way: The MDR has been released, there is already a nice video of a owner shooting it a lot, even doing accuracy testing and TFB seems totally unaware of that.


    • pun&gun

      Indeed. I thought this would be major news here.

    • KestrelBike

      Non-gimp YT link:

    • tazman66gt

      Probably because Desert Tech won’t give them one for free.

  • Major Tom

    Ah I see the obsession with Full Diaper Explosion (FDE) coloration continues. If firearms manufacturers want to keep using gaudy colors, at least use gaudy colors that are desirable rather than trite and cliche.

    Stuff like black, gold, chrome, silver, ivory, red and blue.

    • Ricepuddin

      Yeah those colors you listed will work real well blending in to the environment in Afghanistan, Syria, Korea, Eastern Europe, etc

      • Major Tom

        Chrome, silver, ivory and blue can work in snowy environments.

        But it’s irrelevant as you can’t see what color a firearm is at 200 meters or further. It’s very hard to notice at 100 meters.

        • iksnilol

          So pink dildo camo is a go?

          • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

            If HK would actually sell one to me, I’d totally buy one in pink dildo camo.

          • iksnilol

            I’d pay a premium for that to be honest.

          • After all, Krylon is cheap…

          • Major Tom

            Maybe for you mate. I’ll pass thank you.

          • iksnilol

            But it is super manly… what is more manly than a bajillion dicks all over your rifle?

          • Major Tom

            Cat stickers. Like the Pop Culture weapon skins in Halo 5.

          • iksnilol

            I guess that could work too.

          • Joshua

            Doesn’t everyone always say real men wear pink?

          • iksnilol

            Indeed we do.

          • Joshua

            Well then nothing more manly than dildo pink camo.

          • iksnilol

            I mean, only somebody that’s insecure would be afraid of using it.

          • Actually, a hybrid pink-grey color was developed for and used extensively by the Long Range Desert Patrol in WW2. It apparently blended in really well with the desert, and was also quite hard to see at both dawn and dusk.


          • Gary Kirk

            Ask James, he can field test gold dildo..

        • jono102

          A lot of it is more the contrast it causes between it and the soldier carrying it, that’s what will attract the eye whilst scanning to begin with especially when any movement is involved.

    • Gary Kirk

      Upvoted only for the “full diaper explosion”

  • Joshua

    Still heavier than a heavy barreled M4A1 by nearly a whole pound.

    • James Kachman

      The mind boggles at *how* they were unable to beat a design going on 60 years old in terms of weight, given the advances in polymers and machining. Given its weight, I can’t see how it could replace the AR-15 unless the cost is extremely low.

      • Joshua


        It won’t be replacing the AR-15. It may replace the G36 though, which was it’s whole purpose.

        I do always find it amazing how hard it is for modern rifles to come in under 7lbs using space age materials.

        I mean my issued Block II M4A1 with the RO921HB(SOCOM barrel) and FSP RIS II weighed around 7lbs 4oz.

        That’s a heavy barrel and a full 12″ rail system with 4×12″ of 1913 Picatinny rail sections.

        The M4 RIS II is nearly a half pound heavier than the KAC RAS the Army uses for the MWS.

        A gun with a short, thin Keymod rail should not weight 7.5lbs or more.

        • James Kachman

          “It won’t be replacing the AR-15. It may replace the G36 though, which was it’s whole purpose.”

          Yeah, my question was more towards ‘why is it even being considered when the AR exists?’

          • Joshua

            The 416 is to expensive for the German Military, and their requirements exclude any company from the West, and no one except HK and the Aug guys is really large enough to fill the order.

            However the AUG guys are putting forth a AR variant using the Aug piston system.

            I say Aug guys because my brain has a blank hole where that company name usually is.

          • James Kachman

            ” and their requirements exclude any company from the West”

            That’s a formal requirement?

          • Joshua

            Last I read it had to come from the Eurozone. Similar to the French small arms trial.

          • Uh, the Eurozone *IS* “the West”…LOL

          • Joshua

            You are correct. I should have said the Americas, cause you know giant ocean and all.

          • Laionidas

            Just stick to “old world” and “new world”, keeps it clear as day =P

          • Major Tom


          • iksnilol


          • Joshua

            That’s it. No idea why I couldn’t think of that.


