BREAKING: P320 Recall Issued By Dallas Police | Prohibited From Duty Till Repaired

IMPORTANT:  This is not a factory recall issued by SIG, this is a DEPARTMENTAL recall issued by the Dallas Police Department. 

The Sig Sauer P320 recall issued by Dallas Police Department caught all of us by surprise. Officers were instructed to stop carrying the P320 until the issue was resolved. With all the testing that the P320 has undergone with the Modular Handgun System program, the FBI trials that were narrowly lost to Glock, Immigration & Customs Enforcement adopting the firearm and several other huge contracts It is hard to think that something as easy to test as drop safety would have gone unnoticed.

Strangely there is a note in the owners manual that states that the pistol may fire when dropped. I always chalked it up as something a lawyer somewhere insisted that Sig include in the manual.

That is exactly what it appears has happened though. Last week rumors surfaced on the internet that an unnamed police department was recalling all P320 pistols due to an officer safety concern. The leaked interdepartmental memo is below as it appeared on Pistol Forum.

Sig Sauer has identified that there is a defect in the P320 handgun that could cause the weapon system to go off when dropped. The Sig Sauer P320 was approved for primary duty, secondary primary duty, and back-up use. The Firearms Training Center is currently working with Sig Sauer to obtain a solution for the safety issue. Until Sig Sauer is able to find a solution to the safety issue, the Sig Sauer P320 is no longer approved by the ****** Police Department for any use.

Those officers that currently have a Sig Sauer P320 as a primary duty weapon will have the following two options:

Option 1 – Go to the Firearms Training Center on Monday, July 31st , during business hours, to be issued a city Sig Sauer P226 and qualify with that weapon.

Option 2 – Purchase another city approved weapon and respond to the Range on Monday, July 31st , during business hours, to qualify with that weapon.

Until getting another weapon and qualifying, officers need to practice increased safety with these weapon systems.

The Firearms Training Center staff is working diligently with Sig Sauer to obtain a solution and will keep officers informed of the status.

Before we jumped the gun and published something about a recall we spent some time fact checking and getting official statements. Since The Firearm Blog wants to ensure that recall notifications like this one are factual we don’t rely on internet rumor and speculation but rather hard information from the manufacturer and the department.

The Firearm Blog reached out to Sig Sauer for comment after learning about the recall and spoke with Phil Strader, the Pistol Product Manager who would have issued such a recall. Strader states that Sig Sauer does not have a formal statement at this time and are working on gathering all the needed information to make a statement. Strader went on to say that even though he is the person that would have issued such a recall but had not done so and was unaware of any recall being issued at the time we spoke with him.


Dallas Police Department was asked for comment as well and shared what information they had at the time. Public Information Officer Melinda Gutierrez of the Dallas Police Department issued the statement below.

The Dallas Police Department still issues the Sig Sauer P226 handgun, but did authorize officers to purchase the Sig Sauer P320 handgun for duty use.  We have not currently had any issues with the Sig Sauer P320 handgun.  The use of the Sig Sauer P320 handgun has been temporarily suspended due to safety precautions.  The departmental Firearms Training Center staff is currently working with Sig Sauer to ensure the safety precautions are addressed.

We then asked for any information about if a P320 failed and under what conditions, Debra Webb with the Dallas Police Department responded with the following reply to our email.

The department was notified that Sig Sauer identified a defect in the P320 handgun that could cause the weapon system to go off when dropped. Please check with Sig Sauer for more information about the defect.

There has been at least one other publication that has posted a story about the P320 recall with an incorrect tip stating that sources at Dallas PD reported a discharge occurred when a P320 was dropped. We took the opportunity to ask Webb if there has been an instance of an officer dropping the firearm resulting in a discharge. and received the following statement from the Dallas Police Department.

There have been no reported incidents of an accidental discharge involving this weapon because of the defect.

At this time we have no further information about what the potential failure point that might exist inside the P320, if this problem is widespread or limited to a small batch of handguns or where the report that an officer experienced a discharge originated from.

As we learn more we will keep you updated.



  • James Young

    So Dallas PD didn’t experience any issues, but claimed Sig notified them of the gun going off if dropped. The guy at Sig who handles these things said they have not notified Dallas PD of any potential issues. Confusing situation.

    • James

      Thats what it looks like. I’m withholding judgement pending further information and sources that are in alignment.

