G2 Research Announces Upcoming 12-Ga Slug & Calls Out Cheap Customers

G2 Research, known for its morbidly named R.I.P. rounds (Radically Invasive Projectile) has been working steadily to expand its stable of machined projectiles. Launched to 9mm, the company expanded to rifle rounds and is now going full-circle on its first offering for the shotgun, which so far has no clever naming.

Dubbed the “Extreme Performance Self-Defense 12 Gauge Round,” the upcoming offering is an all brass 303-grain CNC-machined slug, “…designed for incredible performance against soft targets”. It certainly may have that, with 12 gauge’s .725″ bore diameter being a full 1/4″ larger than the venerable .50 caliber.

Similar to its R.I.P. offering for the 9mm, the round features six “trocars” which when released into a soft target purport to have “…incredible and instant devastation.” Where the 9mm trocars might be a bit skinny, the larger 12 gauge ones may have a bit more punch.

The round is being marketed as solely a self-defense round. Penetration is stated as 14-19 inches presumably through ballistics gelatin. Recoil is “greatly reduced” due to the light-for-caliber 303 grain slug.

IMPORTANT NOTES: This round is designed for self-defense only and has a true effective performance expansion range of 10 yards. Several reasons for this: Much beyond that range the slug will begin to yaw which can affect correct strike angle for it to open as designed. Beyond the design distance of 10 yards it will still do massive damage however.

Second, it is not designed to be used for hunting, sporting or barrier penetration–it is designed for self-defense. Self-defense means just that and it is difficult to convince a jury that self-defense much past 30 feet really is self-defense.

Will it penetrate hard objects such as doors, walls, etc.? Of course but it may not expand as designed and, shooting through doors and walls presents a difficult legal case of self-defense in court.

This round must NOT be fired in guns with rifling, compensators, chokes or modified barrel cylinders, etc. The only type of barrel safely used is a modern smooth bore riot type shotgun barrel.

I do, however, take umbrage at the comment in G2 Research’s press release. G2 States:

The $49.99 price for five-rounds is painful but this is not intended for shooting at tin cans and cinder blocks. The typical scenario is the average person will go to the range and launch a round or two at a target of some type and load the remainder into their gun for the time should the need arise.

Mike Nickerson, G2 Marketing Director then says, ““This 12 gauge round is very specific in its design and mission; that of a person defending his life and/or that of his family. The real question is how much value we put on put on our own life or that of those we are protecting.” Frankly, calling someone cheap before your product actually has an established testing base by implying all other rounds are inferior due to price reeks of haughtiness.


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  • Jarrad

    Yeah,nope. I stick to tried and true slugs like the Tru-ball and the Brenneke

  • JTW

    If they mean cheap is wise, then count me in because I prefer not to be RIP’d off. I’m taking Federal and Hornady out to dinner, call me.

    • Vitsaus

      Cheap isn’t always wise, just look at how often Kabooms are caused by cheap reloads (guys thinking they are wise for buying the cheapest rounds possible), look at how many cheap optics fail, the reputation of cheap gun companies etc… I’ve always considered the RIP ammo to be nothing more than an experiment in marketing, but none the less, cheap stuff causes far more ruined guns and headaches than overhyped gimmicks do in general.

      • Old Tofu

        are you this confused as to the topic or just trolling?

      • JTW

        Last I checked Federal and Hornady do not make reloads and just fine for home defense even if it is ball ammo. Plenty of folks plink with affordable 00 buck and HP ammo, “some type” does not always mean reloads.

        “…guys thinking they are wise for buying the cheapest rounds possible” in what context? The average joe can buy a box of carry ammo and practice ammo for a range session at what these guys are charging.

      • JTW

        In fact, I’d afraid of the old man with an average pistol and box of WWB shot every week that happens to be his carry ammo than the hot shot exec shooting his RIP ammo once a year our of his Benelli. This marketing is smug, pissing on the average shooter. I would fire marketing.

        • Hem90

          Left wing word play when talking about something the left wing isn’t interested in at all. Jeeeeez. Show us on the doll where the Democrats touched you…

          • JTW

            When did you lose your sense of humor? I hope you find it soon surfing a blog that is predominately right winged.

          • Swarf

            You’re thinking of TTAG.

          • MeaCulpa

            TTAG, if you have a dire need for alt right and people with gun gurus.

          • Paul Rain

            TTAG is full of libertarian pansies. Not really seeing your point there.

