New Version of Century Red Army 7.62x39mm Boat Tail FMJ Ammo Starts Shipping To Retailers

Century Arms has started shipping the new version 7.62x39mm boat tail FMJ ammo to retailers, making AK guys pretty dang happy I imagine. The new load will be sold under Century’s Red Army Label and will have some features that most AK shooters will undoubtedly appreciate quite a lot.

What sets the new ammo apart from other steel cases, non-corrosive ammunition currently on the market? Century says that this ammo has been sealed around the neck and the primer in a way that is similar to mil-spec ammunition that has been off the civilian market for some time. The load will also feature a boat tail bullet that should improve ballistics and accuracy.

We have some of this ammo in our possession to see if we notice a marked improvement over the standard cheap steel cased ammo that has been for sale for some time. Look for coverage of it in the near future on TFBTV.

MSRP on the new ammunition is $5 per box of 20 rounds, a case of 1,000 rounds will set you back $250 if you happen to buy it at the suggested retail price. You can order it at your favorite ammunition retailer or check out the Red Army Standard website to learn more about the new Red Army 7.62x39mm ammo.

Patrick R

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  • Brett baker

    Cheap 7.62×39 is always good. Wish they’d gone flat base for better terminal ballistics, though.

    • Kinetics

      It depends, if they are using the FMJ-BT bullet that is in Golden Tiger rounds, people on forums report pretty decent ballistics and sawed rounds show a pretty big empty cavity in the nose of the round that reportedly destabilizes it.

      For 7.62×39, 8M3 will always be the (rare) standard in terminal effect though.

      • int19h

        It’s arguably not even rare anymore, now that SGAmmo is importing crates of it. At 24c/round, it’s marginally more expensive than the bottom of the barrel steel cased stuff.

  • KestrelBike

    Are the projectiles magnetic? For those of us restricted for the most part to indoor ranges, I wish ammo manufacturers would clearly put that info right on the packaging. I see “lead core” and “full metal jacket” all the time, but unless they put “bi-metal jacket” or “non-magnetic”, one doesn’t know whether that jacket has steel in it and/or just a copper wash.

    And yes, I’m not talking about the steel-case which is clearly magnetic, I’m talking about the projectile/bullet. Some ranges are OK if you can convince them that the bullet is G2G.

    • Dave Y

      probably not. Red Army has a copper jacketed line that i use for indoor ranges. it says right on the box “copper jacket” and it’s about 5 cents / round more expensive. BUT… you don’t have to worry about getting punked at the range and having to pay 2-3x market for x39 ammo.

      • aweds1

        You guys are lucky. No steel cases at all at the indoor ranges near me so it makes the projectile question moot. I think they use all the brass for reloading.

        • USMC03Vet

          Yeah most ranges just want to sell brass and won’t allow steel case, but they come up with hilarious reasons why instead of just being honest about it.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Another big problem is that no one ever seems to understand the difference between steel-cased and steel-jacketed. Both shooters and marketing departments.

  • Jeff Smith

    When will a company mass produce 8m3 7.62x39mm? Maybe TulAmmo will make more.

  • USMC03Vet

    Testing has shown RAS to be the worst, inconsistent, and lowest velocity steel 762 out there even though it’s not the cheapest. I have my doubts that any of this has changed.

    • iksnilol

      Brass case was good tho.

  • Twilight sparkle

    I wonder if they started getting ammo from Ukraine again… I’m thinking probably not

  • Just Say’n

    “Gee I wish someone would make a steel-cased, dirt-cheap, flat-shooting, tack-drivin’ 7.62×39 round for my AK/SKS”….said no one ever…..

    • Komrad

      you’re a moron if you cannot appreciate the benefits of a boat tailed bullet for AK and SKS rifles

  • Martin T

    Ok ok enough already! I’ll go buy an ak Jeeeesh!

    • Nashvone

      It’s about time!

  • Heretical Politik

    This is the same ammo as Golden Tiger, sgammo has been selling it for years.

  • Bill Wright

    Tula 8M3 has given me decent accuracy, but Hornady’s steel cased 123 gr. is the best I’ve found for my 7.62×39 AR.

  • SillyWabbit

    Yeah pretty sure this is Russian state-run Vympel ammo (imported also as Golden Tiger). It’s good stuff. Accurate, relatively clean-burning with a flash-suppressant. Accurate too, the FMJ-BT gives it a higher BC than most 5.56/.223 ammo (I think somewhere around .33-.36). If it is the same stuff, there’s a hollow pocket in the jacket’s tip, lending its performance to more of an OTM round without an actual opening in the jacket.