KRISS USA Running A Promotion– Buy A Vector Get A Free Vortex SPARC AR Promotion

Yet another rebate to add to the Summer O’ Rebates, this time from KRISS USA. They have committed to give one free Vortex SPARC AR optic to everyone that buys a non-NFA KRISS Vector through an authorized reseller from now through September 30, 2017.

Where some manufacturers are shoveling  $20 – $50 worth of magazines or other assorted accessories to prospective buyers, KRISS is offering to finish out your Vector on their dime with what looks to be a reasonably respectable red dot. I say looks to be only because I haven’t had a chance to try and break one of them myself quite yet. But the fact that it bears the Vortex name is something to take note of, they aren’t exactly known for producing bad optics.

So if you have bought one of these non-NFA KRISS Vectors, how do you redeem your free Vortex SPARC AR? Head on over to the KIRSS USA product registration page HERE with your valid proof of purchase and a brand new red dot will make its way into your possession in short order.

For the full terms and conditions, head over to the KRISS USA website and read over the terms and conditions to see a list of eligible models and other related legal mumbo jumbo.


  • neckbone

    Yeah well palmetto state is running a buy a 30 round pmag, and get a sparcII.

  • PK

    Buy a $1,400-$1,500 pistol/carbine, get a $200 optic?

    Not a bad offer, considering the niche the Vector fills. Back-dating the offer is amazing and quite unusual, and I bet all new owners will take advantage of that!

    • USMC03Vet

      They are going for just over $1k now. Very tempting to get 10mm vector but nobody makes decent sized 10mm mags for this type of thing.

      • PK

        I agree! I keep seeing extended 9x19mm, .40S&W, and .45acp magazines and I wonder when we’ll see 10mm mags… but no one seems to even answer e-mails asking about that. The various aftermarket mag companies coming out with different Glock mags have simple not replied. It’s frustrating.

        Nice to know that the carbine and pistol both go for just over a thousand dollars, now. That’s pretty surprising, given that it’s only about 2/3 of MSRP.

    • Anthony

      More like a $1140 pistol/carbine and get a $200 optic……

  • noob

    If you buy a non-NFA carbine and then sbr it on a form 1, can you keep the free optic?

    • David

      what kind of a question is that ? of course

      • noob

        and then you can show them the finished product and say “Ahah! you only offered the free gift on *NON*-NFA rifles!”

    • BeGe1

      No. KRISS has stipulations for what you’re actually allowed to do with you’re own gun after you buy it or else they take their free gifts back 😛

  • NINJA del TACO

    This is Chris Hector. He’s an Inspector. He wants a Kriss Vector. The free sight is pure nectar. Used to work for SPECTRE. But no more the dissector. Gun deals give him an erector. No need for a detector. Happy now is the defector. Only if the free sight is not a rejector.

  • koko

    So if I buy, say, 10 Vectors I will get 10 Sparcs that means 2000 bucks profit. Buy hundred carbines and make square 20 thousand bucks! Only thousand Vectors and You get practically free college for your kid! Anyone could easily become a billionaire simply just buying Vectors and collecting free red dots. It is an American Dream come true!