The Magpul ACR stock seems to go well with almost any rifle. Polenar Tactical posted up this AK on their Instagram account and it is sporting an ACR stock. Here are some other popular examples of ACR stocks on non-ACR rifles.

CZ Bren


Robinson XCR





Which one do you think makes the best use of the ACR stock?


  • Vhyrus

    ACR stock on a SCAR. I feel a great disturbance in the force, as if thousands of fanboys cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

  • Mike K.

    ACR has a great stock, as such no surprise there

  • Joe

    It’s sad the only real-world application of the Masada concept is the stock.
    I’ll get sick of it eventually, but it’s light years ahead of tacking a standard M4 stock to everything under the sun.
    I can’t pick a favorite platform for it, seems to improve nearly anything it’s applied to.
    Now for a real kicker, Magpul could make a version compatible with the folding AR buffer tube.


      It’s pretty amusing to me actually. Maybe taping a knife to it might make it more lethal and reliable than the gun itself. (that’s a joke)

      The only real beef I have with the ACR stock is that it’s folding. Actually, I find that most folding stocks are over-stated like it’s a bulletin point or something.

      There’s not a whole lot of reason why to have one. Riding in a vehicle? Stow the rifle between your legs is just fine. Are you thinking you might have to shoot while driving? Well, stick it out the window before you start the car. Otherwise, either you’re planning to swing out the stock in the car which would be awkward as hell, or you’re going to treat it like a pistol with a fore-end; what’s the application there? Either way, in an enclosed space like a vehicle, a pistol is going to do just fine. If your target is beyond pistol range, then you get out of the vehicle and use it as cover.

      Also, if they aren’t designed or manufactured all that well (like the factory SCAR stock), you’re going to get breakage. And that’s not going to do you any favors. More moving parts equals more potential points of failure.

      Like, I get that you might want a folding stock if you’re a paratrooper and you don’t want the stock getting in the way of your arms, but other than that, I find it highly unnecessary.

      • randomswede

        There is a fixed ACR stock, two if you count the DMR stock from magpul.
        If you need to be armed but holding a rifle isn’t what you do (artillery, logistics, signals, etc.) being able to make the rifle 6-12in shorter is a game changer.
        Civilians don’t appreciate this because the vast majority of them only handle their rifles when going to the range and at the range.
        Frontline soldiers spend most of their time with their rifle in/at hand.
        Source: Refueling generators and copying papers with an AK-5 on my back for the Swedish army signals.

      • pun&gun

        I think the potential value of a folding stock increases the shorter the weapon’s barrel gets. On a 20″ barreled rifle, a folding stock is a pittance or minor convenience. On something closer to a submachine gun or a 300BLK SBR, a folding stock can decrease the overall length by a pretty significant fraction, making it a lot easier to carry, conceal, or store.

      • HSR47

        As others have said, folding stocks have greater utility than you seem to think.

        For people who have to carry short carbines/SMGs, folding stocks can make them a bit less cumbersome.

        For people who only have to tote them back and forth from the range, folding stocks can still be useful: They can make it possible to stuff a firearm into a shorter bag. This might not sound like a big deal, but it really is: My current AR15 is somewhere around 38″ long; If it had a folding stock, it could transport it in a bag that was only 30″ long (exterior). That may not sound like much, but it’s a pretty significant difference.

  • therealgreenplease

    The ACR stock looks amazing on that AK

    • Michael Boudreaux

      Yeah that AK is sexy as hell all around

      • civilianaf

        How can we get one on an AK? #want

      • randomswede

        Technically it’s a “AREX akb15” and as I understand they intend to sell the rifle as shown. Polenar Tactical has a video showing off a prototype.

    • PK

      Probably about a billion times more comfortable, as well. I enjoy AKs, I don’t tend to enjoy the military style stocks on them. They feel exactly as though they were developed in the 1940s, before there was much experience with rifles like that and it was all pretty new.

      Now that there have been generations of users to modify things, generations of engineers to draw on past mistakes/lessons, furniture is drawing closer to perfect for various styles of shooting.

      • Nicholas C

        I enjoy the Zhukov Magpul stock a lot on my Scorpion Evo and AK.