          • Porty1119

            Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

          • Swarf

            I notice they aren’t covering the domestic terrorism perpetrated by their buddies in Charlottesville.

            “Should have been a DGU” indeed.

      • Sasquatch
      • Paul Prochko

        Often, so called cheap reloads has nothing to do with reality. Competitive shooters (of which I count myself for many years) load for performance and accuracy….period. There are those that reload to save money but that doesn’t make them cheap as it may just allow much more shooting for the dollar…that’s smart. If the ammunition produced is tuned to the firearm, it’s a win win…

        • Jared A. Faber

          I think he’s referring to factory reloads from no-name companies.

          • Paul Prochko

            I would agree with that Jared…… I don’t buy from the type of company you mention….at all. We still have problems once in awhile with new ammunition from reputable makers and the lesser firms just increase the odds of problems.

      • Flounder

        there is cheap and then there is garbage. You are only describing the second.

        Being frugal is what we are talking about. Or being even slightly not crack pipe smoking crazy on their price! 10$ a SHOT! Screw them. you could buy 100 of those, or you could buy a lathe and reloading set up and make whatever bullets and loads you wanted.

      • Alex A.

        kabooms in reloading are often caused by a misjudged calculation And not because of “cheap” components.
        I reload because it’s fun and I like the science behind making a projectile. saving $ is just a perk. Thankfully I can afford quality gear now, when I was younger I couldn’t and if it wasn’t for the Cheap stuff, me and probably thousands of other people wouldn’t be able to enjoy this hobby either.
        Just because something is cheap price wise doesn’t mean it can’t be used, or a quality product. Sheesh.

      • Rom83703

        I’ve never seen a store carrying name-brand ammo sell such lower cost items as “reloads”. Also, my reloads are NOT cheap, they’re less expensive, but very quality. There’s junk and there’s cheap/less costly. I do buy cheap ammo when I find it, but it’s not reloads.

      • Vanns40

        “……causes far more ruined guns….”, and that number is still infinitesimal.

  • Heartbreaker

    I can buy 40 rounds of premium Hornady magnum 00 buck for that price. No matter what kind of Liberal math you use, damage output of 40 rounds vs 5 rounds (magic exploding homing slugs or not) is no contest whatsoever

    • Old Tofu

      wow , you’re really going to try and squeeze politics into rating shotgun ammo? says more about you than those you’re trying to belittle.

      • MeaCulpa

        Or he meant “liberal” and not “Liberal”, liberal like loose, unconstrained or maybe generous, basically saying that no matter what freewheeling math you use you can kill more with 40 rounds of 00 than five rounds of Über slug made of unicorn farts; not everything must be political.

        • iksnilol

          Wouldn’t have capitalized it then.

        • Old Tofu

          actually since he has no profile you can click on it’s probably an auto bot picking up on algorithms

      • It’s probably a reference to Common Core math.

  • Tyler McCommon

    G2 sure has been a successful gimmick.

    • JTW

      Good thing my guns hate boutique ammo.

      • Tyler McCommon

        I’ll never buy their stuff. Spending that much money on a HP that’s not even that effective.

  • Cyborg Fred

    It’s hard to validate a reason for this to exist. Besides as a money extraction tool for the company to use on neck beards and the ballistically uninformed. For $50 I want them to explode 🙂

  • Josh Creel

    Do I really need a $10/round 12 gauge slug? It seems a solution in search of a problem. The competition at 1/10th of the price seems to deliver pretty much the same terminal results against a soft target…and I can still use them for hunting.

  • RogUinta

    I don’t understand the motivation behind this product. Doesn’t 00 buckshot accomplish the same thing?

    • BeGe1

      Not really. Buckshot spreads before impact, not after.

      However, it is pretty much exactly like a “cut shell”, which you can do with you can do with a pocket knife and 30 seconds of your time.

      • RogUinta

        I’m skeptical of your conclusion.

        Buckshot doesn’t spread very much at all inside of self-defense distances. Once it hits the target it may, however. I’ve yet to see a comparison of this “slug” to any other shotgun shell’s gel performance.

        As for the “cut shell” comparison, I’ve yet to see a credible gel test for that as well.

        • BeGe1

          You seem to be attaching a lot to my conclusion that I didn’t say. It had nothing to do with gel tests (we haven’t got a lot of credible independent gel tests for these rounds either…so I have no idea where that entered the conversation).

          The conclusion is simply that the concept of these is far more closely related to a cut shell (1 projectile that enters and then becomes multiple) than to buckshot (multiple projectiles that will have a different spread at different distances).