      • PK

        I’m with both of the Jameses on this one.

        • Brick

          It’s a Jamesception!

      • healthycuriosity

        Withholding judgement?

        That’s not very “internet” of you.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      You aren’t kidding. My entire day has been spent trying to make sense of this recall. The fact does remain that there was a recall of the P320 by the DPD.

      • Dave D

        I think the problem is the use of the word “recall.” A recall to me is an action taken by the manufacture to state there is an issue with the product that needs to be addressed. The term’s use here is that the agency is taking the P320 off the street. Yes this is a type of “recall.” However, this is not a manufacturer recall.

      • noob

        sounds like an engineer saw some really obscure failure corner case during testing at sig, and correctly raised it with management who escalated it to legal, who asked inventory to check the serial numbers of which lots had that revision of whatever drop safety had the issue who replied to legal who palmed it off to PR who wrote a letter to the buyers of those lots (if certain production runs predominantly went to certain states).

        the system works. It’s just the PR team who can’t communicate to save their jobs.

        • Phil’s position isn’t a PR position, if anyone knows what is happening with the P320 program he is the man that would be in charge of it.

          More than likely the recall mentioned is internal to DPD, that is why SIG knows nothing about the recall.

          • noob

            ah fair enough, DPD should have called Sig as soon as they noticed the issue. I guess my reading comprehension is lacking here.

          • This is DPD we are talking about, there is a lot of things they should do but they don’t because of the idiots running the joint.

          • GaryOlson

            What with financial troubles in DPD, I was suspecting they didn’t want to pay for the new pistols and needed an excuse. But, that is just my personal theory.

          • They are in contact with SIG but who initiated the contact is unknown.

          • Gun Fu Guru

            I would respectfully suggest that DPD is full of ****. If Sig discovered an issue, they are required by contract to inform the US government (Army, ICE, etc.). We would be hearing more about this than just one department out of the hundreds that use the product.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            DPD states that SIG made them aware there was an issue.

          • The order to stop using the P320 is an internal matter within DPD. They aren’t sending them back to SIG or anything like that. I kinda look at it as more of an internal order rather than a recall.
            DPD said they are working with SIG. That sums it up for the most part.
            There damn sure wasn’t any AD with somebody getting shot that’s just Internet garbage being spread.

          • Tom Currie

            I wonder if someone at DPD just got around to actually reading the Sig P320 user manual and found the warning — which WOULD constitute a notice from Sig that the pistol might fire if dropped.

          • It’s possible of course. Finding out the original event that started this we’ll likely never know.

          • Yes yes and yes. You are correct.

      • John

        Why then, would you spatter SIG P320 RECALL on the front page? Wouldn’t it make more sense to say “Dallas PD stopped using the Sig P320 pending a safety investigation”. Using the word RECALL when it’s NOT from the company is bad judgement in my opinion.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          Because it is a departmental recall. The pistols are being pulled from the streets to be repaired.

          • Sliced Veggies

            You didn’t mention the repair in the article. Do you have additional info on what is being repaired?

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            I don’t even know what is broken just that DPD has stated they are working with Sig to fins a repair for a thing that is wrong. I know it is cryptic, but thems the breaks kid.

          • Gun Fu Guru

            So you reported on an departmental recall with no proven incident because something could happen? Sounds like TTAG.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            I reported a departmental recall of a widely issued firearm because we report firearm news. This falls into that category.

          • Sliced Veggies

            Kid. Lol. Nice job.

          • John

            Well we all know that police departments have only the most qualified gun owners in the world working in them. No one at any police department ever has shot himself because he was just stupid and not qualified to carry a particular gun…..oh…wait….

            My issue is DON’T use click bait titles!!! I saw “Sig P320 RECALL” and I immediately clicked the link….that’s exactly what you wanted me to do. If that was your goal, CONGRATULATIONS! You won! If your goal was to educate me on the possibility that a police department is having a problem with their guns and wants to investigate further before continuing to allow the guns use?….then fail you did.

          • Sliced Veggies

            John, you are a logical person and I commend you. I would like to be your e-friend.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            So it is my fault that you stopped reading the title and just clicked? LOL

          • Gun Fu Guru

            Your ethical standards are low. What do you think happened with TFB’s “FireClean is Crisco”? People saw the headline and ran with it rather than reading the plain statement that Andrew Tuohy made which stated that Fireclean isn’t Crisco. You should have known better.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            That has nothing to do with me. I have never, and will never write a word about lube. Just because another story that I didn’t write went live with an intentionally misleading title (that again, I had nothing to do with.) does not mean that everything is clickbait.

