This photo was posted by the American Suppressor Association. The photo was taken by @silencers_1909 of Capitol Armory. This impressive suppressor display was posted on July 4th last month. He tried to replicate the American Flag. Unfortunately he only has 35 cans representing the field of stars and only 10 guns out of the 13 stripes.

Happy Independence Day! #stayarmedstayquiet Maybe next July 4th, I'll be able to do a proper flag

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  • SGT Fish

    is that a folding forward grip on that pistol? seems like a waste of time and money on that tax stamp

    • Nicholas C

      Its only $5 if done by an FFL and transferred.

      • SGT Fish

        yea, waste of 5 bucks, especially on a single stock conventional pistol. ive seen people do it for semi SMGs, but this is a bit silly. makes me wonder if it even has a stamp

        • PK

          $5 is $5. Also, for all we know that’s a post-86 MG, or it’s a range toy from an SOT anyway.

          Personally, I don’t see the big deal in paying $5 for AOWs, it’s worth it if you get $5 in fun out of it!

          Besides, there’s nearly $10k in stamps in that photo, if it’s not a group of owners or an FFL.

    • PK

      Hand it to an 07/02, he files a F2 and engraves, then you file a F4, pay $5 tax, pay the FFL his fee, and that’s that. Easy and if you’re already friends, you get to use your AOW while you wait.

      • Taylor Hardin

        Pretty sure you don’t need to get a stamp on a shotgun like you do a pistol to put a foregrip on it. Shotguns are special snowflakes. To have an AOW shotgun you would have something like the Serbu Super Shorty. Its not a pistol, because you can’t have a smooth bore pistol, it’s not a shotgun because the barrel length is too short and its not a rifle because its not. So that leaves AOW.

        • PK

          Wrong gun. Fourth pistol down from the top right has a folding forward grip, folding against the trigger guard.

          • Taylor Hardin

            Ooo. I see. My bad. I was looking at that shotgun wondering what the hell you were talking about.

          • PK

            No harm done! There are a lot of different things going on in that picture, for sure.

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          You are right, for wrong reasons.

          You don’t need a stamp to put a forward pistol grip on any firearm that’s 26″ or more in overall length.

          A “shotgun” without a stock and a sub-18″ barrel can easily be 26″, so you can put a forward pistol grip on it. The reason you can have the short barrel is because it’s not, legally, a shotgun but just a title 1 “other” firearm. Shotguns are NOT special snowflakes. There is nothing special about a shotgun.

          You can put a forward pistol grip on an AR pistol if it’s 26″ or more long (and with the receiver extension, most are).

          The Super Shorty is an AOW because it’s a 12ga smoothbore pistol. It can have a vertical grip because it’s already an AOW.

  • PK

    “Unfortunately he only has 35 cans representing the field of stars and only 10 guns out of the 13 stripes.”

    Picky, picky, picky…

    Still a really clever photo, thanks for sharing it! I know I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

    • noob

      Well, only 42 states allow the civ ownership of suppressors, so he could have made a snide comment with 42 “stars” and 8 unsuppressed guns for the stripes 🙂

      • PK

        That would be a fun way to quietly make a statement…

      • Alex A.

        lol yeah that’s so unfortunate! Poor guy!
        But gee whiz how’d you like to be in that guys trust & will? Hopefully his family are pro second & keep em in the family.

  • Bill

    If you consider the cans on guns in the photo he’s at 45. I bet ol’ Jorge will have it perfect next 4th of July!

  • Gary Kirk

    Epic fail, I get the point, but to make an American flag with mostly foreign weaponry..

    • Alex A.

      This country was founded on immigration?? lol I suppose that could be one way to look at it. Maybe their American AK’s 🙂

  • Jordan Charboneau

    Uh, I need the suppressed lever gun in my life because reasons.

    • AR-PRO

      What’s wrong with a suppressed lever gun? It locks up tight and is quicker than a bolt gun! Plus as an SBR, its a really cool fun gun!

  • USMC03Vet

    I have a feeling the wait time combined to even take a picture like that is older than I am.

    • Alex A.

      That dude prolly has zen like patience…