        • HSR47

          I don’t dislike the Zhukov, but I do dislike the flex (and resultant squeak) in the toe of the stock.

  • PeterK


    • hikerguy

      That it does.

    • civilianaf

      What he said.

    • Mmmtacos


      Looks just as home on the Bren as it does on the SCAR, maybe even more.

      I hear the ACR is actually a decent rifle nowadays too (not just the butt of it). Still too expensive to be worthwhile and it’s stigma will likely taint it for the rest of it’s production, however long that may be.

  • JW
  • Big Daddy

    Makes me want to buy another AK….nah.

    I almost bought a SCAR 17 until I figured it would cost another $2K to make it the way i want it. Including a new lower for Magpul mags and the ACR stock.

    • pun&gun

      I was trying to budget for a SCAR-17 a while ago, too. Then I realized $2600 for the rifle, $300 for an ACR stock and adapter, $300 for an extended handguard that doesn’t suck, $300+ for a lower receiver that takes real magazines, $1500+ for a decent optic worthy of the cartridge, and another few hundred bucks for various other improvements like sling attachments, better pistol grip, VFG, offset irons/red dot, sling, etc. It’s just not worth that much to me, especially since FN voids the warranty if you put a silencer on it.

      • Robert Harper

        And that’s why I put an ACR stock on one of my FALs!!!! There’s an Mlock hand guard available for $100, I have over 100 NOS mags for the FAL, and I already have a ELCAN DR 1-4x that I got off of a guy going through a divorce for cheap. Sure, the FAL isn’t as accurate as a SCAR 17, but it’s still a fine rifle!!!

      • Big Daddy


        I’m a range warrior so I bought a CMMG LR308 MK3T and am very happy with it. SLR rail and titanium gas block, VG6 brake, Magpul K2 grip and MOE stock with thicker pad. It shoots better than I can. Can it make it’s way through a carbine class? Or combat? Don’t know don’t care it works for me and I have had no problems with it.

  • Andrey Martim

    Sadly the stock is more successful than the rifle.

    • civilianaf

      Ya the SCAR crushed it sadly for them.

      • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

        No, their own ineptitude crushed it for them. The ACR was overpriced and they refused to release accessories like quick-change barrel units and caliber conversion kits in anything remotely approaching a timely manner.

        • HSR47

          This. It took Remington et. al. nearly a decade to follow through on releasing spare barrels.

          The failure of the ACR in the marketplace is due primarily to two factors: Cost, and the lack of available “modular” accessories. You can’t upsell a customer on a rifle’s supposed modularity when the parts necessary to make use of it’s “modularity” simply don’t exist in the marketplace.

  • civilianaf

    I love that stock. Having one on an AK would be sweeeet!


    Oh, God. That Robinson XCR… Do they still sell them with those ACR knock-off stocks? The real skinny looking ones.

    I wish they’d sell one without the folding stock, but that’d probably violate a bunch of patent laws. Maybe just get super-glue and stick that sucker shut.

    • iksnilol

      Alternatively just don’t fold it.

  • LazyReader

    Like Picatinny or Salt, you wanna put it on everything


      I think our rails-obsession has been over a while now. Isn’t everyone clamoring for M-LOK?

  • Brett

    Has anyone heard or seen an ACR stock adapter for HK style roller delayed guns?

  • Uniform223

    Is it just me or does the ACR stock make “everything” look better?

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Finally, a non-AK stock that is functional and looks good on an AK.

  • That specific AK is the REX AKB-15, made by the same folks who manufacture the AREX REX Zero-1 pistol. It’s conceived as an extreme modernization for existing AKs, although the modification also includes tinkering with the gas system, so they will be also making it new. You lost it at the 2017 SHOT Show? It was there.

    • Nicholas C

      Yeah I didn’t cover Fime Group so I did not see it.

  • hking

    I want to see one on a Scorpion EVO

  • Brett

    Nope. Trust me, I have looked all the usual places.

  • 22winmag

    Ever since seeing that guy on Youtube shatter a Magpul Zhukov folding stock by gently mortaring his rifle during a sub-zero function test, I’ve become wary of aftermarket buttstocks, especially plastic and plastic folders.

  • Wrex

    Bren. All day long.