          • Gun Fu Guru

            #1. I used that as an example. If I remember correctly, that was Nathaniel F.’s doing.
            #2. If you read the comments for a majority of articles, we consistently peg TFB (everyone, not just you) for three things: over use of the word “breaking” and misleading titles. Both of those are types of clickbait.

          • 40mmCattleDog

            More like “you guys” constantly complain and whine like a bunch of teenage girls over a free blog on the internet that you have absolutely no monetary or emotional investment into. I mean I was born in 1990 am a “whiny millennial” but DAMN you guys have your panties in a knot about FREE CONTENT LOL

          • Sliced Veggie

            Apparently there IS emotional investment or none of us would be here. You whiny millennial.

          • 40mmCattleDog

            How much did you pay for this blog again? How much did you pay for this free content on the internet you willingly decided to log onto and read? This isn’t a monthly subscription you paid for LOL these dudes do this because they enjoy it and the topic of firearms. Your not entitled to anything and even if they use “clickbait” well tough sh@t. Its hilarious to late 30s to 50s “mature” people complain about something they literally paid nothing for.

            -Whiny Millennial Out

          • Sliced Veggie

            Excellent tirade. Glad you have a forum to get your angst out about “mature” people.

          • 40mmCattleDog

            Difference is I had a tirade about people complaining about free things as opposed to a tirade of people complaining about free things. And i don’t have “angst” towards “mature” people lol, the joke is that millennials are considered immature and complain about useless crap yet here we see people in their 40s acting the same way complaining about free content. Get the joke?

          • Gun Fu Guru

            “Because it is a departmental recall. The pistols are being pulled from the streets to be repaired.”
            With respect, you can try to sell that BS somewhere else after TFB’s long history of clickbait headlines.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            Read the entire headline. Don’t stop when you think you know what the rest says. It really isn’t hard.

    • Current rumor going around is that someone dropped one several times unloaded and after one of the drops the striker was no longer engaged on the sear and required to be reset.

      But that is just a rumor, so who knows how accurate it is.

      • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

        I don’t think that is accurate at all. I personally don’t think anyone at DPD tested it at all.

    • David Christian

      Well I guess since SIG prints the same “Warning, any firearm may fire if dropped” warning in the manual of EVERY SIG pistol, then I guess someone can claim that is a “notification by SIG”. As much as I hate the term, it appears that this may turn out to be a big “nothing burger”.

    • SIG notified them they new there was something going on with it but that was much description as we got. That came directly from SIG to Patrick.

      • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

        I have requested an official statement from Sig and they are currently working on one. We MAY hear something in the next few days.

      • Bradley

        If them new something going on why didn’t there be more much description?

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          First, that was hard to read. Second, DPD has no information other than there is a drop safety issue they claim was reported to them by Sig. I can’t speculate where they got that notion but I have been told that Sig has not officially said anything of the sort.

          • Bradley

            It was hard to read because I was copying the language of your “associate editor.” “SIG notified them they new there was something going on” That’s your editor?

  • Maxpwr

    Breaking or broken?

    In one section they say: “the Sig Sauer P320 is no longer approved by the ****** Police Department for any use.”

    Later they say: “Until getting another weapon and qualifying, officers need to practice increased safety with these weapon systems.”

    So which is it? Is it not approved for use or do you just need increased safety?

    Is this a story real or is it really a story?

    • Twilight sparkle

      Seems like the police department is grandfathering the ones that are there until a replacement is obtained. So basically they’re not allowing any other officers to carry them and if you have one be very careful with it until you find a replacement.

    • Realist

      Well, the officers have to obtain and qualify with a new weapon system–which means a day or 2, maybe more of range time. Should the officers carry nothing until they qualify with a new system?

  • Brett baker

    Glock fanboys are all creaming themselves right now.

    • Paul White

      so…no change from normal?

    • 40mmCattleDog

      Hell yeah i did dude. As a block “fanboiii” I popped at least a 75% wood over just the words “P320 Recall.”

      • Relax it’s not a recall lets be clear. SIG has not said that ever during the last few days this came up.

        • 40mmCattleDog

          Why you trying to give a guy blue balls phil?

