Federal Agent Shoots Himself In The Foot At Orlando International Airport


Talk about “shooting yourself in the foot”. According to local Fox News 35 Orlando, a Federal Agent was removing a slung shoulder bag when it caught the grip of his holstered pistol. It removed the pistol and the agent tried to catch it as it fell.


Well this agent never learned that or trained himself to override that natural instinct. He managed to catch his service pistol but pulled the trigger and sent a round that hit his heel.

Spot of carpet that was ripped up from the shot.

The Federal Agent is reported to be an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officer on vacation. Are they still allowed to carry their service pistols in an airport? Looking at the photo, the agent is rather large. Aren’t there fitness standards to be in ICE or is that part of the subterfuge and allows him to blend in better?

Nicholas C

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  • datimes

    That subterfuge is called ‘deep under blubber’.


    I always wonder about agency fitness standards when I see an incredibly out of shape LEO, regardless of agency.

    • TVOrZ6dw

      I don’t see this guy climbing over a wall and a fence then running 500 yards.
      But I suppose age & wisdom can make up for youth and fitness.

      • BattleshipGrey

        He really won’t be doing those things now.

      • PK

        I don’t see him standing up for any extended period of time. Running and climbing is right out.

      • RavishedBoy

        Age comes for free, wisdom… I don’t think he has plenty of it.

    • TechnoTriticale

      Everyone who follows government advice on what to eat can expect to carry more weight than they would like (plus get T2D, heart disease, all sorts of intestinal ailments, and be at high risk for cancer and Alzheimer’s).

      Government workers probably don’t question the metabolic dogma they are fed, and they need to (as does everyone).

      • Phillip Cooper

        SO true. I’ve just discovered this in the last year or so. I would love to shove a foot up McGovern’s and Dr Ansel Keys’ collective posteriors.

        • Rick de Castro

          McGovern is proof that Congress should pass no laws…

      • PK

        Nutritional guidelines were seemingly put in place for the health and well-being of agriculture, not people.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Well that, and to allow the funding of the welfare state food programs.

          It’s MUCH easier to feed the slackers when you feed them cheap grain, carbohydrates, and sugar.

          • Major Tom

            Don’t forget the school lunch programs. I’ve never seen a more bland and garbage worthy (in both senses of the term) menu than what is allowed there.

          • Phillip Cooper


            And with full disclosure, I have to admit that I’m newly T2D, and am going LCHF and am amazed at the difference in how I fell and how my numbers wind up. It’s counterintuitive, if you’ve been fed the Food Guide Pyramid since youth.
            But good lord is it hard to give up bread… and grits! I’m Southern, I *WILL* have grits now and again. It’s a law or something.

          • iksnilol

            Something something, you wouldn’t a done gotten T2D if you lived healthy sumthin’, sumthin’.

          • Major Tom

            Sometimes health stuff is random. Like the guy who smokes like a train and eats a diet of greasy cheeseburgers and lives to be 90 without problems or the guy who eats healthy, exercises daily, and yet drops dead from a heart attack when he’s 40.

            Explain that!

          • iksnilol

            Inferior genetics.

          • Dougscamo

            The only way I can lose weight….but I WILL have BEER….now and again…

          • Rick de Castro

            Yes. It makes them stupid, lazy and slow

      • Sticky-eye Rivers

        Iiiiiiiiim sorry, but isn’t government recommended daily intake 2,5-2,8k calories? Do some of us have better governments than others?

    • PK

      An awful lot of agencies, both local and Federal, have fitness requirements only at the time of hiring. The longer a particular employee has been in a given job, the more likely they are to be twice the man they were when hired.

      • Major Tom

        Sometimes three times the man.

      • iksnilol

        Natural body armor, bruh.

        • Dougscamo

          True, google Trooper Coates shooting….unfortunately worked for the bad guy…

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, 5 shots of .357 HP… Ain’t a lack of stopping power or penetration in that sun’uva’gun.

          • Dougscamo

            I know what you are saying…wink, wink…but it was shocking enough to make the wheel gun community to reexamine their ammo choices…ironic now that OVER penetration is such a big issue with everyone….

          • iksnilol

            What conclusion did they come to? Lightweight tungsten bullets?

            I don’t think a lack of penetration was a problem with that guy. I mean, the rounds did hit him and did go through, it’s just that they were deflected… Hate to say it, but in this scenario a lupara would’a been ideal. Loaded with some heavy magnum buckshot of course.