          • DW

            Glock. That’s the reason.

          • rennsport4.4TV8

            FN doesn’t count?

          • Joshua

            In a way. The M4 isn’t their design, even though they’re making them for the US Military.

            They push the SCAR every chance they get and rightfully so, they own that TDP which is important when it comes to military procurements.

          • FulMetlJakit

            And the RS556 is still a heavy piece, 4.2 kilos (9.25#) according to Eric’s own January article.
            That’s with a loaded mag (and a short rail)
            I’ll gladly take some heft penalty if it means true durability, but lightness certainly has its own tangible benefits.

          • DW

            I suspect Rs556 have QD barrel system like the AUG, which would increase weight.

        • NewMan

          Actually, it is because HK is unwilling to compromise quality and durability just to save a little weight.

          • James Kachman

            Right, which is why Hk416s wear out faster than M4s and Mk18s.

          • Joshua

            Hey it’s slow man. Stay ignorant my friend.

          • mosinman

            like clockwork

          • 1911a145acp

            Isn’t weight saving and compromised DESIGN precisely what gave us the G 36!?

          • Reality

            Except that the Rifle could be made lighter, with the durablility and ofcourse same quality. Idiot

        • Matt

          it’s hard because most “space age” materials don’t dissipate heat that well…”old metal” does it much the lighter you go, the more recoil you’ll have…

        • Gary Kirk

          At this weight, I’ll just keep my A4.. And put it on a diet of no accessories for a rotation.. “Only a VFG, and ACOG for you..”

      • NewMan

        HK is unwilling to compromise quality and durability just to save a little weight.

      • To my knowledge the only 21st century piston rifle to go under 7lbs is the Beretta ARX 100, at 6.8lbs.

        • John Idleness

          CZ 806 Bren 2

        • LGonDISQUS

          What about those goofy folding Kel-Tec ¿ SU-15’s ?

          • 1911a145acp

            If it’s goofy and it works- It’s not goofy

          • LGonDISQUS

            (Just the folding stocks are goofy to me, for clarification)

          • Anon. E Maus

            Those Kel-Tec SU rifles are pretty light, but they’re also really flimsy, would strongly recommend against any magdumping or rapid fire, it rapidly batters the receiver, they are clearly designed for slow shooting.

      • nadnerbus

        Seems like a function of the dreaded direct gas system. Everyone wants a piston, because they think it will be more reliable and robust, but that always comes with a weight penalty.

        A whole pound, though..?

        Has anyone ever made a direct gas AR that had a user adjustable gas port for normal and fouled conditions? Seems like if one could over gas the rifle when needed for reliability, it might be useful. Just spit balling.

        • Joshua

          Plenty of companies offer adjustable gas blocks for the AR-15 as well as adjustable bolt carriers.

        • DW

          But has anyone tried using AR’s DI system on other guns to save weight? Think an AR18 with DI system could be made extemely lightweight.

      • john huscio

        Kinda like no one has made a doublestack polymer striker that is more size efficent than glock

      • Joe

        Was the listed weight with the pictured Elcan 1/4X optic?

    • mosinman

      but it doesn’t have Kraut Space Magiks n stuff that solders crave

    • None

      Uh, I think they said weight “as shown” which included the Specter DR on top. I think that would put it in the mid to low 6lb range, which I think is right in the same ballpark as an M4.

      • None

        Re-read it, just said weight of “the rifle,” but it was under the picture with the optic installed, so I misinterpreted. My mistake…

  • Joshua

    Also where the #### did they get this number from?

    “The HK416 shots at about 850 rounds per minute in fully automatic. ”

    The 416 is a 950 RPM gun on a good day, unsuppressed.

    It’s closer to 1100 RPM suppressed, the 416 has a stupidly fast cyclic rate.

    • Well, that has a lot to do with the fact that it’s stupidly overgassed, given that they gassed it for an 11″ or so barrel…

  • Big Daddy

    Looks good. If someone is worried about a pound on their rifle it’s time to train harder. Same can be said for the 6.8mm SPCII cartridge, oh it weights more, for a few pounds compared with the effectiveness train harder and let the military stop giving you so much stuff to carry. Spend the money on lowering the weight of the plates and other necessities in modern combat instead of useless camouflage. Yes every pound counts in 100+ degree weather and long patrols but the weight should be considered where it is.