        • txJM

          “Literally a recall” – Patrick

          Guys…get it together.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            “Literally a departmental recall.” – Patrick

          • Sliced Veggies

            So put that in the title to remove confusion.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            It is in the title. You should read it again. “P320 Recall Issued BY DALLAS POLICE”

          • Sliced Veggies

            Yeah, I see that now. My phone cut it off. All I see is “Breaking: p320 recall issued” in the header. Maybe that’s part of the issue….

          • Sliced Veggies

            Yeah, he is starting to lose track of what he has and hasn’t said. This is getting comical.

        • Sliced Veggies

          Wait, what? A few paragraphs down you are arguing it IS a recall. With the department as an asterisk. I’d make sure you make that abundantly clear in the article title and responses.

          • Not me. I stand by what I said above as fact.

          • Sliced Veggies

            Ok… This is what you said. A direct copy from below: “DPD is pulling the guns from the street until they go back to the factory for repair. Is that not exactly what a recall is?”

          • That would be Patricks comment. I thought you meant mine.

    • BillyB

      At least i can drop my glock without getting shot in the face.

      • adamant

        Is that a euphamism?

        • BillyB

          Now that i think about it….

    • james

      Yes I am

  • dave

    Here’s a thought.
    Be a professional and maintain positive control of your issued duty weapon.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      because officers never struggle with a subject right? There are any number of reasons that a firearm may be dropped that are not something an officer can control. They are people like you and I, not superheroes.

      • VeriAeq

        Does Larry Potterfield know your replying to your own blog post while on the clock??? IAJ

        • 22winmag

          You’re going to catch hell of that.

          Just like i caught hell for pointing out the 10% year-over-year drop in the amount of time readers are spending on TFB.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            So like 0% time now? Math is fun.

          • txJM

            Now we see the agenda behind the third largest gun blog sensationalizing a rumor from an unvetted forum post to generate buzz. It breaks the viewership stats even.

          • What forum post? It has nothing to do with anyone other than the sources cited.

          • txJM

            From the article: “The leaked interdepartmental memo is below as it appeared on Pistol Forum.”

            Um…that forum post.

          • What we posted is directly from DPD from an information request through official channels. I don’t read Pistol Forum so I have no idea what you mean.

          • txJM

            The DPD statements do not fully verify the forum post, yet both are cited. There is a good deal of factual info here, but still way too much speculation.

          • As long as everyone understands this is not a SIG recall. AS we find out more we’ll pass that along.

          • 22winmag
        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          I must be missing some reference. I ignore Potterfield largely.

          • VeriAeq

            Was joking as in your ‘new job at Midwayusa’,,, and giving props to your Brownells vid at the same time.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            I kinda thought that is where it was going but wasn’t sure. Right on, continue having fun at my expense while I go back to writing Larry’s next short story.

          • Marc

            Maybe he thought you meant Harry Porterfield? Chicago anyone?

    • 22winmag

      Want more control?

      Bring back lanyards!

    • Richie F

      It isnt just being dropped. Any sort of hard impact can have the same effect. A car accident, falling or being pushed to the ground, trying to jump a fence and hitting the support with the gun, running through a doorway and having the gun hit the frame. That is why drop safety in the firearm is important, because there are literally thousands of other situations that can cause it to fail in the same way

    • BeGe1

      Yes, a police officer’s job always involves things going as expected.

      I totally agree that the answer is to just not have bad things happen. Good call.

  • MrBrassporkchop


    Taurus owners sick of Taurus bashing

    • Jeremy Star

      Yeah, the gun that if you shake it hard enough it can go off. Get back in your corner and think about what you’ve done.

    • AC97

      Whether you like it or not, Taurus has really questionable QC at best and makes really stupid guns (the Taurus Judge, anyone?).

    • Sliced Veggies

      We found the Millennium owner.

  • GWARtheBand

    “ANY FIREARM MAY FIRE IF DROPPED.” – Um, no. Sorry, that’s just not true.

    • Octotron

      Every single mechanical device ever made has a potential for failure. You are 100% incorrect.

      • JohnnyCuredents

        No, what he says is true. I carry either a S&W 642 or a SIG P-250 with a round in the chamber and it is physically impossible for either to fire if dropped. Absolutely, 100% impossible. If the hammer doesn’t retract and come forward, nothing in these guns can hit the primer on a chambered round. Dropping these two firearms will not move the hammer back and then forward and will not release the firing pin block. Of course, neither of them is a striker-fired weapon….the very reason I do no like striker-fired handguns.

