500 Round Torture Test Of Mossberg 500

Burst Review sacrifices himself for all of us by shooting 500 rounds of 2 & 3/4 bird shot. A couple months ago I submitted myself to something similar when I tested the new CROM by Aridus Industries. We shot 400 rounds which were mostly buck shot and a box of slugs. However I only shot half that much and Adam of Aridus shot the other half. As I mentioned in my review, the ported barrel and lengthened forcing cone helped to save our shoulders. I can sympathize with Jim of Burst Review with regards to having a dead left arm. Racking the pump even for 200 rounds was tedious, I can onl imagine having to do that another 300 times.


The video is a bit long at just a little over an hour. It is a continuous stream of video from a few cameras recording every shot fired. Surprisingly the shotgun did not get that hot and did not experience any failures other than a sticky pump and shells getting a little stuck in the chamber. The problem was quickly rectified with a little buttstock mortaring. I experienced something similar with my 870 and had to mortar the gun a few times to extract a spent shell.

Nicholas C

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  • Matthew Whitticar

    Torture tests can make for interesting viewing. I certainly enjoy watching IV8888’s meltdowns and others. This one however makes me go a bit me say meh. Your almost never going to go cyclic on a pump gun like you is possible in an AR or AK and many competitive trap shooters and bird shooters have done that and more in a day (though not continuously). I’ve done that a few times with a old 870TB, a Model 12, and Winchester 101

    I would also attribute much of the sticking to inexpensive, steel based shotgun shells. In my experience, they will often stick once the gun gets a little dirty or warm. New guns and tighter chambers will exacerbate the problem. More expensive (also often harder to find and often prohibitively expensive) shells such as AAs and STSs are far better feeding and extracting.

  • Giolli Joker

    I can’t spend one hour and 12 minutes watching the video…
    But was it meant to torture the shooter?
    Because 500 shells don’t sound to me like a big deal for almost any gun…

  • Spencerhut

    500 Rounds! OMG! Go take a freaking shotgun class! Going through 1+ flat of bird and some more buck and slug each day is nothing. Any properly maintained 500 / 590/ 870 / 930 / M1-2-3-4 will do it with ease.

    • Cal S.

      But has it ever been recorded before?

      Maybe, but they needed something to wave in the faces of the ammo manufacturers to beg for sponsorships…

  • Martin T

    Niet. Impossible comrade. Pump shotgun is more reliable than shovel.

  • Synchronizor

    Yeah, I’m going to have to give this a “meh” along with everyone else. 500 rounds should not be that big a deal for any of the popular, well-made pumps on the market. I’ll easily shoot through that many in a session or two when I’m doing product reviews, or just get into breaking clays, and my 870 handles it without any hiccups (aside from those I deliberately induce when I’m reviewing some part or accessory). It’s not even really that uncomfortable with proper technique and a good recoil pad. This guy’s acting like he just passed the ultimate man-test or something.

    I’ve not watched the whole thing in its entirety, but the malfunctions mentioned in the article sound like the fault of the ammo, if the cheap steel-cup Winchesters in the thumbnail are what he was shooting. Those things are pretty notorious for sticking in chambers. I have much better luck with the inexpensive Federal target loads when I need several hundred factory shells to blow through for a review (most of what I shoot are handloads, but some things, like magazine extensions, need to be tested with factory ammo as well).

  • Cyborg Fred
    • supergun

      Thats good.

  • Nicks87

    Yeah this is kind of dumb considering pump shotguns are not dependent on somewhat complex systems of operation. I would say a pump is about as reliable as your support arm and about as durable as the quality of the materials used to make the weapon. Plus, from a combat perspective, a pump shotgun is not a volume fire weapon. If you are expending hundreds of rounds with a shotgun during an armed encounter something has gone very, very wrong for you.

  • Walter E. Kurtz

    I join others here: 500 rounds is hardly a “torture test.” IMHO torture testing STARTS at 5000 rounds of continuous fire. 500 rounds is a simple breaking in period for any modern firearm. The horror….the horror…

    • DangerousClown

      It took well over a year, and probably a couple thousand rounds, before my Versamax Tactical got its first cleaning. And then, only because it had its first failure to cycle a round. A Mossberg 500, with it’s sloppy, loose tolerances, should run without issue for longer than that.

  • David Il

    Well, if it is so harmless why doesn’t he stand down range and get shot with one?

  • gunsandrockets

    Despite the extraction difficulties, that’s 7 aimed rounds per minute.

  • jerry young

    I have the Mossberg 600 Country Squire, which is just the 500 that they sold back in the early 70’s. while I’ve never shot 500 rounds through it all at the same time I’ve shot thousands of rounds through it over the years using it to hunt everything from rabbits, birds and deer along with shooting trap, I retired it from hunting back in 2000 only because as I’ve got older I couldn’t work the pump as well so I bought a semi auto, I still use my old Mossberg for home protection with an 18 inch barrel and a pistol grip, it still works great and I take it to the range a couple of times a year just to shoot it.

  • jon spencer

    How many 870 Trap versions have done 500+ on Saturdays?

  • 500 shells is more of a gentle tickling for a Mossberg 500 than a torture test.