Suarez International Glock Universal Red Dot L-Mount

Suarez International has made a universal red dot mount for Glocks. At first glance it resembles the Dueck Defense RBU however it is not the same. The RBU was designed for RMRs and the back up sights are fixed. The L Mount can use any Glock iron sights which makes them adjustable. Their website has options for black or tritium sights to be factory installed for the front and rear. Another feature of the L Mount is how it interlocks with the rear slide plate as well as dovetail into the slide.


Will accept Trijicon RMR, Vortex Razor, Viper, Venom, Burris Fastfire, Shields, Insights MRDS, and any other red dots we haven’t thought of.

The original “L-Mount” was a great unit, but we knew we could make it better.  Specifically customers loved the super secure mounting and the ability (unlike other mounts) to zero rear sight and red dot independently of each other.  The two things everyone asked for were to be able to disassemble the slide without removing the unit, and to be able to mount a wide variety of red dots to the unit.  Truly, many guys that wanted to buy these were using red dots other than Trijicon.

So we upgraded and improved the product.  This universal red dot mount provides the benefits of the co-witnessed red dot, any red dot, but without the need to modify a “company gun”.

The unit is tall enough to clear most suppressors and there are no modifications required to your slide.  It mounts in the factory rear sight dovetail just like a traditional rear sight, but an additional contact point using the rear slide cover plate is created, giving an extremely solid and immovable base.  Unlike other similar units on the market with integral fixed iron sights, our unit allows for the use of any sights made for the Glock pistol of any height.  The unit has capability to accept any sights made for Glock pistols in the correct positions (forward and behind the Trijicon RMR).  Unlike other more costly products, the L-Mount allows the iron sights to be zeroed to coincide with the red dot.  This last is of essential importance because unless you have two points of adjustment, you will not get the essential co-witnessing of the sights and red dot.

  • CNC Machined in the USA of bar stock steel – Matte finished black
  • Uses any sights made for Glock (sights not included)
  • Secured with precise cut dovetail slide cover plate – Includes rear slide cover plate, L-mount
  • Can detail strip slide without removing the mount
  • Uses factory rear sight dovetail – no modifications necessary
  • Optimal mounting height for suppressors
  • Compatible with most holsters.
  • Fits all Glocks 9mm/40/357 SIG (no 42, and 43 models).
  • US Patent Pending


The L Mount retails for only $69.99. But that is without any back up sights. You can option for black or tritium sights for the front and rear.

  • Black Front Sight $29.99
  • Black Rear Sight $39.99
  • Tritium Front Sight $49.99
  • Tritium Rear Sight $79.99

You can check it out and buy it on their website.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Matt O

    I might actually buy one. Way cheaper than getting the slide cut

    • Agreed. You do sacrifice a lot of front sight radius, but it’s a LOT cheaper and isn’t a one way trip.

      • Matt O

        I wish you could trade in a normal slide for a factory cut one. When I bought my G4 19 the mos didn’t exist

        • William Elliott

          the MOS doesn’t work as well as a direct mill
          Problem is screw length.

      • William Elliott

        well, your red dot is going to be your primary sight and those are for “back up” anyway. Sight radius is moot on a red dot.
        Of course reliability and robustness are not all the same…RMRs are still the gold standard in that department.

      • AD

        I wonder if it’s possible to install this without the integrated front sight, and replace the front sight on the actual pistol with one of a appropriate height?

  • I contacted Suarez about some slide work also asked about some techniques he had on his DVDs. I was very surprised when this self proclaimed ‘christian warrior’ ended up replying with a string of cuss words; he even insulted my wife (not sure why). He is very egotistical and insecure. I asked some honest questions and he went off on me. Even threatened me – with that said I will never purchase anything from him.

    With that said there are similar options I have tried for an RMR. I tried one and found out the RMR is not something I like (glad I didn’t spend the money getting my slide milled out).

    • SGT Fish

      He is known for being an over the top a-hole.

      • SaltyChemTrooper

        I asked him once on the warriortalk forums what the barrel pedigree was on a specific rifle his store was peddling (“pedigree” as in material/alloy, twist rate, finish, etc.), because the manufacturer’s website info was lacking. His response was to berate me for daring to question him or his “tribe” and that anything he’s selling is way tougher than I’d ever need because I was a keyboard commando or something like that.

        As a veteran and an industry consultant, I just chuckled to myself, never went back and have blacklisted all Suarez products from our recommended list.

        A legitimate question begets autistic screeching. He can go pound sand up his ass with a hammer.

    • Phillip Cooper

      What are the similar options that don’t require milling?

      • Nicholas C

        Buy an MOS?

        • Phillip Cooper

          Clearly I’m referring to a weapon I already own.

          Great journalistic insight. I’m not surprised.

          • Ty

            Raven Concealment makes a mount called the Balor. It’s extremly nice and they have an RMR model and a Aimpoint Micro model

      • JP

        Strike Industries makes 2, a universal MRDS mount and a 1913 rail that locks in similarly to the suarez

    • Gun Fu Guru

      I guess he added to his vocabulary during his stint in prison.

  • SGT Fish

    This makes me want to try a red dot. I’d hate to send Gabe Suarez money but if he ships a good product, it may be worth it

    • William Elliott

      for everyone elses issues, I have never had a negative dealing with him or his staff. YMMV?

  • Phillip Cooper

    Neat product, but I just want to deal with that asshat.

  • Gabe seems to always copy someone’s design. nothing original. Remember when his triggers made glocks unsafe if dropped. His excuse was he doesn’t drop his gun so why test it.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Did he get a job with Sig?

  • Rob

    Anything Suarez = NO

  • Shankbone

    Is it safe to assume that the mount is compatible with the Glock 10mm models?

    • William Elliott

      Should be…Going to find out next paycheck myself. I have a Lone Wolf G20 slide and a new RMR that needs a home…

  • SD

    Gabe Suarez can FOAD.

  • Sam

    They are infringe Strike Industries’ pending patent. War will come.

  • Joseph Castelli

    Ok, the concept ehh.. The backup sights with rear and front so close you loose your sight radius and accuracy. If you don’t use their front sight post, your slide front sight will be to low unless you replace the front with a suppressor sight.