New Velocity Triggers Model 700 Replacement Trigger Added To Their Lineup

Photo credit: Jeremy S. of TTAG

While Richard already ran a story on the new Velocity Triggers Model 700 offering, there were no photos available at the time it was written. In order to give you guys a better look at the new option from Tom Vehr’s company.

Velocity has quickly become known for their AR-15 triggers that carry a very palatable price point compared to the competing triggers on the market. The new Remington 700 trigger that has been announced is kind of interesting for a few reasons, the first one being the interchangeable trigger bow. Prior to this trigger, I have not been made aware of an aftermarket Remington 700 trigger that offers that level of flexibility without replacing the entire unit. The second point that makes it interesting is the MSRP of $120. Velocity Triggers did it again and priced their trigger in such a way that it is hard to not take that in consideration, especially since the interchangeable trigger shoe gets you into a flat Remington 700 trigger for less money than just about any other trigger on the market.

Velocity cuts their trigger parts on Wire EDM machines and the housing is made on a CNC machine like many of the other options on the market but at a much lower price point. Once the parts are machined, Velocity says that the sear gets treated with Robar’s NP3 finish for corrosion resistance and extending the life of the part, the trigger itself is coated with something called DLC or Diamond-Like Carbon and the housings are green anodized. The finished product is a Remington 700 compatible trigger that is adjustable from 3 pounds all the way to 5 pounds. Personally, I feel this is a bit on the heavy side, but without feeling the trigger I won’t know for sure.

Pictures of the triggers are very scarce currently but my friend over at The Truth About Guns, Jeremy S., was able to snap some at the last NRA show. He has graciously allowed me to post them here as long as I admit he is the better shooter. (Not really) You can see his write up HERE if you like.

Check out the Velocity Triggers website for more information as it is added.

Photo credit: Jeremy S. of TTAG

Photo credit: Jeremy S. of TTAG

Photo credit: Jeremy S. of TTAG

Photo credit: Jeremy S. of TTAG


  • DoctorH

    If it adjusted down to 1.5 lbs., I’d give it a shot, but 3 lbs. is a bit heavier than I like on my bolt guns. More competition in the market is always good though.

  • ruinator

    Admit he’s a better shooter, LOL.

  • 22winmag

    Maybe it will be as good a stock Winchester MOA trigger.