New Polymer80 PF940v2 Coming This Fall

As much as I enjoy upgrading and enhancing my own firearms, I have yet to dive into the world of 80% kits. If you are unfamiliar with the process, companies like Polymer80 have developed a process that allows the end user to build a functioning firearm from formed raw materials and non-controlled parts. Meaning that you can mail order a kit and with some skill and a few hours of labor, have a functioning pistol without ever visiting an FFL. Polymer80 is announcing the pending release of their next model – the PF940v2.

– Personal Rant On –

Initially the media had a field day with so-called ‘Ghost Guns’ and other scare tactics to motivate non gun owners against 80% builds. My thoughts are the opposite: these kits point out the fallacy of attempting to regulate or ban inanimate objects. As technology advances it uncovers laws that at a minimum are outdated but more likely were ineffective to begin with. Instead we as a society should deal with the actions of individuals and not apply blanket regulations that also affect law abiding citizens.

– Personal Rant Off –

Details are listed below. Pricing and preorder information is not yet available.


Polymer80 PF940v2 Press Release:

Polymer80, Inc. bolsters their product line with a long-awaited update.

Tacoma, WA – July 27th, 2017- Polymer80, the leading developer and manufacturer of 80% polymer AR and pistol products has unveiled the PF940v2™, the next generation update to their best-selling PF940v1™ Glock®-compatible 80% pistol frame.

“We have learned quite a bit since the release of the v1 frame.” said Alex Brodsky, VP of Marketing at Polymer80. “The PF940C™ compact frame, for example, was designed with significantly improved ergonomics and aftermarket features. Since the compact’s release, an overwhelming majority of our customers and dealers have asked that we update the original standard size frame with similar features.”

The PF940v2™ is compatible with components for 3-pin: 9mm G17, 34, 17L; .40S&W G22, 35, 24; and .357Sig G31.

Some of the major changes seen in PF940v2™ include a slimmer grip that is available with an aggressive texture or blank ReadyMod™ style, a double undercut on the trigger guard, and a stainless steel rear rail module, which has been the most requested feature. The PF940v2™ comes with a Picatinny/STANAG compliant accessory rail that features an embedded blank serialization plate. Much like its predecessor, the PF940v2™ kit includes a finishing jig, drill bits, and an end mill, which allows the end-user to successfully convert the frame into a functioning firearm in the privacy of their home.

“We’ve been conducting PF940v2™ range tests for two months now,” said Mike Guttridge, VP of Product. “The aftermarket product compatibility tests have been concluded as well, and we feel confident to start the initial production. We hope to bring the PF940v2™ frame kit to market sometime in the fall.”

What is an 80% Receiver?

An 80% Receiver is a partially completed piece of material that requires special tooling and skills to be completed and considered a firearm. Unlike a firearm receiver it is not required to be transferred through a Federal Firearms Licensed holder (FFL).


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  • hking

    Love the deep undercut. Might have to grab one for a new project gun.

    • conrad

      A person has to go slow on the undercut, it is possible to go too far and make it too much of a good thing.:)

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    If only it had finger grooves…

    Said no one ever.

    • noob

      What if i have a medical condition that causes blood to ooze out of all my pores and i want a secure grip?

      • Old Tofu

        don’t listen to him , my dad has this killer dremel. we’ll fix it 🙂

      • Beju

        A little JB Weld, and we’ll custom up some finger grooves for you.

  • noob

    Good review, and nice 80%. One quibble – the laws can have a devastating **effect** because they **affect** so many law abiding citizens.

  • noob

    Wouldn’t it be wild if Polymer80 ended up winning the MHS do-over and to qualify with a pistol you first have to “construct your own lightsaber.”

  • Swarf

    Huh. I had just assumed (yeah, yeah) that with a handgun you would run in to an unavoidable serialized part and therefore an FFL.

    Now I’m interested.

    • Anonymoose

      There have been build-your-own Glock and 1911 kits around for years now.

      • Johnsmyname

        Many, many years…

      • Audie Bakerson

        No CZ75s unfortunately though.

        • Dakota Raduenz

          There have been P228s, P229s, Beretta M9s, (and a nifty kit to put a P226 slide on the 228/9 frame). Eventually someone with a CNC and a niche interest will make a CZ75. I too am waiting.

      • Kelly Jackson

        and if you really want to learn how to machine something, there are some 80% Sig P229 frames on the market

  • jonjon7465

    So these dont fit regular glock holsters right? Can they be modified to fit?