        • Octotron

          Impossible by design, yes. It is also impossible for it to fire in the P320 as well, by design. However, every single machine fails at some point. All of them – every single one. Any number of defects can be present, any number of things can go wrong. A part can simply sheer off or not engage properly.

          All machines have the capacity for failure. Things may be impossible by design but not impossible in reality.

          • JohnnyCuredents

            I believe striker-fired guns are inherently less safe than those that are hammer-fired. That said, of course no one can argue with your strict logic here, but no one in his right mind would ever think of ACTING on that kind of logic. Were someone to do so, he would refrain from entering elevators, refuse to drive a car, never fly, and avoid ever walking under a bridge! What GWARtheBand and I were addressing was the real world we live in, not a fantasy world called Paranoia.

        • Tyler

          What happens if inertia forces the firing pin to contact the primer, or whatever is blocking the firing pin to fail?

  • 22winmag

    I love it when guns flop… commercially, safety-wise, QC-wise, I don’t discriminate.

    The bigger and mightier the gun and/or manufacturer, the harder they flop.

    • Joshua

      Actually until we know more we can’t comment one way or another.

      • Outside of what Patrick posted from DPD and the short SIG statement to him that’s about it. Time will tell. It just seems to me that as long as the 320 has been out something would have come up before now.

    • john huscio

      SIGs flopped harder and more frequently than most.

  • txJM

    “The Firearms Training Center is currently working with Sig Sauer to obtain a solution for the safety issue.”

    That’s not a recall.

    Click bait.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Literally a recall. All DPD P320s are being sent back to SIG for repair. This is no different than when the 17m was recalled after Indy PD identified a safety issue with their new Glocks.

      Thanks for the click though.

      • Tyler

        Doesn’t a recall by definition have to be from the manufacture? A customer mandated recall is almost ludicrous. Especially from “an internal armorer” at the PD.. just saying.

        • Yes SIG announces a recall not a PD or anyone else. That’s why I kinda shy away from recall and tend to stay with the internal order to stop using them.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            Not accurate Phil. A recall can be issued by any number of sources. Just because Sig didn’t issue it does not make the term less applicable.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          No, a recall can be issued by any number of sources.

      • txJM

        I see nothing indicating that they are being sent to Sig, nor even confiscated from the individual officers.

        You are purporting something that you haven’t quantified with a source, which is the exact opposite of what you were fellating yourself about in the article.

        • Don’t use them until we talk with SIG and figure it out. That’s very simplified but pretty much covers it.
          My department had a problem with a couple of new guns. We swapped back to the previous issued gun until all the new ones were checked and fixed. Standard stuff.

  • DanGoodShot

    DPD got it all wrong. There’s nothing wrong with the P320, Thats Sigs new patented Drop-Bang feature. Come on Dallas, get with the program!

  • Blake

    “BREAKING” indeed…

  • Michael Smith

    Glock fanboy industrial espionage?

  • john huscio

    SIG: the cohenization continues.

  • nonobaddog

    Stupid fricking fake news headline.

  • CameronBenz

    In light of the lack of information, perhaps added the fragile sticker in the picture was in poor taste.

  • armed bear

    Glock did it. Glock did it. Aliens. Fatty acids and high fructose corn syrup.

    • USMC03Vet

      Big Glock and Big Pharma working with the Russians!

  • GordonTrenchard

    Chris Bartocci has noted that the army is having problems with the barrels. They only tested them to 12,000 rounds. I think he said the M9 basically was tested at double or triple that. Also the army did not follow its own procedures. I have a feeling this gun might not be ready for prime time.

  • NINJA del TACO
  • 1

    There has been another recall because of a dropped Sig 320. Stamford Police Department, Stamford, Connecticut. Gun was dropped while in a holster and with a Streamlight TLR1 installed. The gun discharged and injured an officer. Allegedly, Sig begrudgingly admitted they had a problem and that they never drop tested the gun with the additional weight of the light and holster attached.

  • Pcc addict

    Didn’t I read this same story somewhere else?