          • Dougscamo

            I’m not sure buckshot would have made it through his fat ass….or anywhere else for that matter…

          • iksnilol

            I saw the interview with the murderer. Problem was deflection as far as I understood (one bullet hit the arm and exited the buttocks or something, so no lack of penetration). Another bullet went between the kidney and spine as well.

            So he did get shot up good, but the bullets didn’t hit the stuff that was needed as far as I understand. Guy was lucky. Get’s a lucky shot in the armpit right into the heart with a .22 whilst the officer shot him center mass, point blank 5 times with a 357 magnum and still didn’t get a kill.

          • Dougscamo

            Okay, admittedly I never could watch the interview….fatass sob…..
            Watched a video the other day on Active Self Protection that showed a cop trying to use a radio while shooting at a subject with a pistol a that was shooting at him and 2 other cops….fortunately another cop put the bad guy down, but it brought Coates to mind…

          • iksnilol

            I can see why you couldn’t watch it.

            He’s really nonchalant about it. “oh, he shot me here and there and this bullet went through there”… kinda like what’d you expect from a British person after a car accident.

        • PK

          Sit between two fatties in an unarmored vehicle, if possible… field expedient up-armor!

          • iksnilol

            That was done in a Norwegian movie… kinda.

            Protagonist gets arrested and he’s stuck between two very large police officers in the back of the car, the car gets rammed off a cliff and he makes it because they cushioned his fall.

          • nicholsda

            ROFL! Local PD has a couple that can only run down a perp, in a car.

    • coyotehunter

      guy looks like a human cloud….

    • int19h

      You don’t need to be particularly fit to yell “papers please” at people.

    • ToddB

      They should have a limit on how big uniforms go. You get over 40in waist, thats it, your done. I see cops that struggle to get in and out of a car, its not the gear its the gut. And why many seem to shoot first, they couldn’t run someone down if they tried. And then the body armor, I have not seen XXL plates. I feel woefully unprotected behind a plate and get to the gym. Some of those cops you wonder whats the point of even wearing armor.

  • Giolli Joker

    “Aren’t there fitness standards to be in ICE or is that part of the subterfuge and allows him to blend in better?

    Arctic fauna teaches us that a good layer of fat is useful in the ice.

    • PK

      Yes, the icy wilds of… Florida? Well, thinking about it, insulation works in either direction of heat flow, so I suppose it’s sort of a cap. He won’t be getting over body temperature.

      • Rick de Castro

        He will if he has to walk more than 5 steps to the fridge or can….

        • PK

          He doesn’t look like the walking type. Probably has something rigged up to bring food his way.

          • nicholsda

            He started out as the kid who calls his grandmother for a can of Grape soda.

      • MeaCulpa

        They do like to blast the AC in Florida, maybe he’s just evolving at abnormal speed?

      • nicholsda

        Sorry, that does not work down here. Much easier to keep cool if thinner. Currently 90.1° and a heat index of 102°. That is fat melting temps and will find its way into him.

  • Kefefs

    “Looking at the photo, the agent is rather large. Aren’t there fitness standards to be in ICE or is that part of the subterfuge and allows him to blend in better?”

    You don’t think a fat guy blends in in Florida…?

    • Jim Slade

      Nope. No face tattoo. He does get points for the t-shirt with something-something “proud” at the bottom, though.

      • Black Dots


    • Anonymoose

      That vest sticks. You should only wear fishing vests if you’re out fishing, and photography vests if you’re out taking photos. If I were looking at him I’d expect him to have a gun, and also expect him to be overconfident in his “skills.”

    • Rick de Castro

      No wonder he shot his foot – he couldn’t see it…

  • Edison Frisbee

    TFB: The Fatty Blog

  • Edeco

    T-shirt with the word “proud”, snrk

    I mostly operate with current and former mfg and STEM people so we know to just let stuff drop. Opposite of that scene in Ronin.

    • Phillip Cooper

      What does Science, Technology, Engineering and Math have to do with a scene in Ronin??

      • Nicholas C

        LOL Thank you. I thought it was just me who does not understand the STEM reference outside of kids.