    • Rjcz

      Yes, we’ll all just let the military know to lay off on the weight all our various equipment since it’s never been brought up before.

      • Joshua

        Next he’ll say do more pushups.

        • Big Daddy

          Do more push ups, how about some time in the weight room too. Been there done that US Army. Most of the guys were so out of shape it was a joke. Marines on the other hand……not.

          • Ευστάθιος Παλαιολόγος

            Yet Marines seem to keep the 5,56…

          • Gary Kirk

            Just cause most of us are “Bat-s#!+” crazy.. Is no reason to worship us man..

        • AC97

          Ha, you called it.

          It’s a damn shame this brand of ignorance is as prevalent as it is…

      • Big Daddy

        Yes that might help now with a new administration. Your leadership has to grow some balls and let the people know what is important for combat troops. No balls no glory.

        • Gary Kirk

          What’s important for TIC?? Let’s see, the armor that keeps them from having extra release ports in their body structure, the weapon that allows them to provide such to the opponent, and also, ammunition to feed said weapon..

    • Joshua

      I think I just went blind from my eyes rolling so far into the back of my skull.

      • Big Daddy

        I think a chiropractor can fix that. So can some push ups, time in the weight room and hang out with some Marines. I served US Army and most of the guys were so out of shape it was a joke.

        • CommonSense23

          I always love people saying hit the weight room. It’s like people already aren’t doing that.

          • iksnilol

            I mean, what do soldiers do? Eat chips and warm couches?

        • Gary Kirk

          Join the corps and then talk s#!+.. But don’t put us in your dumbass comment.. Weight sucks.. PERIOD.. For all of us 03’s, ground pounders, swamp sloggers, mountain marchers, whatever ya’d like to call us.. Etc.

      • iksnilol

        I’m fine, my eyes rolled so far back they got back on the right track.

        • Gary Kirk

          Full circle my friend..

    • nadnerbus

      I bet you are that clerk in the gun store that tells everyone they don’t need that little “plastic poodle shooter 9mm, they need this here three pound steel frame .45 man stopper.”

  • Der Furor

    Ich will

    • Vhyrus

      I thought you hated assault rifles?

      • Old Tofu

        that rifle is new and innocent , it never assaulted anyone

      • I recently heard that Hitler wasn’t against the sturmgewehr as a concept, but that he wanted to hold off until they could reach the field in significant quantity.

        • That doesn’t match the stories of his screaming rages that sounded EXACTLY like M14 fanatics – “But MUH EXTREME RANGE!!!”

          • That’s exactly what they are – stories. If he didn’t want them in production they wouldn’t have been issued.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      I guess somebody had to be “that guy”.

  • Vhyrus

    This is the first HK rifle that I actually want to own.

    Which pretty much guarantees it will never come here.

    • Dakota Raduenz

      I’d pay 2000 for it.

      Which means if it comes here, they’ll charge 4000 on sale…

  • Arie Heath

    Kind of wish it was a little lighter and used M-Lok.

  • Slim fast for guns

    “The weight of the rifle tested”

    Is that with the optic pictured? Loaded or unloaded?

  • Martin M

    At first I was like, cool. But the more I look, the more I see a bastard mash-up of features. Like an AR, a G#, and a SCAR had some ugly lovechild. Rails and keymod. Mismatched colors. Mega adjust-o-stock. Pick-your-mag-release. Flip up sights. Multiple charging handles. Etc…

    Wow, this mall has everything.

  • Kelly Jackson

    I can’t wait to unlock all the attachments fo rthis

    • nadnerbus

      After you prestige, you have to unlock them all over again in Mlok.

      The final mission is a congressional inquiry into waste and fraud.

  • Voice from East

    ->The version tested by All4Shooters was a 14.5″
    weird, I see 11″ on pictures…

    • I believe with the 11″ version, the flash suppressor is actually slight under the gas block. These pictures show a rifle with the flash suppressor a few inches in front of it.