  • AlbertOneStone

    One thing that always baffled me about the P320 design was the lightweight trigger pull and the lack of a safety lever built into the trigger which would prevent a Taurus style dropped gun discharge. Almost every striker fired polymer handgun since glock has included such a trigger mounted lever and with the P320 being an incremental improvement on the polymer framed handgun pattern I wonder why it does not also have it. (Was it a desire to preserve that classic sig style trigger profile as they did with the frame shape?) Note: Am not saying that the failure alleged in the article is due to a lack of such a lever. That won’t be known until the details come out.

    • ARCNA442

      I believe the P320 gets away with it because the trigger pivots in the middle and pulls the trigger bar forward to release the striker while a Glock trigger is hinged at the top and pushes the trigger bar backwards. Thus, if the P320 is dropped, the weight of the trigger isn’t enough to move it.

      However, I don’t own a P320 so take this with a grain of salt.

  • John

    Terrible journalism guys…”P320 Recall Issued”.

    Click bait anyone???

    The entire issue is inconclusive yet THAT was your headline. Very poor choice of words.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      DPD is pulling the guns from the street until they go back to the factory for repair. Is that not exactly what a recall is?

      • ARCNA442

        Generally a recall is when a manufacturer recalls a product – not when a police department no longer authorizes a personally purchased item for duty use.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          Please read the above response. Recalls are not limited to only a manufacturer.

          • Sliced Veggies

            Dude, common. You know precisely what we mean. If you read an article title that said “Toyota issues a recall” would you not immediately think that it’s the manufacturer???

          • ARCNA442

            Oxford English Dictionary: “(of a manufacturer) request all the purchasers of (a certain product) to return it, as the result of the discovery of a fault.”

            From this quote in your article: “The Dallas Police Department still issues the Sig Sauer P226 handgun, but did authorize officers to purchase the Sig Sauer P320 handgun for duty use” the DPD could not recall the guns even under your understanding of the word since the DPD does not own and did not issue the guns. They had authorized them for private purchase and now no longer authorize them.

          • Sliced Veggies

            Oh snap. Dictionary mic drop!

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

   (Random House Unabridged Dictionary) “Also called callback. a summons by a manufacturer or other agency for the return of goods or a product already shipped to market or sold to consumers but discovered to be defective, contaminated, unsafe, or the like.”

          • ARCNA442

            So the DPD had goods or a product that they shipped to market or sold to consumers?

            The other agency is that definition is clearly a retailer – not a third party who neither sold nor purchased the product.

          • Bradley

            I am hereby recalling every single autoloading pistol on the basis that they sometimes have feeding issues when compared to revolvers. By your own logic this is a legitimate recall. Every time someone criticizes anything you people publish you just argue and attempt to invalidate any criticism. It usually just ends up proving the point of the critic.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            So a grocery store cant recall tainted food they sold? NHTSA can’t issue a recall for a faulty car? Doesn’t really matter if it is a recall. DPD says there is a problem with the P320, that is the story here. Not some pedantic nonsense about the use of a word.

      • Sliced Veggies

        No, it’s not. The term “recall” is known to the general public to be used in regards to a manufacturer recalling a product ie. Toyota for floor mats. You are referring to a departmental recall which is different than a manufacturer recall. Your title is misleading.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          The title literally says “P320 recalled by Dallas Police” ……. How is that misleading?

          A recall can be issued by a manufacturer, a retailer, or a governing body. In this case it is the governing body that handles all of the DPD weapons programs.

          • Sliced Veggies

            I understand HOW recalls can be issued. Thank you for that refresher. We are talking about your loose use of the word, when common usage of ‘recall’ is in reference to the manufacturer.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            Common is not always correct.

          • Sliced Veggies

            In this case, it is, actually. And now we are just splitting hairs. I’m going to go drop my 320 now.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            I spent about an hour doing that earlier, couldn’t get the primed case to fire.

      • Bradley

        No, that is not exactly what a recall is. A recall is initiated by the manufacturer.

    • Sliced Veggies

      Yeah, it’s pretty bad. He knows what he did and is arguing that “anyone” can issue a recall even though the common use of the word is in the context of the manufacturer.

  • Flash Gordon

    Would this “issue” impact guns with a manual safety?

  • Ryan L

    Not too many factds yet. Could be as simple as dpd armorer reading manual, seeing disclaimer calling legal/insurance and being told to either get sig to amend that language or put in a stop request. Sig legal balks at removing the language and here we are

  • Michael Edwards

    Fake news, started on several gun forum boards. There isn’t a shred of actual evidence beyond the specious rumors.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      The official statement from a large police department isn’t enough?

