Safariland’s New 571 GLS Pro-Fit Holster

model 571

Safariland recently announced the company developed a new addition to its line of GLS Pro-Fit holsters. The new rig, called the model 571, is designed as a micro paddle design for several of the most popular compact pistols being used for concealed carry:

  • Glock 43
  • Springfield XD-S (all calibers)
  • Smith & Wesson Shield (all calibers)

The new Safariland rig is similar in design and function to the prior GLS Pro-Fit holsters, but is slimmer and smaller to eliminate the extra bulk of the larger holsters.

Like the existing GLS Pro-Fit designs, the new model 571 is an open top holster that has an internal retention device. This secures the handgun in the holster. The retention device is released when the gun is gripped and the middle finger activates a lever.

I have one of the full size GLS Pro-Fit holsters and have found it works very well both at retaining the gun and releasing it when drawing. As you obtain a proper firing grip to draw the gun, the middle finger naturally bumps the release lever. The rig does not require a significant amount of training to learn to release the gun. I found the process to be very natural.

Safariland uses a blend of DuPont materials to make the shell of this holster. The blend is called SafariSeven and has the benefit of being very durable without damaging your gun’s finish. These rigs will have a plain black finish and have a MSRP of $50.

Richard Johnson

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  • Spencerhut

    Not a bad idea to own a few of these holsters in different sizes if you own several pistols. These are well made and work fantastic on a wide range of guns.

  • tony

    wish they could line it with soft cloth to protect the gun’s finish, like the 6378

    • Joe

      Those soft cloth liners hold moisture, sand, grit, and other particulate that result in finish wear and corrosion to a handgun. That is the reason you see Safariland moving away from that older style of product.

  • Mark the Shark

    Just received mine via FedEx today. The design of this holster is fatally flawed, which is surprising coming from a holster company, especially one with as much history as Safariland.

    As a paddle holster on a pistol with a short barrel, the pivot point (where the screws attach the paddle to the holster body) should be (probably 1 inch) higher than it is. As currently designed, the pistol does not hug the body, but rather falls far away from the body from the top of the pistol out – the result being that it prints significantly more than a full-size duty weapon in a paddle holster with a lower pivot point.

    Great idea and great quality, but a poor design makes this a non-starter. It’s getting sent back. Hate to spend it, but Kramer is getting my money. Again.