      • RocketScientist

        If you’ve worked/studied in a manufacturing or STEM environment, there is a good chance you’ve had lab etiquette or similar training where the dangers of reflexively grabbing for a dropped item are usually driven home. Example, my instincts were honed when as a young man I worked as a nuclear pharmacy technician. Trying to catch a syringe filled with radioactive I-131 is a BAD idea. As a result, now when i drop objects, my reflex is instead to leap back and get my hands/feet as far out of the way as possible. This is contrasted with the scene in Ronin where Robert DeNiro’s character “accidentally” nudges a coffee cup off a table and another character “ninja-hands” snatches it out of the air without spilling a drop.

        • Mike

          Agree, I grew up working with my father who is a carpenter. I learned from a very young age that if you drop a saw or something else that can remove a digit you just let it fall and get out of the way.

          • Widgt

            A falling knife (or any other sharp or otherwise dangerous implement) has no handle.

        • Phillip Cooper

          K, makes sense now… and now I have to see Ronin again….

        • Edeco

          Yep, this exactly 🙂

    • Dougscamo

      Unless you are Nicholas Cage in “The Rock”….

  • Black Dots

    Is that dude seriously wearing a Shoot Me First Vest and a shirt with the flag on it? In addition to being a federal agent, is he also every meme on Instagram?

    • PK

      Stereotypes come from repeated observations.

      • car54

        You know there are all kinds of “federal agents”. There are something like 200 agencies with about 120,000 agents with law enforcement authority. Not all of them have the same standards and not all of them are high speed low drag kind of agents. Many are desk bound and many have compliance/paper shuffling duties.

        • MeaCulpa

          Yeah, BUT being issued a firearm sort of implies being expected to be able to use it away from a chair. Well, he might have been issued a mobility scooter as well, in that case I retract my statement and welcome our budget RoboCop overlords.

      • Kurt Akemann

        If this guy wasn’t on vacation, this one would be a classic “Florida Man” piece.

    • Anonymoose

      No, it’s an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt. Fishing and photography vests are always a bad idea unless you’re out fishing or taking pictures. Plus it’s really too hot to be wearing doubled-up casual shirts, so he’s failing at this whole “cover garment” thing. I got away with it in Ohio the past couple days, but no way a fat guy would want that much clothing anywhere in the South.

      • Black Dots

        Dude, I think it’s a t-shirt, under a Hawaiian shirt, under a vest. He might as well have jammed a sock in his holster and covered his hands in vaseline.

  • Jim Slade
    • Phillip Cooper

      Please, just no. Never show that again.

      • Widgt

        What?! I could what that meme for hours.

      • Kurt Ingalls

        ROFLMAO!!!!!! 🙂

  • Dougscamo

    “BREAKING: Immigration & Customs Enforcement Adopts the SIG P320 Modular Handgun”.
    “Posted February 22, 2017″….
    Runs….takes cover….
    Edit: Or was he carrying his personally owned 1911?….
    Books tickets to 6 month cruise of Borneo….

  • Bucky Barkingham

    I thought that before an LEO could carry a firearm on a commercial flight they had to have the pilot’s permission. Was that the case here (before the ND)?

    • Nicholas C

      Im not sure but Federal agents can carry on planes.

      • Oregon213

        I thought that LE needed to get the “flying while armed” paperwork done, which usually is looking for some link between the officer’s job duties and flying on airplanes.

        ICE does some deportations on commercial flights.

        • jonjon7465

          Feds can fly on personal travel. I’m not sure how it works for local LE. I fly armed no matter what. I feel its stupid not to do so if you are allowed.

    • jonjon7465

      Technically the pilot has the last say because its his plane, but I’ve never heard of a pilot saying no.

      • flyingburgers

        The pilot can refuse, but then the government then has rules that can prohibit the flight from leaving (e.g. Air Marshals)

    • Skyking60

      LEOs do have to have the pilot’s permission and it is rare for a pilot to say no. Rare, but it has and will happen. Post 911 denial has become more rare and the advance screening and documentation of LEOs (them, not their stuff) more thorough. There are no government regulations that say the flight cannot be operated if the pilot says no, the pilot is the final word, but he better have a good reason or he will be doing a rug dance in front of his boss. Following 911 the “flying armed” paperwork required of non-feds (never required of feds of any flavor) included the necessity of a letter from a supervisor. That supervisor letter just had to state the LEO had to have their gun, NOT why. I could give lots of examples why they might need their gun, but just one is that having put people in jail that would love to get a hold of them without their firearm was one justification. That letter requirement was obviated by a subsequent “reservation” system that was put into place. Nothing I have provided should be construed in any way to justify the poor physical fitness of the specimen above, his dress or his firearm mishap.