    • Old Tofu

      why wouldn’t they fit? same slide only slimmer grip (that’s not inside the holster)

      • FLdeepdiver

        wut? LOL!

        The “grip” (if referring to were your palm and fingers go) does not fit inside a holster. However the rest of the frame does. As a result, most holsters will not fit this aftermarket frame.

    • FLdeepdiver

      Not generally, no. The trigger guard and rail is too different.

      Most light bearing holsters work, as they primarily secure using the light.

      • jonjon7465

        Ok I have a Surefire XC1. Maybe I will give it a try.

      • snmp

        CZ P10c could fit in G19 holster

        • Phillip Cooper

          Well that is nice… when someone asks about a CZP10c holster, maybe you’ll pipe up?

    • Stan Darsh

      The PF940c tends to fit in many Glock 30 kydex holsters as well as the Glockstore “$35 holster” for the G19, I’ll have to try the G17 version of the “$35 Holster” and standard G20/21 kydex holsters when the PF940V2 comes out.

  • EzGoingKev

    What slide is that? Also, what is the extra pin hole I see up near the rail section?

    • Tony

      The extra pin hole is a pin to hold the combination locking block/front slide rails in the frame.

    • Old Tofu

      kind of looks like it might hold the metal piece in the rail in place

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    Love the idea. Not going to do it. I can’t spend 800 bucks on a 600 dollar gun. The government already knows who I am.

    • noob

      If it gets popular enough the price could and should drop. there’s most likely pennies worth of plastic in product. Most of the $800 goes towards paying off the R&D.

      • Klaus Von Schmitto

        I’m not talking about the 150 dollar frame. I mean the 150 dollar lower kit, 150 dollar upper kit, the 300 dollar slide, and the 100 dollar sights.

        • Matt from marxachusetts

          I got a complete “barrel and parts” genuine G19 slide for $339 from omaha outdoors, even had the copper never seize still in it,
          frame parts needed minus the locking block roughly
          $50 rock your glock,
          p80 frame $150
          total $539 and an hour of time.

          • Klaus Von Schmitto

            Plus sights. Hey, this America, I’m not telling anyone how to spend their money. I build parts kits all the time. I’ve got 3 in work now. For me, it’s not worth it because when I’m done, I have a Glock which is not something I’d buy to start with.

          • Matt from marxachusetts

            still gonna buy new sights if you do this or buy a glock anyway, but it was a fun project and after taking it to the range and not having any issues with it you get a sense of pride from it. I like the sig and 1911 80% builds people do but that is a little over my head, these are so muck easier to do.

    • 2wheels

      Same, maybe someday. This article got me looking to building my own “Glock” just for the novelty factor, but I very quickly realized I’d be spending way more to build an 80% “Glock” than I would to just simply buy a real one. Not really worth it to me.

      And if I’m worried about the Gubmint, I can just buy it in a private sale.

      • Dakota Raduenz

        I’d buy a blue label Glock for $399 and do the P80 just because of the grip. Lonewolf would work, but P80 gives you all of that and pride in workmanship.

    • FLdeepdiver

      You have to compare frame pricing only. Aftermarket frames are generally not $150.

      • Klaus Von Schmitto

        No. I have to figure paying 800 dollars for a 600 dollar gun. Period. What do you do, point that 150 dollar frame at something and go “pew, pew, pew”? That’s not the way I shoot guns.

        • FLdeepdiver

          Most are purchasing a replacement frame (with features that they like) for a frame they already own and will sell later. Closest competitor, is the Timberwolf frame from lone wolf at $200.

          We get it, you don’t want a Glock. But many, many people do. This product fills a niche.

    • Phillip Cooper

      A friend just built one of their Glock 80% lowers and he is all up $500 into the gun, with a threaded barrel. I’m still considering doing one, or just buying a damn Smith.

    • Bradley

      I think it’s mostly beneficial for people who want to use mostly aftermarket parts. If you’re not going to keep many stock parts anyway then you really would be buying a $150 frame instead of a $600 pistol.

  • Gary Kirk
    • Swarf

      What are you talking about? It’s ribbed for your pleasure.

    • Russ Kell

      And the Gen2s are 176.3X (measured) quicker to finish than than the Gen1 as you are not spending a ton of time fitting the rear rails (drop-in on the G2, milled then filed to fit on the G1). At least comparing a G1 to their C2 compact version which use the same type of drop-in rear rail.