      • Jonathan Page

        My 18.5″ Mossberg with cheap Wal-Mart buckshot spreads not enough to matter at 10 yds. I get 8 separate projectiles but for about $.75 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5d5d5824ec8907dfd909d4fbcad646ab1746e85fc1e01d1753a71d37939f27b7.jpg

        • I get a *consistent* 10″ at 10 yards pattern, whether it’s El-Cheapo S&B #4 buckshot or WalMart “Party Pack” birdshot. And, I can afford to actually shoot it.

      • Paul Prochko

        And then there’s the Federal FliteControl ammunition (buckshot) that in my shotguns, doesn’t even begin to leave the wad till well past ten yards … but I don’t recall any gel tests of FliteControl buckshot at ranges where the buckshot has not dispersed…meaning, I don’t know if it acts as a slug or more like a saboted slug dumping buckshot from the wad or sabot (if you will) when striking the intended close target (gel or whatever) or just penetrating like a slug at ranges where pellets haven’t yet left the sabot. In any case, the Federal FliteControl has been very accurate in a number of my shotguns and if it wasn’t …I wouldn’t use it as you still need accurate placement for those closer shots (like ten yards etc) and especially for those longer shot where you have a expectation of predictable pattern size and distance.

        • Jumper

          Federal Flight control is my “Boutique” ammo. It lives up to it’s modest hype, minimal expansion with no loss of performance. That round is a no BS better buckshot round.

          For just farting around at the range, cheaper is better, but as it sits in my Short barrel 870 and my Mossy 500, Federal Flight Control all day long. I just wish I could find the #1 buck easier.

          I was thinking the only way it might get better is for the buckshot to be tethered like a bolo round that immediately spreads to maybe a 5 inch group out of the barrel and stays there until impact, but the tech just isn’t there yet.

        • Sianmink

          Flite Control is great stuff. Top notch. Just wish it was easier to find in #1 Buck.

        • Swarf

          Honest question: if it stays in the cup that long, why not just use a slug?

          • Paul Prochko

            As I mentioned, I haven’t tested the Flite Control buckshot rounds at close (say ten yards) range in 4 layer denim and ballistic gel…it may perform like a slug, or it may disperse pellets on impact. If the Flite Control acts like a slug at the closer ranges, then it does beg that question…. I just don’t have the answer as to how it acts on close shots. If it does disperse pellets on impact at close ranges…it might be preferable to a slug for closer range use as well as extended range buckshot applications. I just don’t nor have I seen that tested such that I can say.

    • Flounder

      It spreads before, and not in response to encountering a person. But yes, buckshot is producing similar wounds with similar accuracy (past 10 yards of course [rolls eyes]).

      Although… that is .75 cent 2.75″ 9 pellet OO buckshot.

      The 1.00$ 3″ 15 pellet OO buckshot kicks the crap out of this RIP ammo in literally everyway. Except, it has more recoil… Cause you are launching way more lead downrange, at a faster velocity.

      The only motivation is money.

      • Jimbob

        00 buck, kills on one end wounds on the other! If it’s 3 1/2″ 00 buck that’s especially true lol.

        At 10 yards, every single buckshot pellet is in the torso of a person(10 in spread), so basically you just got shot 15 times with a .9mm and every vital organ was hit. If that’s not sufficient to stop a bad guy, you should run.

  • Old Tofu

    all being said , I am looking forward to some good youtube videos testing this in gel and all sorts of mediums . . . at someone else’s expense 🙂

    • Giolli Joker

      Check Taofledermaus channel.

  • Kelly Jackson

    So they’re the LaVar Ball of ammo sales

  • Giolli Joker

    Taofledermaus already tested them.

  • Nolan

    Did… Did they seriously just suggest firing 2 of the 5 rounds, then saving the last 3 in case of emergency? 2 rounds is NOT enough to know how a round will pattern, ESPECIALLY with a smooth bore.

    • JT303

      Well, given that a group consists of three or more rounds, G2 research obviously attended the Joe Biden school of home defence.

    • BeGe1

      I assume you mean group, not pattern. These are slugs, after all.

      But yeah. Even if these do turn out to be the worlds best terminal effect rounds ever (I doubt it, but for the sake of argument) I still would rather have something that I can afford to practice with on occasion and be familiar with.