      Pictures of the barrels (which maddeningly, omit a picture of the 14.5″ one, jumping straight from what appears to be the 11″ straight to what looks about like the 16.6″ version) indicate that any of the barrels from 14.5″ or shorter wouldn;t be able to accomodate a bayonet lug, so that’s no help.

      But ask yourself — you know how long a 30 round magazine is. Does that barrel actually look 9 full inches shorter than the full length model, or only about half that difference?

  • Mmmtacos

    Oh boy a new AR-18.

  • Paul Rain

    “If wanted, the HK433 can be supplied with a shot counter to provide the gun smith with information how much wear the rifle had. I’m sure these options will become popular for any Armed Forces trying to keep a record of maintenance costs and intervals.”

    Maybe in the third world. How on earth could a serious Army not have a good enough track on how much weapons have been fired by the soldiers in a unit, to be able to schedule servicing at regular intervals?

    • Most military forces can’t really track that by individual weapon, but only by average round counts per weapon in the unit. Because, aside from snipers, NOBODY logs each and every round fired through their rifle (including blanks).

      • CommonSense23

        I kept a serous track of how many rounds went thru my gun. I just kept a small spiral notebook and logged full mags.

    • Joshua

      It’s hard. Even in SOCOM round counts were guestimates at best.

    • CommonSense23

      Are you joking. The US military is absolutely horrible for keeping track of when parts need to be replaced.

    • RicoSuave

      I expect a “service gun” light to be included into these guns soon enough.

      • iksnilol

        Don’t forget the check barrel light.

        • RicoSuave

          I am reminded of the exo-suit guns in “Edge of Tomorrow” with the voice operated controls that speak in all languages except English.

  • Andrey Martim

    Why I always look at this gun and the StG44 comes to my head?

  • tazman66gt

    The stock extention seems a bit skinny, it’s probably OK it just looks that way.

  • i1776

    Mag release sucks.

    • CJS

      Which version? The paddle or the push-button?

      • i1776

        Paddle 🙂

    • Michael

      Look in the lower right hand corner of the ‘functional elements’ poster: two different lowers to chose from, G36-style or AR15/M16/M4-style mag release.
      Whichever a potential customer prefers due to his legacy weapon system and familiar handling

  • A Hill

    So how long until they release a version with a jacked up lower with thumbhole stock ( that attaches uniquely so an aftermarket manufacturer will have to make a pistol grip conversion), a fat ultra-heavy barrel (nein threaded muzzle for you!) And finally proprietary $150 mags?

  • jono102

    It provides probably the best compromise of colors and is the best base to any cam pattern be it desert or jungle. A couple slashes of spray from a rattle can are basically all that’s needed. to effectively break it up. The likes of removable spray paint make things a lot easier.


    I can’t tell you how much I hate my spectre DR 1x/4x. Weighs a ton and has lots of play in the mount and scope by means of the elevation pivot.

  • DropGun25

    As we learned with the Sig and Glock MHS saga, its only going to win if the price is right.

  • 1911a145acp

    My how fickle we rifle buyers are! ( Governments included ) The Bushmaster ACR gave them every thing they ASKED for, gas piston operation, tool less rapid barrel remove / caliber swap capability, Adj gas piston for dirty/suppressor operation, side folder adjustable stock w/ adj cheek piece for optics, Ambi controls. It’s TOO heavy they screamed It’s TOO expensive! Its TOO UGLY! Grab the torches! On second thought, I found out I REALLY like my $700 , 6.8 lb AR! Now the Germans build the ACR put H&K on the side and it’s all like HALLELUJAH! Our prayers have been answered!

  • Richard Lutz

    Too heavy and wrong calibre. Should not weight more than 7-lbs and be chambered for the 7.62x39mm round and optimized for use with a short barrel and sound suppressor.

  • “The difference in color matching is supposed to break up the signature of the rifle at long distances.”

    Yeah….. that’s what I’m going to tell people from now on when they comment on the mis-matched FDE colors of my SCAR 17……. ’cause that sounds more tacticool.

    Really? If HK thinks that people are buying that crap……..

  • Dave L

    Who has the lame idea to call it the “German ACR?” Im assuming they’re referring to the recent polymer ACR. The ACR is in fact, an American iteration of the -already German- G36. Duh.