  • Octotron

    Tried posting as link, but Bruce Gray himself addressed this and basically said the whole thing is BS. No one has heard anything from anyone and no one has actually provided any account of anything actually ever happening with a P320 that would warrant a recall.

    This is clickbait scare mongering based off of an errant decision by one PD with no actual details and nothing to base any conclusion on.

    • Patrick is clarifying in the story that there is no recall from SIG period. I don’t believe there was anything hinted at or stated that SIG issued a recall.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      I have read Bruce’s response. It is his opinion and he is basing that on decades of experience. He is not intimately familiar with what may or may not be going on with the DPD guns though.

      I feel that Bruce may be spot on and DPD over reacted but that does not change the fact that the Dallas Police Department issued a recall of the pistols.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Ah it’s no big deal, it happens to Taurus all the time.

  • Wade Wallazy

    Sorry this is a really bad article. Patrick, and TFB please read this though. I appreciate the work you do. I just think you made a mistake here.

    First of all, this is not a recall in the common lexicon definition of the term. Most people read recall to be done by the manufacturer not the end user. Saying this is a recall and standing by that is a semantic game. If Sig recalled all of the 320’s that is a recall. The DPD retracted their approval for duty use or something along those lines.

    The assertion that there is a defect without knowing what the defect is, or at least how they came to the conclusion there is a defect, is misleading. They go on to say they have not experienced any problems but cannot or did not say what led them to this decision. That does not raise any red flags? Sig cannot fill 320 orders fast enough and outside of one obviously faked video there has not been one single report.

    Also, the first statement from the DPD mentions Sig identified an issue, the second statement from the DPD says that the DPD notified Sig of the issue, and the statement from Sig said they had no idea. How is this not another major red flag?

    This article also reads almost exactly like the article you discredit. Your article has the exact same message and that is there is an issue with the 320 and that is an absolute certainty. How can you say that without any facts, details, examples, or at least the testing methodology used by the DPD to arrive at their conclusions? The two statements they made on the subject were entirely contradictory. I appreciate that you tried to cite sources but sources with bad and or contradictory information are not sources.

    The fact that the DPD pulled the 320 from service is news. They are a major police department and that is newsworthy. Stating for a fact there is an issue with a gun without a single shred of evidence outside of two contradictory statements from the police is not newsworthy The manual statement should be obvious to you as a worst case scenario, yes it could happen but you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning the minute you hit the lottery scenario.

    Patrick and TFB, I expect better of you. I am sorry if that sounds condescending, but I say that from a position of respect. I very much appreciate your work and you are one of a few places I go to on the internet for truthful and unbiased, less James’ Glock fetish, on the internet. I really think this article as written is misleading and needs to rethought.

    • I appreciate your comment and believe you when you say it’s without malice or made in a condescending manner.

      • Wade Wallazy

        I appreciate that. This is coming from a guy who has no problem with James Reeves’ shorts and thinks one of your best articles was the one he wrote about the Blackhawk Tactical shorts. Comedy god.

        I hope you take my and other’s constructive criticism to heart and consider amending the article and the title to something more in line with your standards. It feels like James read the original article and tried too hard to prove or disprove its premise and missed the forest in the trees.

        I do appreciate your defense of your stance and of your work. That speaks to your integrity.

    • 22winmag

      Aside from the intrusive advertising, I believe it’s all the knife, flashlight, exoskeleton, heavy artillery/crew served weapons, Jihad Bentley, and bullet-impregnated shot glass articles that are are an existential threat to the fine blog. A 10% drop in time spent on a well-established blog is beyond alarming.

      • Sliced Veggies


  • USMC03Vet

    Well this is just further confirmation that when it comes to firearms Dallas is retarded.

    • Wade Wallazy

      And that should be the article, that Dallas PD was duped by a faked video.

  • Bradley

    I’m concerned that you might actually be mentally retarded.

  • Croak

    Sounds like Glock’s marketing team of top men is on the job. 🙂

  • Should stick with a CZ75 platform

    • 22winmag

      A mack truck in every holster?

    • Sliced Veggies

      Because they are so modular and light?

  • KertP

    Every Owners Manual for every Sig handgun contains that same warning about a dropped firearm being capable of discharge. Same one posted in the article. I think this whole affair is another attempt to besmirch the P320.