Federal’s New Train + Protect Line of Ammo

Federal ammo

Federal Premium Ammunition announced the company was now selling its new line of Train + Protect ammunition. The new ammo line was announced earlier in the year, but should now be shipping to dealers.

The entirety of the new line uses hollow point bullet projectiles. This is in contrast to Winchester’s Train and Defend line that uses FMJ and JHP bullets designed to deliver similar points of impact and recoil.

Federal ammo

Federal identifies the hollow point bullet design as a VHP. According to the company, VHP stands for “versatile hollow point,” which sounds like a marketing name rather than one descriptive of its construction. From the graphic shown on the company’s website, the VHP looks a lot like a standard JHP.

In Federal’s video (below), the company claims the hollow point bullet “…improves accuracy over standard FMJ loads…” Additionally, the company claims in the video that the bullet “…provides better expansion and weight retention than the competition.” Unfortunately, the company does not specify what competing loads were used to make these comparisons.

Three calibers are available in this line: 9mm with a 115 gr VHP, .40 S&W with a 180 gr VHP and a .45 ACP with a 850 gr VHP. Should this line sell well, I would expect to see .380 ACP and .38 Special introduced next year.

The ammo is being sold in boxes of 50 and 100 rounds. Checking a few sites, it looks like this ammo is selling for about $0.50/round right now. A more thorough scrubbing of the internet may turn up lower prices.

Richard Johnson

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  • Greg Beals

    .45 ACP with an 850gr bullet? SIGN ME UP FOR THAT ONE!

    • JSmath

      Typo, 230gr, sadly.

      • Blumpkin

        gee wizz, are you sure? I dunno.

    • DanGoodShot

      Thats a big ol’ sum biotch.

    • Flounder

      That is bigger than a 50 bmg bullet… I mean I always heard about the .45’s stopping power but holy crap! I never knew! /sarc

  • The 115gr 9x19mm looks suspiciously like the vintage Federal 9BP load.

  • Anonymoose

    Saw it last weekend, decided not to pick it up.

  • Sam Damiano

    Winchester white box used to be under $15 for 50, it’s still around $20. Cheap hollow point pricy box.

  • gunsandrockets

    Looking around at various calibers and brands of HP pistol ammo, and comparing those to gel tests I’ve been able to find, some cheaper loads perform remarkably well. Like the Remington 9mm 115 grain JHP available dirt cheap at Walmart.

    You don’t have to pay a premium price for decent performance.