      That said, G2 seems to be specializing in catering to the most uninformed gun owners (that’s definitely what they do with their super-underperforming and over-hyped handgun ammo). Which, to be honest, shooting it twice and saving three actually sounds like a common thing among such circles.

  • ActionPhysicalMan

    G2 R is a pile of unethical imbeciles. Only other imbeciles bought the RIPs and only imbeciles will by these.

  • Swarf

    If I’m defending myself within 30′ there is no way a 1oz slug isn’t enough for… everything.

    This round is for guys who still get plastered every weekend, but do it on craft beer and top shelf bourbon.

    “I spent more money to achieve the same result, so I’m better that you. QED.”

    All of that aside, a desperate plea to machismo is not a good sign for the future of the company.

    • Jimbob

      My thoughts exactly. Standard 1oz 12 ga slugs are a common BEAR defense round, and at these close to contact ranges they’re proven to stop them. It’s even sufficient for friggin moose! Why does it need any “improvement”, especially when a -not as big as a bear- human is the target? If I want a round that becomes multiple rounds out of my scattergun, I’ll use buckshot.

  • Brian James Lewis

    Their RIP Ammo was a BS gimmick and now they get snarky by calling people cheap. Maybe these shitheads need to take an economics class and learn about the Principle of Rational Self Interest.

  • Macchina

    Who has EVER used a 12ga slug and said “I need something with more [anything]”???

    Also, it’s incredible that they twist the fact that this yaws at 10 yards into an excuse that range beyond 10 yards doesn’t matter… No long for should loose stopping power at 10 yards.

    I remember the first deer I shot with a slug: it went stiff and fell over like a cartoon with it’s legs straight out. Smoke literally was coming out of the 1″ entrance hole. There was no question about that $0.75 slug’s stopping power…

    • Flounder

      Capacity. Everyone who shoots a 12ga slug is like… I wish my shotgun could hold more of those. 😉

      jokes aside, the 10 yard thing is some BS! For 10$ a round I expect at least one of the following, sexual favors, coke, or unequaled performance in their actual purpose.

      And not to be rude… But how does 3″ 15 pellet double ought buckshot not beat the crap out of this in EVERY performance metric?

    • Giolli Joker

      By watching Taofledermaus’ video I understood that these are designed to offer an effective short range, low recoil, reduced penetration, defensive load.
      They are not supposed to push the envelope on slug lethality.
      I suppose though that the same result can be obtained with much cheaper solutions.

      • Bill Funk

        “I suppose though that the same result can be obtained with much cheaper solutions.”
        Yeah, I “suppose so,” too.

        You wouldn’t even need 3″ shells to do it. All it really takes is practice, which even G2 doesn’t seem to recognize, saying that a five-round box is sufficient.

      • Sianmink

        low-recoil 00 is superior in pretty much every way and costs 1/5 as much so, yeah.

        • And it is still the unthinking man’s choice given that #4 buck at 1350-1400 FPS exists, or #1 buck at 1325, either of which outperforms 00buck by basically every measure for HD purposes.

  • Paveway

    Blunderbuss round?

  • Winters Global

    I’m assuming people actually buy G2’s trash since they’re surprisingly still in business.

  • Kivaari

    $10 per shot and only good for 10 yards. Gimmick!

  • MeaCulpa

    Let me paraphrase the great Chris Rock

    You don’t need no gun control, you know what you need? We need some slug control. Men, we need to control the slugs, that’s right. I think all slugs should cost ten dollars… ten dollars per slug… You know why? Cause if a slug cost ten dollars there would be no more innocent bystanders.
    Yeah! Every time somebody get shot we’d say, ‘Damn, he must have done something … Sh!t, he’s got fifty dollars worth of slugs in his a$$.’

  • You’d probably be more successful at stopping a burglary if you just gave the dude the fifty bucks and wished him well.

    • derfelcadarn

      NOT A CHANCE ! Come in my house uninvited, leave in a bag.

    • Mystick

      What, so they’ll be back next week? With friends? No.

    • FLdeepdiver

      Well played sir…well played.

  • codfilet

    I think it is pretty apparent to anyone that frequents this blog that gun owners are some of the cheapest guys out there.

    • BeGe1

      Especially when it comes to ammo. There’s a lot of people out there that will buy $3k AR-15 DMR rifles, spend another $1k accurizing them…and then run nothing but wolf military classic through them 🙂

      • Aaron

        Even worse is buying the $3000.00 DMR, spending the additional $1000.00 accurizing/accessorising it, and never shooting it past 100m. But now we are just quibbling over the wants vs. what fills the most likely role we will call upon the firearm to fill.

