MidwayUSA’s New (Not-So) “Discreet Tactical Rifle Case Nose Art”

There are times where we gun scribes and bloggers just have to stop and scratch our heads. I swear is not because they itch, but because a company can call something one thing when it is really something else. Perhaps the name and purpose may just be polar opposites, but perhaps the antithesis of what they were going for.

Fortuanately, this is relatively rare, but MidwayUSA hs me scratching my head on their latest product, dubbed the AR-Stoner Heavy Duty Discreet Tactical Rifle Case Nose Art.

I’d go into detail on how this WWII inspired design is nuts, they do it for me:  “The AR-Stoner Heavy Duty Discreet Tactical Rifle Case is inconspicuous yet eye catching.” I will repeat it again, “… inconspicuous yet eye catching”. 
That right there is a copy writing fail.

Then, I must also take issue with the “Heavy Duty” part of the name. Very few bags that lack hard-sided support can be named “heavy duty” and with MidwayUSA not touting the various high-end brands and even the denier of the nylon, it strikes me as a cheap bag with poor naming. One can get only so “Heavy Duty” for $39.99

Still, its a cool case, so I’ll give MidwayUSA a pass… Lengths available include four options ranging from 22 to 42 inches. Retail runs from $32.99 to $39.99. 


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  • Johnsmyname

    Does it come with a free Ed Hardy t-shirt?

  • UWOTM8
    • Anonymoose

      Only if it comes in M2-size.

  • tony

    A large size tool box is most discreet
    Golf club bags would do too.

  • Edeco

    I’m no expert but I don’t ever recall seeing piston aircraft exhaustspaired that way. Or that kind of eyebrow on the shark face.

    • Johnsmyname

      Was your pinky raised above the keyboard while you typed that?

    • Russell

      You must never have heard of the flying tigers from the fighting in China during WWII.

  • Sid

    400D PVC Coated Polyester . It is on the specifications tab.
    And I so want two of these.

  • PersonCommenting

    Not a bad price either. Wish there was an exterior pocket option. Most companies charge 70 or over because it is a gun accessory and we like getting ripped off.

  • Gary Kirk

    Could they make it for a GAU-8?? Oh wait, that already has a heavy duty case.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a7f611750c100a23e112ae5f024abb065f56583512ebf31c3f29e941a4103d8e.jpg

  • SPQR9


  • A Right Pretty Bra Washer

    Upon first glance, I thought the case featured the likeness of classic Super Mario Brothers antagonist Bullet Bill where the carrying handles were modeled after his thin white arms. Needless to say I am thoroughly disappointed. I’m pleased that TFB didn’t give this the BREAKING header (good job guys!).

  • wetcorps


  • Gary Kirk
  • Andy Hills

    I don’t know if I love this or hate this….. Kinda want one…