TFB gets Hands-On with the new Wilson Combat EDC X9 at Hughston Shooting School’s Range Demo Day

Recently, my local FFL and Range held a Range Demo Day featuring products from Wilson Combat, Silencerco, Heckler & Koch, Blue Bullets, and Vortex Optics.  I was Volunteering my time for the most part, but got to try some products at the end of the day.  One of the most anticipated products at the range day was Wilson Combat’s relatively new EDC X9 double stack 9mm 1911, and I was very excited to try it out.

Two EDC X9 pistols in the foreground.

First Impressions

Being that all new production models are spoken for with an 8-month wait time (the first 500 models initially launched sold within a week), they had two earlier prototypes on hand to shoot.  The only difference between them and production models was the magazine used.  The prototypes use Walther magazines, while production models use Mec-Gar 15-round magazines.

Note early prototype Walther-based magazine. Production models have 15-round mec-gar magazines

One model featured black G10 starburst grips, and the other had rosewood grips.  The grips on Wilson Combat’s new X-Frame platform are not held on by screws, but by hammer spring tension.  The backstraps come in small or large size, and there are three different length trigger pads available as well.  The example I tried had a small backstrap and medium length trigger pad.  As per usual with Wilson combat, the fit and finish was exceptional.  The slide racked as smooth as could be, and the trigger pull and reset was crisp and light.  Though the gun weighed 29.1 oz unloaded (1 oz less than a loaded Glock 19) and 35 oz loaded, the balance was exceptional.  The overall effect made the gun feel a lot lighter than it actually was.  The X-type checkering, while providing a firm grip, was not overly aggressive or abrasive.

Trigger Time

I did not get to put a ton of rounds downrange with the EDC X9, given the nature of the event.  Even so, I was able to put a few magazines worth of 9mm downrange at a horizontal plate rack and a steel silhouette.  The stock sights are a elevation adjustable rear sight with fiber optic front.  The sights worked great in both the bright sunshine and in the shade.  That being said, if I ordered this particular pistol, I would want it to have tritium night sights.

After each press of the trigger, the sights stayed exactly on target.  Rapid strings were as easy to shoot with this short, relatively light carry gun as with my Sig X-5.  It is something remarkable to experience.  I had to put little to no effort into follow up shots or double taps.  The EDC X-9 is guaranteed to print 1.5″ groups at 25 yards with its 4″ stainless match grade cone barrel, so accuracy was to be expected and I was not let down.  I was possibly the 100th or so person to fire this particular pistol without cleaning, and there were zero malfunctions of any kind.

Initial Takeaways

Though price for admission is in nosebleed territory, Wilson Combat Handguns are ultra-reliable, ultra-accurate works of art.  The EDC X9 and Wilson’s new X-Frame are well deserving of Wilson Combat’s reputation for reliability, accuracy, and the highest levels of combat pistol craftsmanship.  I compete with one of their full size .45’s (round count stands at over 15k rounds), hunt with one of their 10mm’s and EDC one of their compact .45’s, so I have a lot of experience with their handguns and have put them through hard use.  I can vouch for their pistols 100%.  The EDC X9 left me with a great first impression, and their X-frame should be a great base for any new double stack 1911’s to come out of Wilson Combat.  The phrase I most overheard throughout the day by people that tried out the EDC X9 for a demo?  “Dammit, now I want to buy one!”

Wilson Recon Tactical .308 in Burnt Bronze finish

The Burnt Bronze looks quite nice on the gun and is a unique finish

A full compliment of Wilson .45 caliber handguns was available as well

Other awesomeness

Other notable items I got to try out/handle at the range day were H&K’s VP9 and VP9SK, Silencerco’s Maxim9, and Vortex Optic’s Razor HD Binoculars.  Quick takeaways:

  • The VP9 series is the handgun I wish existed when I carried a duty weapon.  The triggers are great, and they point exceptionally well.
  • The Silencerco Maxim9 is a pistol I greatly regret not securing when allocations went out.  It was super quiet and just plain fun to shoot.
  • The Vortex Razor HD Binoculars are half the price of Swarovskis, and nearly approach their perceived performance during daytime.  Outstanding binoculars at a great price.

    Maxim9. So much want.


    Some cool polymer coated bullets for reloading

    QUIET!  By Silencerco.


    Some cool polymer coated bullets for reloading

    Handsome little folder

    Wilson’s fixed blades included: (Top to bottom) a Steve Woods V1 Pro, Steve Woods C.U.B., and an Allen Elishewitz Star-Light Tactical Fighter

    Torx wrench fits into a slot in the grip


Full disclosure:  The author used to be involved in retail sales of Wilson Combat handguns, though no longer is involved in firearm sales  

Rusty S.

