Ruger SR-22 | The Perfect First Suppressor Host

The Ruger SR-22 is a wonderful choice if you are looking for your kid’s first handgun on paper. It fits just about any criteria that you might have set out for a first semi-auto pistol be it for yourself or your kids. At first glance it might be easy to look over things like the inverted safety that might seem counter intuitive to someone whos has been shooting for some time but once you think about the safety, it is easy to see that it was designed to be an ideal choice for a brand new shooter.

In this episode of TFBTV, Patrick spends some time on the range with the Ruger SR-22. While it might not be at the top of your list when shopping for a .22 pistol, it may be one that you should be considering.

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  • T Edgar


    Call me odd, but it bugs me that your weapon-hand thumb rests on your support-hand thumb when you are shooting. Seems to me that requires some complicated thumb-gymnastics when drawing and firing… Again, call me odd

    • JumpIf NotZero

      There is so much you could critique about how he handles firearms. The mess of fingers at 15 seconds in, how he talks with his hands and the gun in his hands, how he grabs the gun from under the trigger guard and flails it about while talking… it’s nuts. At least he only flagged himself a little bit in this video.

      I’ve tried to encourage him to get some formal training… I’m not sure if he has done that.

    • BeGe1

      That thumb position is actually really nice. Once you learn it you don’t want to go back. The hands really fit together well, and it makes controlling the recoil easier. But it looks weird to those use to traditional grips, yes.

      That said, I’m only defending the position itself, not him. I see what Jumplf is talking about…there’s a lot of bad handling in there. I believe at one point he even punches the back of the slide to get it closed…

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      I thought thats how everyone did it. Whats different about your grip?

      • T Edgar

        Well, the opposite – support-hand over weapon-hand seems faster and more natural. It may even help with hammer bite…

  • Ark

    I learned to shoot pistols with an SR22. I still keep it stuffed in the bottom of the safe in case I ever have an occasion to teach a new shooter. It’s definitely small in the hands for your typical adult male, even with the larger grip. I don’t mind the reversed safety, but the mag safety and floppy dead trigger is annoying as hell. It runs well on cheap ammo, though.

    Sadly I didn’t get the threaded version, and a new barrel runs $130+. At that price I’d probably sell the gun and buy something else as a suppressor host.

  • Test Bacon

    The “SR22” is the P*I*S*T*O*L gents. The “SR-22” is their tactical .22lr R*I*F*L*E.

    • BeGe1

      …well that’s a stupid naming process

  • Lew Siffer

    The safety is intuitive for anyone trained to decock a Sig, and is best used as a decocker and not a safety. Down and right back up. This is not a training pistol, this is an operator’s dream for the close in and quiet stuff. Takes an AAC Element 2 and quietly eats standard ammo and spits lead.

  • SomeGuyWhoCaresWhoIam

    Do a review on the S&W M&P22 Compact (as a fair comparison). Having owned both, I much prefer the Smith. No hammer bite!

  • Gary Kirk

    Umm.. I personally beg to differ.. The “perfect first suppressor host” is this..

    ETA: For those unfamiliar, CZ 455 tacticool.. Or any CZ with threaded barrel..

    • Cymond

      I’m thinking about getting the 455 Scout because it has iron sights, and I like having options.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Get the Lux if you want to use the irons, great feel.

        • Cymond

          The Lux doesn’t have a threaded barrel according to the CZ USA website, which is important considering we’re discussing suppressor hosts.

    • ProudAmerican

      The CZ is second best 🙂 Sako Quad with a full set of threaded Lilja barrels is #1.

  • Brett baker

    Waiting for the 4.5 inch threaded version.

  • mosinman

    can you hit this one with a hammer too?

    • Dougscamo

      Sure! Just don’t know what the results would be…

  • codfilet

    Silencer…Loudener…speed cocker…..

  • Bigbigpoopi

    Nice Walther P22 revirew

  • Drew Coleman

    I had an SR22 pistol, as a suppressor host. The trigger on mine was downright disgusting. I ended up trading it for a 300 blackout upper for my SBR instead, because I never shot the pistol.