Battenfeld Releases BOG-POD RSR – Rapid Shooting Rest

It would seem that Battenfeld is not content to rest on their laurels – instead oinnovating new ways to make shooters lives easier. Battenfeld is expanding their BOG-POD line of products, which “have become the standard for quality and durability in monopods, bipods, and tripods.”

Assuming that line holds true, the new BOG-POD Rapid Shooting Rest will certainly be a the product to beat. In short, its a short tri-pod designed for prone shooters or thsoe who are looking for a bit more flexibility than a full-blown shooting rest. As someone who prefers to shoot off of bags, this little gizmo is an actual “game changer” for me as it can quickly and easily change height and azimuth.

For those so inclined to use it in the field, it is a quick set-up and take-down tripod that is surprisingly lightweight – a scant 21.6 ounces, or just under 1.5 lbs. The Rapid Shooting Rest is ideal for various scenarios and weapons, adjusting 4″ vertically, which should allow full-size AR-15 magazines to clear the deck or be used as another stabilizing point.

The BOG-POD RSR is set to retail for $44.99, which makes it more expensive than bags per pound, but for usability, this is likely a clear win. 

Details from Battenfeld:

• Ideal for backpackers or hunters that have to hike into their hunts
• Made of heavy duty cast aluminum and polymers
• Easy to deploy Tripod legs
• Twist lock main elevation adjustment
• Deployed minimum height: 7” Maximum Height: 11”
• Collapses to 12.8” in length
• Weighs: 21.6 oz


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  • Jason Culligan

    I’ve had one for a few weeks now. It’s not as stable as a proper shooting bag but it’s far far lighter. Absolutely no regrets!

  • Giolli Joker

    If it had “tactical” in the name it would have been 100$ more…

  • Eric B

    If it had Picatinny attachment I would buy it.

  • Adam W

    If they made it in .41 magnum I would totally buy one.