Having always had a passion for firearms, Rusty S. has had experience in gunsmithing, firearms retail, hunting, competitive shooting, range construction, as an IDPA certified range safety officer and a certified instructor. He has received military, law enforcement, and private training in the use of firearms. He is fortunate enough to have access to class 3 weaponry as well.


  • TexianPatriot

    Wilson EDC X9, so much want, so little wallet.
    Looks great, but you can buy some really cool toys for that price.

  • Mmmtacos

    Looks like a fine pistol. I look forward to handling one some day in a gun store and subsequently, wistfully handing it back to the clerk as I saunter over to the used pistols to see if there’s a good deal on a S&W 5906.

    • ShooterPatBob

      Ha! I love my 5906 and pair of 4506’s.

    • Flounder

      You forgot the part about the clerk cringing as you dry fire it. This is of course, after the other clerk tells you to try the trigger

      • Mmmtacos

        Never met a gun shop employee that gave a darn about dry firing any center fire firearm made in the last 50 years. I used to ask out of courtesy but after not being met with an objection in years I decided to forgo it unless it’s rimfire or old.

  • ShooterPatBob

    Well it’s about time they made a double stack 9mm 1911. Single stack full size and commander size 1911s are a silly concept.

    • aweds1

      Not for states with a 10-round magazine limit.

  • datimes

    Expensive? “new production models are spoken for with an 8-month wait time (the first 500 models initially launched sold within a week”

    • miniguyvegas

      Yeah, 500, in its most high demand time frame,so over its lifetime, maybe 2-3k sales. Or a Tuesday for Glock. It is a pure collectors gun. it’s completely ridiculous, and I totally want one.

      • datimes

        If I thought for one moment it would make me a better shooter I’d sell the second car and buy one.

      • Don

        It’s definitely NOT a collector’s gun ….Wilson has sold approximately 27 thousand already and plan on selling 150 thousand more by 2019

  • x

    Nice to see they left the grip safety off of this model.

  • Now if only more companies would offer 1911-esque pistols without the abominable grip safety.

    • Swarf

      I saw an Abominable Grip Safety when snowshoeing alone once.

      Luckily it was foraging for palm swells and left me alone.

      • Rnasser Rnasser

        You thought you saw it… everybody knows they don’t exist anymore.

      • Rumor has it that some Tibetan monks have a mummified one.

  • Greg Beals

    Would love to own one, will never afford one.

  • Rnasser Rnasser

    I don’t like it…
    Looks like somebody went crazy cutting lines randomly across all the pistol surfaces.

    • Don

      Your problem is that you probably own a glock …with NO style

  • John A. Smith

    So, almost as light as a G19, almost as small as a G19, same capacity as a G19, but 0.5″ more accurate than a G19 at a distance almost certain to garner an indictment in a self-defense scenario? For only $3000? Where does one sign up?

    • lol

      Incorrect. The Wilson empty ways the same as the G19 fully loaded lol.

    • Jonathan Page

      What if car and driver readers were like this… “stop writing articles about those Ferarris and write another one about a Civic.” If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

      • retfed

        I like your analogy, but there’s a flaw in it.
        This isn’t an innovative design. It’s just a tricked-out, extremely well-made piece of Taft-era technology.
        The Ferraris in Car and Driver don’t use Stutz Bearcat drivetrains.

        • Jonathan Page

          I don’t think there’s been a huge technological leap from a 1911 to a Glock. Both fire projectiles from metallic cartridges. You really are left differentiating based on features. So in terms of weight and capacity they are very close. Price, quality, accuracy, etc. are up for debate. Wilson’s aren’t for everyone and they haven’t designed their product around the same market as Glock has. Otherwise you would have seen videos of college ladies on pre-jog PCC/PCIs strapping up with an X9.

          • retfed

            Every mechanical improvement is incremental. My point was, you don’t see modern pistols being designed as single-actions with over 60 parts, all of which must be machined, including a swinging-link barrel and a separate barrel bushing. Even JMB’s later (and best) design, the Hi-Power, didn’t have those things. Modern pistols have almost none of those design features.
            But I have nothing against 1911s; if you love them, keep on loving them. Just don’t pretend they’re modern.
            But this gun is thoroughly modern in dumping the grip safety. Just like the Detonics I owned in 1980.

      • Sean

        I think the Civic Type R is on the cover this month

  • Regulus

    So why is there no ambi safety with that price tag? Come on there leftys out there still!

  • GuySerious

    When you take away most of the defining features of a 1911 (I.E. grip safety, single stack capacity, 45ACP caliber) isn’t this just a dressed up Browning High Power with a different title?

  • Mehul Kamdar

    Would you know if they plan to offer the XDC-9 in 38 Super, or is the Sentinel their only offering in the caliber? Thanks in advance for your response!