      • Sledgecrowbar

        Hear, hear. Not fitting rails is great. Hopefully you don’t have to drill the holes for the bolts that hold the rails in or the whole endeavor is for nothing.

        • Russ Kell

          For C2 you do have to drill out a spot on the rear, below the beaver tail, for a retainer pin. I’d expect a similar retainer pin will be required on the Gen2 full-size.

          The front rails still require drilling as well. Though those are levels of magnitude less of a PITA than fitting the rear pin.

    • FLdeepdiver

      Also, no more polymer slide rails. The other reason for not buying that abomination.

  • Old Tofu

    when are they doing gen 4 frames?? and g21’s????

    • guns2317

      I believe there is copywright issue with the Gen 4 frames and thus they can only make the 80% lowers for Gen 1 -3 parts.

      I think that Polymer 80 looked for feedback about what would be their next big project and unfortunately the G26 size frame got the most interest.

      • Ken

        I looked up the patent. It’s for the modular backstrap only. They could do a frame that took a Gen 4 recoil spring and ejector if they wanted to. I’m guessing they won’t because the aftermarket is so much greater for Gen 3s.

      • Old Tofu

        yeah , I’m hoping after they bring out a gen5 that the gen 4’s will start up in the aftermarket. just lazy ,I’ve got a g19+g21 both gen 4 and really don’t want to play magazine mix up

        • Dakota Raduenz

          I thought that Gen 4 mags were backwards compatible?

  • Bearacuda

    Looks like I have a new project for while my P320 is in jail…

  • FLdeepdiver

    So “V2” means “fullsize”? Could have used a better naming convention…

    • Sledgecrowbar

      No, it means Version 2. The -C suffix means Compact, and I don’t believe they’re doing a suffix for full size. This is the HK naming convention, although applied to a Glock frame. Since Glock’s naming conventions are discreet to calibers, it would be confusing to the uninitiated if they just said 17 and 19.

      • FLdeepdiver

        Makes sense.

  • Brett baker


  • mopar92

    Big meh from me. With the tooling needed you far exceed a factory Glocks price. Dealer cost for a G17 is $449ish (not a trade secret it’s all over the internet) and with GSSF discount can be $350ish. I can’t see paying out the ass for something with no (unnoficial) lifetime warranty.

    I do like the upgraded features though.
    I’m just a snob that likes Glock brand Glocks I guess.

    *drops mic and SIG P320*

    The mic doesn’t go off……….

    • Jeff

      You have to drop it at a very specific angle

  • Ken

    Time to buy up cheap Glock 17s to turn into parts kits before the price goes insane again.

    In other news, I need to learn to mod Glock frames since I have a few lying around.

  • It’s pretty ridiculous that Polymer 80 makes a better Glock frame then Glock.

    • Dakota Raduenz

      But is it drop safe?!?!?!?!?!??!??????

      ROFL… 🤣😂🤣😂

      • Alex Brodsky

        Check out Omaha Outdoors Sig drop test follow up. They launched a P80 compact with a trebuchet and it still passed the drop test.

  • gunsandrockets

    “… major changes seen … include a slimmer grip…”

    Okay, that got my attention. How much slimmer? Slimmer than a Glock?

  • lowell houser

    I was in on the V1 preorder. Haven’t gotten around to actually finishing it yet. Wanted to build it into a closed top G34, now planning standard G17. As far as this goes, I’m drifting more towards buying a CZ P10-c than building a G19.

  • TwoThirtyGr

    The more vertical grip angle vs the Glock grip “hump” looks pretty comfortable. The Glock grip “hump” always got in the way for me to get a good grip and trigger reach without having to shift my hand toward the trigger. Glock could have easily remedied this long ago, but they didn’t. Too bad. A lot of people go in gun shops and want a Glock, until they hold it. At least from what I have seen working for an FFL and countless trips to gun shops… A G19 and a G30 with a more vertical grip, no backstrap hump, and a slimmed down grip would expand their market. :EndRant:

  • William Elliott

    who do I have to hara…err…petition to get a G20/21 frame like this? Seriously, that has all the features that people pay big bucks for to get melted and cut into their glock frames…
    And it would look great under my 10mm slide with Alpha wolf barrel and RMR…

  • Cymond

    It’s about time.
    I lost interest in the original frame after I saw/held the improved compact frame.

  • EzGoingKev

    What rear sight it that?