Kershaw’s New Folding Dagger: The Barstow

Kershaw Barstow

KAI USA LTD. announced the release of a new knife under the Kershaw brand. The Barstow is a folding knife that has many of the characteristics of a dagger while still retaining much of the functionality of a modern EDC folder.

The Barstow, also known affectionately as model number 3960, has a 3″ blade made of 8Cr13MoV steel. The blade is a straight spear point design with a single sharpened edge. The sharpened edge is a plain edge without any serrations. The blade has a fuller on each of the flat sides. These knives have a BlackWash coating, which is a non-reflective version of the stone washed look that has become popular with many knife owners.

Kershaw Barstow

Kershaw uses its SpeedSafe assisted opening system with the Barstow, and a liner lock secures the blade in an open position. I own several Kershaw knives, and I’ve found the SpeedSafe system to work well.

The handle is made of glass filled nylon. It is black with an arrow pattern on it. The pocket clip is reversible to either the right or left side and is designed to carry the knife low in the pocket. The knife weighs a total of 3.4 ounces.

Kershaw lists the suggested retail price of this knife at $39.99.

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  • Nice, though anything with less than a 4″ blade looks tiny to me.

  • Auslander Raus

    Liner locks. -the cheapest, crappiest lock they can make.
    So many times I look at knives and they don’t even mention the type of lock. Dead giveaway.
    +1 on the less than 3″

  • evi1joe

    I love Kershaw’s “speedsafe” tech, and the Blur is a great knife EXCEPT for the liner lock. I gave my bro-in-law a Blur, and he about lost a finger to that thing.

  • Joshua

    so what is dagger like about it? that it’s a single edge spearpoint? not all the dagger like to me.

  • #The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    uhh…OK then.

  • Indianasteve

    So, a couple of you are bad mouthing liner locks. I’m not trying to argue but, just trying to learn a little about knives. Is it all liner locks that you don’t like, or specifically the Kershaw ? Do you prefer frame locks ? To me they seem about the same. The other lock I am familiar with I don’t know the name but it has the button or bar on the back you have to push. That one seems like it might be stronger, but also a lot more of a hassle to use.