Mad Pig Customs cerakoted this Maxim9 for Capitol Armory. As you can see it has a P-51B from the 51st fighter group theme. My only critique is that it looks like the mouth design won’t work if the owner of this Maxim9 wants to remove the baffle and make the Maxim9 shorter. The cerakoted magazine looks cool but if this was mine I would leave it in the box and use some PMAGs or other Glock mags.


  • PK


    I don’t think someone having this done to this sort of item is especially concerned about the design not lining up if the can is made shorter, either! It strikes me as a BBQ or display gun, primarily.

  • Vhyrus

    Considering it’s a maxim, the shark mouth should be zippered shut.

    • mrsatyre

      Sharks aren’t known for their screams, bellows, or roars. Just their teeth. Also, the P-40s that sported this scheme were known as the “Flying Tigers”, so I’m gonna go out on a limb here and state, for the record, that it’s not a shark’s mouth. So, in that case, you’d be right: it should be zippered shut. 😉

      • Landru

        I beleive the P-40 was called The Tiger Shark or Warhawk depending on model which could be why the mouth was painted open displaying the teeth.

      • This is actually based on a P-51B from the 51st fighter group. The man that did the finish told me that earlier today.

      • Aric

        Or it could have been named that after a tiger shark.

      • MaxPower515

        The Sharks mouth on aircraft originated within ZG76 (German Heavy Fighter Wing) during World War II and was later copied placed on the P40s for both the RAF No 112 squadron and the AVG. The name “Flying Tigers” was actually given to them by their support group in Washington around the same time they adopted the sharks mouth.

      • Johnsmyname

        Looks like shark teeth, Tiger shark teeth…

  • Johnsmyname

    I know one of the owners over there, good guys and they do great work!

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    I just fondled one of these at Capitol Armory the other day!! I didn’t see this one though.

    I definitely have to buy one now though. They are such a sweet pistol.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou


      I bought one this morning.

  • Anonymoose

    >kraut caliber and schnitzel mags

    • Glenfilthie

      Yes but it flies the colours of The Forces Of Niceness…!

  • TennTexan

    This made me throw up in my mouth a little…

    • st381183

      I love mine. Decent trigger, quiet, accurate. What’s not to love? I got about 400 rounds through it.

      • TennTexan

        Glad you like yours. It holds no appeal to me whatsoever. By all accounts I’ve heard they are loud AF with anything other than subsonic ammo, and even then they are not as quiet as normal pistols with normal cans. To me, an integrally suppressed rifle makes sense. An integrally suppressed pistol? Not so much.

        • Veritas

          But integrally suppressed rifles aren’t covered with a concealed handgun permit. That’s the top reason why I want the Maxim.

          • TennTexan

            Good luck concealing the Maxim…

        • Ben

          An integrally silenced pistol makes so much sense. Trying to carry a holsterer pistol with the silencer attached is awkward at best. I never carry a pistol with my can attached for that reason.

          • TennTexan

            Depends on the pistol and can. A Sig P938 with Thompson Poseidon will carry concealed in a shoulder rig just fine.

          • Ben

            I was more referring to carrying a full size handgun on the hip while hiking, hunting, etc. As much as I love my p938, I only use that for iwb. And Thompson Machine ? Hell no.

        • st381183

          You heard wrong

          • TennTexan

            Whatever you say, chief. Enjoy your Maxim. I won’t be buying one.

  • 22winmag

    I bet this is a big hit in assisted-living communities.

  • Aric

    Is it a P-40 or a P-51b? Title seems at odds with the contents.

    Looks more like the P-40 to me.

    • It’s a P-51B the man who did the finish on these told me that today. Some P-51’s had a shark mouth as did B-24s and B-25’s.

      • Aric

        I’m aware that numerous planes had the shark mouth painted on them, my question was due to the fact that the title called it a P-40, while the content described it as a P-51B. You’ve since edited it of course…

  • Mergatroid

    If this was my blog, I’d fire you for writing like a 6 year old.

  • Polaritypictures Ken

    Sorry stupid question as I only saw how the slide get removed in some video, what locks the Barrel? is it a tilting barrel like a browning/glock/sw? and where does it lock to? since the Slide is only locked to two pins in the forward frame(Seems a bit weak no?), I’d hate so see that slide comeoff and hit you in the face.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Looks like someone let their 5 year old loose in the paint booth.
    Each their own, not my gun, but it’s pathetic IMNSO.

  • mazkact

    I don’t normally go in for custom paint jobs on guns but this is very cool. The Maxim just lends itself to it.

  • 191145

    not !