Weak Stock? Beef Your Rifle Up With The Magpul UBR Gen 2 🏋🏻

It isn’t a secret that the standard collapsible stock on an AR-15 can be a bit on the weak side thanks to the pin that holds the stock in place. If you have ever had to mortar your rifle to clear a malfunction and forgot to collapse the stock you know what can happen. The new Magpul UBR Gen 2 is stronger and lighter than the previous version and gives your rifle the ability to withstand just about any punishment you put the stock through.

Many thanks to Brownells for sponsoring our Modification Minute videos. The parts and tools we used are:

Magpul UBR Gen 2 Collapsible Stock – $189.95

Vltor Weapon Systems AR-15/M16 A5 Spring Kit – $56.95

Magpul AR-15/M16 Armorers Wrench – $75.95

Geissele Automatics AR-15/M4 Reaction Block – $99.00

Magpul BEV Block – $47.45

Brownells 1″ Nylon and Brass Hammer – $19.99

Starrett 1/4″ Pin Punch – $6.49



  • John

    Will never buy the UBR or the PRS. A good stock shouldnt have to cost that much

    • Alexander Nguyen

      Literally right now I am researching AICS stocks for a .338 gun. Haha I wish it were $180 like a UBR

      • PK

        There are a lot of really fantastic options for whichever stock style you like best, at least!

      • Palmier

        And yet it will still shoot the same as if it was duct taped to a 2×4…so what your really paying for is looks.

    • Ragged Hole

      Your logic is infallible. Quality, well built products should never cost a lot…

    • PK

      That’s a silly way to think. Quality products that don’t have massive competition from fairly equal quality products tend to be priced where the manufacturer makes money and still has the ability to produce consistent quality in the future.

      Why would good parts be cheap?

  • EdgyTrumpet

    Stock+buffer: $246.90
    Tools used: $248.88

    • Ragged Hole

      Lol so true BUT they already own those tools and use them in other videos and explain that frequently to us penny pinchers,so they get a pass.

    • And you really don’t need the A5 buffer.

  • PK

    If I’m going to swap a stock out, I’m not going to spend $495.78 unless the stock is most of the value, but I already have the tools and use them in a business context.

    I understand the importance of using proper tools of course, but having the full price list at the end of these Brownells segments might be more productive if you showcased only the parts installed, and still list the other items used and perhaps some alternative products of similar utility? Or perhaps have a “parts installed:” and “tools used:” separation.

    Not everyone has a machine shop full of tools, jigs, and specialized wrenches. I wish everyone did, but not everyone does. If someone came to me wanting to swap a stock out, I’d let them at least use the common, inexpensive, or perfectly durable tools like the jigs and wrenches.

    • derpmaster

      For $500 it better be made of sintered titanium. This is absurdity.

      • PK

        Well, some stocks are well more than $500, and worth every penny. It really just depends on whether you’re paying for quality or a name/look.

        In this case, greater than half the cost is tools.

        • iksnilol

          yet you wind up being the most expensive tool.

          pure poetry.

          • PK

            Right? I’m a tool!

            Hey, wait…

          • Flounder

            I love this comment so much. I feel it accurately sums up these brownells modification minutes.

        • Ragged Hole


      • Ragged Hole

        Oh you have never paid $500 for a stock… Inlet, bedded, free floated, cutom stocks get pretty pricey really quick. Worth is all relative. If someone is willing to pay $500 it is worth $500…

    • Taylor Hardin

      Its product placement for Brownells, not some BS about having the rifle tools. Ever since YouTube went stupid with its ads this site has gone stupid taking money in from everyone that comes to them. The Brownells ads are the worse as they are hidden into articles like this. Stick that thing in a vice with some leather pads in it and call it a day. No need for special anything.

      • Ragged Hole

        Somebody call the Wambulance… Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

        These guys have to offset their cost somehow. Chill out and buy more guns.

        • Flounder

          What? The readership can’t express their disapproval over TFB shillling?

          This is a free country, or at least published in a free country.

          • Ragged Hole

            Definitely a free country to complain and criticize, celebrate, and enjoy and it works both ways. You guys want really good free content with no sponsorship or ads and no money coming in from youtube? Well to be sustainable and at least break even, I can see why mod minutes like this are necessary and heck a lot of them are great.

            I just think it is short sighted to not see they need sources of revenue to survive. I enjoy the content immensely and probably need to up my Patreon to reflect it. If this was a magazine I would be a subscriber.

          • Klaus Von Schmitto

            It’s not shilling. It’s advertising to make money. That’s kind of how the internets thing works.

          • Ragged Hole

            Yeah, who would have thought…

        • derpmaster

          I understand that the website needs revenue, but these clips are just trash. They’ve jumped on the low effort, Buzzfeed/Facebook/CNN clickbait bandwagon with this. The formula is identical – montage of close in shots of something, overlay text, and terrible royalty free nursery rhyme-esque music in the background. This is one of the many cancers killing online media.

          I’m sure it’s very difficult to post on a regular basis but dumbing down your content to the level of Buzzfeed is upsetting.

    • Flounder

      These minutes leave a lot to be desired. I would love to see some kind of follow up or review on the products but we will probably never get it.