  • What does this do that a Hexolit 32 does not for eight times the price?

  • Jeff Heeszel

    We were the only YT channel that G2 sent slugs to test out. They weren’t particularly accurate at 10 yards, but good enough to hit a human sized target. They were yawing before they reached 10 yards. They did fragment in everything we shot them at (fluid targets) and all shells shot normally(unlike the OATH slugs). We compared them to 00 buck, a foster slug, and a wax slug. G2 didn’t make any claims the slugs couldn’t do.

    • CompletelyOutsane

      Maybe these guys play video games where MOST of the shotguns are useless beyond 10 – 30 feet 🙂

    • I saw your video. They did claim that their round is particularly well suited for home defense. I think your video did a good job of showing that it was a particularly poor performer by any metric, and that their round was less predictably effective at any range than moderate recoil buckshot, let alone as compared to optimal buckshot like Hornady’s varmint shell that is 24 pellets of #4 buckshot out of their flite control style wad (VersaTite) at 1350 claimed FPS. (other testers found it was actually more like 1375 which will give you very optimal penetration for #4 buck.)

  • Sasquatch

    For home defence nothing like 00 buck. Also with prices at wally world I can afford to plink at tin can. You would have to be a mall ninja noob to gun to buy this ammunition.

  • Beju

    Gimmick ammo is gimmicky, expensive.

  • RazorHawk

    Self defense outside 30 feet is not self defense? So if someone is shooting at you from 40 feet away, that is not self defense?

    or if a jihadi with a big knife is charging at you from 40 feet away. You wait until they are within 30 feet before you shoot? Again, crazy.

  • Threethreeight
  • .45

    If I am defending myself with one of my shotguns, something has gone very wrong, because all I own are single shots. That being said, this sounds a bit ridiculous unless you live in a house with forty other people in it and are very very concerned with accidentally shooting them by mistake, in which case might I reccomend something more intelligent, like reenforcing your doors and avoid inviting unsavory types over.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    .500 + .250 = .725 on TFB.

    • The Hub of the Wheel

      Evidently their arithmetic skills are on par with that of their general proof reading skills.

  • Nicks87

    Brenneke K.O slugs 2.75in. Perfect for defensive purposes. Cheaper too.

  • DanGoodShot

    The company has confidence in their product. Isn’t that kind of the point when you’re selling something. Is it going to make me go out and buy the stupid thing? no

  • SirGrumpkinMcSnark

    More gimmick ammunition with no scientific basis of effective ballistic performance. P.T. Barnum was right, there’s a sucker born every minute.

    I would sooner give Leheigh my business as their products actually perform as advertised.

  • ToddB

    Yea the problem is us being cheap. Come on $10 a shot and they won’t understand why they do not sell well. if we would all stop being so cheap, and stop thinking buckshot kills people just as dead. See they needed to be dead…..er. This might actually be an example of the wrong ammo to use when it comes to a jury. ‘So buckshot was not good enough, no you needed $10 a shot assassins ammo’.

  • SirGrumpkinMcSnark

    Oh and if you want the best slugs on the market, check out Brenneke. Their stuff is no joke.

  • Dan Goodwin

    Clearly the marketing wonk has never been an armed professional in harm’s way in the USA.

    Ten dollar purposefully designed inaccurate projectiles capable of massive damage past 30 feet each carry about $10 million liability in my career field.

    Jesus wept.

  • Charlie Victor Alpha

    G2 is still in business? Who’s buying their crap?

  • Basically 10 bucks a round… They are up in the night. Screw these guys… That’s just flat out retarded. 1 or 2 rounds to test in their guns and then use the rest for actual live defensive use is PANTS ON THE HEAD RETARDED.
    Also – Prove to me that these are more effective than a standard 12 gauge Fosters or Brenneke type slug.

  • Wild Bill

    Wow, honest advertising from a speciality ammunition manufacturer, refreshing. Especially the 10 yard range limitation.

    Hats off to RIP for sending some of this ammunition to Talfadermous for testing.

  • Edeco

    If it shot straight and were only meant for pumps and break actions I could see just shooting a couple.

    But since it apparently flies weirdly, expecting people to use it without much practice is reckless. And, yanno, if I were going to pay $10/shot I’d probably also have the money for a primo automatic, but wouldn’t just trust one of those to feed boutique ammo after 2 rounds.