  • Pete Sheppard

    ‘Only trained law enforcement personnel should have guns…’

    • MeaCulpa

      He probably owns a pair of trainers (never used for training) does that count?

    • Black Dots

      Yeah, the gap between how much firearms training people think cops get and how much they actually get is about as big as the Grand Canyon.

      • nicholsda

        And in many cases, the non cop trains/shoots/has more training than the cop pictured.

  • John A. Smith

    That dude is a disgrace on many levels.

  • BeGe1

    Retention holster on duty?

    Not catching a falling gun?

    Neither of those lessons took, apparently.

  • PeeDee

    Yes they can carry. I went to Las Vegas with a county sheriff and he carried his loaded Glock 17 on the airplane. The pilot was aware he was on board with his duty weapon. He also skipped the normal security screening while I had to go through and have my body and bags scanned.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Seems a little ironic he works for an organization that wants to rid the country of the very same people that make his beloved tacos and chalupas.

    • Major Tom

      High school kids?

  • Glenn Bellamy

    Fat or not, others in the area were lucky that it was pointed toward his foot when he pulled the trigger. It easily could have been pointed toward someone else and have cause more severe injury.

  • Anonymoose

    Was dis a Glawk Foty?

  • Old Tofu

    at least he was wearing his eight bulletproof vests

  • SP mclaughlin

    DJ Khaled works for the government now?

  • Some Rabbit

    Glock-foot. This wouldn’t have happened with a DA/SA decocking pistol or a gun with an external safety mounted anywhere but on the trigger.

    • Daniel Hancock

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • Old Tofu

    old dudes were pretty on point

  • rennsport4.4TV8

    Jeez. That dude doesn’t look like he could run more than a mile, and that is generous.

  • jonp

    That tub of lard was on his way to a day camp to lose about 100lbs as a condition of employment wasn’t he??? How the heck did he pass any physicals and fitness tests?

  • Mr. Katt

    Stupid is as stupid does – regardless what it says on the badge.

  • Was he wearing those fuzzy puppy looking slippers? He could have feared for his life and shot them/his foot.

  • RicoSuave

    This guy and that DEA agent teaching the firearms class who shot himself in the foot must have trained together.

  • Pandaz3

    ” Are they still allowed to carry their service pistols in an airport?” And why not? LEO is LEO, I have no problem with it

    Looking at the photo, the agent is rather large. Aren’t there fitness standards to be in ICE or is that part of the subterfuge and allows him to blend in better? ” Very professional journalism on the reporters part always nice to see a good smear on someone. Very professional…..A real Pro…Ummm doggies that Nicholas C….True Professional Pile it on

  • M1911

    I’m the only one in this terminal pofessional enuf…

  • coyotehunter

    I believe that’s one of the reasons they put “SAFETY’S” on weapons…Do these same people load up an AR or AK or their shotgun or deer rifle and walk around with safety off???

  • DanGoodShot

    Maybe he was carrying a Sig P320 that’s why he tried to catch it before it hit the ground and sent a round into the air. 😉

  • Jeff S

    He’s an ICE ERO officer… Odds are he just drives the deportation bus, or picks up felons on retainers. No need to be fit when you’re not on the fugitive recovery team kicking down doors.

  • #The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    Q – “Are they still allowed to carry their service pistols in an airport?”
    A – Yes, as a matter of “Professional Courtesy.”
    Q – ” Aren’t there fitness standards to be in ICE?”
    A – Not really. ICE is trying to get away from that “wiry, in shape, Air Marshal” look to better blend in.

    All of the above is posted semi-tongue in cheek.

  • Max Müller

    This guy looks like he is not only working for ICE but also eating a lot of it…

  • Daniel Hancock

    Was this a Glock incident?

    • Dougscamo

      Unsure….though ICE adopted Sig P320 in February….

  • Mark4931

    As soon as his foot heals.

  • nicholsda

    When he gets finished kicking his own for being one.

  • Ernul

    The majority of LEOs love to show-off their hardware to the public especially those that are fat with low self esteem. (too many)

  • Diver6106

    … another reason I like a levered safety on my pistols.