      But the UBR is 200 dollars by itself. No matter what, this was gonna get pricey fast.

      • koolhed

        Just got mine from Brownells last month. $156.00. The quality is excellent.

    • Haulin’ Oats

      $189.95 Magpul Stock
      $56.95 Vltor Spring

      Was that really hard?

  • Ragged Hole

    Just picked one of these up literally yesterday. I like that the 2.0 is 6oz lighter and under $180. It says it takes standard carbon buffers so I hop the JP SCS works, fingers crossed…

    • Ken

      The JP SCS will work just fine. I have them along with the older version of the UBR in 4 guns. Except for the method of securing the outer tube to the buffer tube, I don’t see much difference in the Gen2 UBR. I’ve been luvin’ the UBR since they first came out. A bit heavier than standard but a strong, solid stock.

      • Ragged Hole

        10-4, thanks Ken!

  • Archer

    We saw one test with the old stock, where is it with the new one?

    • Ragged Hole

      It shattered the earth and the camera was destroyed…

  • Palmier

    I could buy an entire AR for what this ‘mod’ cost.

    • Ragged Hole

      No sorry, you could not. You cannot build an AR for less than $180. Not happening.

      Even if you did all the work yourself you still need to buy the lower @ least $30 and pay tax in store or order online out of state to avoid tax[which you are technically still responsible to pay on your return] and pay a transfer fee @ your dealers.

      So you are into your lower for around $50, maybe a bear creek barrel for $60 then you need a gas tube and block, hand guard + assembely,upper, bolt, CH, stock & buffer, LPK & trigger, plus a few other things.

      I would love to see your build list with shipping costs & tax [most of which you might be able to avoid] and see how close you “THINK” you can get…

      • Palmier

        Ha, of course I couldn’t for $180 but if you notice this video is calling for $500 worth of parts and tools….and you can build an AR for that much.

        • Jared Vynn

          $100 for lower build kit from PSA, $30 for Anderson lower, $250 for complete upper (on sale from many different companies often), and $180 for the UBR and you have a complete rifle for only $60 with the upgraded stock more than what this video would have cost you. Or you could use the PSA magpul lower build kit and not need the UBR and save $180.

        • Ragged Hole

          Misread, you said for the cost of this entire “mod”. In my brain I substituted “stock”. You are right on that count.

    • FightFireJay

      And you could buy several Rock Island Armory 1911s instead of a Dan Wesson, but you get what you pay for.

      • Palmier

        I seriously doubt this stock is five times better than a regular one.

  • Taylor Hardin

    Can we all be adults and not put emojis in the URL?

  • Bearacuda

    How is it able to use a carbine spring and an A5 spring interchangeably? Those A5 kits always say using the incorrect spring and buffer will cause damage. Genuinely curious.

    • FightFireJay

      I think there’s an adapter?

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      The UBR ships with a spacer to accommodate the shorter carbine setup.

  • NINJA del TACO
    • iksnilol

      I should upvote this, but I’m slightly afraid it would be supporting harassment.

      • Beju

        My sociology professor told me it’s okay so long as they’re heternormative cisgender non-differently abled non-Muslim white males.

  • USMC03Vet

    That is a really expensive minute.

  • Gary Kirk
    • FightFireJay

      No adjustability, but it does have storage!

    • Edeco

      Yup. I wouldn’t say the collapsible stock on a buffer tube is apples-to-apples inferior to a side folder. The perfect, ideal collapsible might be more versatile, stiffer, lighter, faster, and narrower when minimized than the average side folder. But it’s still kind of a square peg in a round hole vis-a-vis the goal of reducing length.

  • John Daniels

    So, this is just an advertisement not an actual article.

    I’m glad you guys are at least being honest about it.

    “Many thanks to Brownells for sponsoring our Modification Minute videos.”

  • Anonymoose

    Light stock? Weight it down with the Magpul UBR Gen1!

  • 22winmag

    These exorbitant parts and tools lists are pure comedy gold.

    Keep ’em coming.

  • Gregory

    I got rid of my AR-15 and replaced it with an X95, problem solved.

  • 1LT Homer

    Low-energy banter. TFB is beginning to mimic TTAG

  • jerome

    Advertising? I thought that was what the boxes to the right of the article/video were…but I’m just a dumb American that doesn’t use his barrel for a way to keep me from getting dirty while leaning.

  • jerome

    I would like to see a “slam the AR platform rifle on the ground butt first” test between the UBR-g2 and that stock he showed failing. Looks like one sided science to me. I hear Patty is selling all his guns to fund his marksmanship. I bet he gets a lot of money from all that swag he gets from people wanting him to do “free” advertising.

  • Jtx

    Personally I’ve never needed to mortar charge any of my ar platform rifles nor will I do that to a buffer tube rifle. I’ve always been forearm strong enough to yank the charging handle back and clear the problem. I also keep my stock fully closed I never seen the need to make a rifle longer than needed, my nose isn’t all up in the scope or charging handle though. If I were to be mortar charging one though I’d want a titanium buffer tube and one of those qcb stocks that pop on the end.