  • El Duderino

    For $50/5 they better heat seek the target and contain a small shaped charge.

  • Mufasa

    So for every 20-30 rounds of this ammo you buy, you could have bought another shotgun.

    • Swarf

      “Why are you throwing shotguns at them?”

      “Ran out of G2”

  • Charles Applegate

    Isn’t G-2 mostly known for overpriced ammo that underperforms?

  • TDog

    I can see it now…

    Q: How much is your life worth?

    A: Not much once I bankrupt myself buying two boxes of this overpriced hype.

  • Sean

    Don’t regular 12ga slugs work just fine for defense? By fine I mean, “massive overkill”. And they cost about a buck.

  • Mystick

    For $10 a round, I expect them to go out and find the target themselves. Maybe that’s what the “yawing” is all about.

  • ozzallos .

    Hasn’t haughtiness been G2s thing since day one?

  • Ned Weatherby

    RIP – because all those other 12 gauge loads are just so ineffective…

  • Is it going to be a RIP-off like the 9mm?

  • Edison Frisbee

    I am not operator enough to merit these rounds…….

  • FLdeepdiver

    ugh…lost me at “G2”

  • DropGun25

    Weren’t these having serious ignition issues? Isn’t there a GY6 video of him shooting these and the rounds not leaving the shells or barely making it out of the barrel?

  • CompletelyOutsane

    Thank you for the development, I’m glad it exists. No thanks on buying any at $10 a pop!

  • really.really!really?

    These G2 products are BS. They’re not very accurate and frankly – I don’t want to have that in the back of my mind whispering to me should the need arise.

  • Vanns40

    Just one more way to separate you from your money. A one ounce lead slug, if a shotgun is your weapon of choice, will do nicely.

  • Rick Stroup

    I just picked up a box of 25 12 ga. 00 buck by Sellier & Bellot for 1/4 of the price of 5 of these rounds. New, pretty and way too expensive is never going to compete with tried and true effectiveness that is easy to find. I’d like to see a side by side comparison by one of these You Tube gun gurus.

  • Anton_Zilwicki

    More BS marketing Noise. 00 Buck will do the job quite nicely for .75 a round. And you can TRAIN with it. The RIPoff round doesn’t offer that economy. It offers buckets of hype and a price to match.

  • Capn Stefano

    This is new projectile technology which should interest any real gunner even if it’s not your cup O joe. I have a RIP round in the chambers of my Witness 10MM and G21 and so I’ll ask, which of the butthurt folks here wants to be the test subject? If you don’t like the company, fine, but you’re looking pretty silly to me over a few bucks. These rounds are devastating as a chamber round to open up the ball. Far better than a Magsafe or Glaser IMO. And no, I won’t buy the shotgun rounds either, prefer my handloaded .662 hard cast roundballs that group minute of pieplate at 125 yards and are far more versatile

    • Bronson

      A chamber round??? C’mon!

  • Colonel K

    It’s not designed to be accurate or deep penetrating because it’s strictly intended for close-in defense. Don’t we already have ammunition like that called buckshot?

  • markrb

    Prosecuting Attorney: “So, Mr. Gunowner, why’d you shoot the intruder with a round specifically designed to shred a human being, so devastating, it’s even called RIP? You must have intended to kill him, right?”
    Mr. Gunowner: “But, but…..They said it was ok because the round wouldn’t shoot through doors or wasn’t operational past 30 feet…..”

  • uisconfruzed

    I’ll stick with 3″ #4 buck

  • Bryan Hadley

    Just talk to these guys at SHOT! They called customers cheap back then. They couldn’t understand why their products were not selling more. it’s the cost. People, like myself won’t spend more for ammo that we can’t verify that works! only good for 10 yards! Why are they the ones to judge what’s appropriate shooting an intruder range is? my house has long hall ways, 30 yards is nothing! I believe gaining distance from a threat is a priority… maybe I have been wrong for some time now!

  • laughatnazis

    $10.00 a round is “indefensible” #4 shot will defend my family just fine, thank you.

  • Mike Betts

    Could it be that knowledgeable firearms owners aren’t so much cheap as they’ve seen the test data on the 9 mm rounds, evaluated it versus the cost, and decided the R.I.P. rounds aren’t worth the cost? That doesn’t make us cheap. It makes us not stupid.

  • greyghost1

    Have they actually seen a $4.99 box of Win. super x slugs? How much more damage needs to be done for self defense. I’ll take the 50 rounds over the magic 5