LaRue Ultimate AR15 Upper Receiver

More than a dozen years ago, my entry into a high quality, free float AR15 rail system was from none other than Mark LaRue. At the time, there were only a small handful of of manufactures building rock solid rail platforms for ARs. And even though I have long since sold off that original upper for a lighter model, I am considering a return to a LaRue rail system for a future (hopefully) night vision setup. Adding to the available options, the Texas-based rifle maker is offering a new option – the LaRue Ultimate AR15 Upper Kit.

My one complaint: the forearm features the KeyMod attachment system, which by all accounts has now been left in the dust by the MLOK system. Details, specifications and pricing can be found below.

From Mark LaRue himself:

For all you quality conscious AR15 do-it-yourselfers, this upper kit is the absolute pinnacle of Ultra-Precision.

For you wannabe quality conscious AR15 do-it-yourselfers, this kit will be awesome to cut your AR assembly teeth on.

Three weeks ago we offered a run of a marvelous, complete 6.5 Grendel rifles based off these same upper components – and it sold very well. But many calls came in saying “take my money – sell me the parts!!”. Okay, we listened, for a limited time, you can now get the satisfaction of putting together the finest upper build kit ever offered on the planet Earth, and at a smokin’ price, pick from 3 great calibers. There’s even an option for us to assemble and test-fire it for you.

Be undaunted – our rifle techs are standing by the phones to answer any and all of your questions – 512-259-1585

I had the good sense to send one of those 6.5 Grendels to an author of the 6.5 Grendel Reloading manual, the last word on reloading the 6.5 … here’s what he had to say about the complete rifle that’s based on this upper kit …

There are many little details about the LaRue Stealth 2.0 that I have been noticing as I dig around this rifle.

If it were just a billet AR with a nice receiver set and quality barrel, you probably wouldn’t see me posting much about it. Silence would be more telling than signal.

Everything is Top Dead Center and aligned, starting from the detent on the buttplate of the RAT stock (which removes to expose the cleaning kit sleeves), all the way to the ports on the Tranquillo brake.

The handguard rail aligns perfectly with the upper rail, which I’ve not ever seen on forged receiver builds even with the best after-market handguards out there.

Aluminum billet receivers and handguard were anodized before being Cerakoted FDE, and the color match across the furniture and aluminum is very uniform.

I haven’t spent this much time pawing over an AR in many years, and am truly appreciative of the thought and workmanship that went into this rifle from the perspective of someone who has studied this industry since childhood.

There is a lengthy list of features based on improved functionality like the gas tube ferrule (gizmo), the MBT-2S trigger, along with an extreme passion for fit between all the parts, with intelligent design woven into the components. The flats on the Tranquillo brake are nice, and the supplied wrench doubles as a barrel nut and brake wrench with jaws for both on it. I really like this rifle.

LaRue Ultimate AR15 Upper Kit – What’s in the box:

  • LaRue Stealth 2.0 Upper Receiver (M4 feedramps) with forward assist and dust cover installed
  • LaRue Stealth 2.0 Handguard with Barrel Nut and Barrel Nut Wrench
  • Mil-spec Charging Handle
  • Mil-spec Bolt Carrier Group
  • LaRue Barrel
  • LaRue LT202 Gas Block and Gas Tube
  • LaRue Tranquilo Muzzle Brake
  • LaRue RAT Stock with RAT Rod Kit
  • LaRue LT629 Receiver Extension Tube, Castle Nut, Latch Plate, Carbine Spring and Buffer
  • LaRue LT-TAC Trigger Action Chassis with APEG grip, safety, and LTMBT-2S Trigger installed
  • Lower Parts Kit (all remaining springs, pins and detents to complete out your stripped lower)
  • Index Clips
  • MSRP: $299 to $999 depending on options

LaRue Ultimate AR15

LaRue Tactical – Facebook


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  • PK

    I was really excited, at first. What is the “Trigger Action Chassis”, I thought to be some sort of modular FCG unit, and expected different magwells available to group together with different length uppers. Oh, well.

    • SGT Fish

      they work great for frankengun builds. and they are cheap!

      • PK

        True enough, I’ve used more than one cheap trigger jig for that. And a sale price of $99 for the chassis and FCG and grip? I’ll have to get a couple next time they’re on sale… talk about easy tubegun builds.

    • Zach Robinson

      Supply your own lower then? I was looking at that as well and if I’m looking at the pics right it’s just something for them to ship the FCG and grip on. That’s kind of derpy but whatever.

      • PK

        It is either your own lower, or for $200 they assemble and test it.

        It’s not just something to ship the FCG in, but rather what amounts to a trigger jig. I wish they’d sell them by themselves!

        • Flash Gordon

          If there was a way to exchange info, I would be happy to send you a Larue TAC

          • PK

            If you’re serious, feel free to shoot me an e-mail…

            [Deleted, thanks!]

        • SGT Fish

          there are other companies that make them, with and without pistol grips.

          • PK

            I use the jigs from Strike Industries. What other companies would you suggest? I’m just using them as a simple FCG box.

            Really, what I should do is just find an appropriate U-channel extrusion and do some simple milling and welding to make my own, but… there’s something to be said for a build using only hand tools, bolts, and off-the-shelf parts. I like to create and share things that anyone can do, given the instructions.

    • TheUnspoken

      My first thought too! How is that lower going to work with no mag well? But I see what’s going on… I agree it is kinda a weird thing to include and confusing since it doesn’t get much mention what is going on. No one else includes such in their rifle build kit, so I think it needs to be specifically spelled out.

      Reminds me of the first time I saw an ad for an AR with Sig brace without much mention on it. Wait, how isn’t that an SBR?

      • noob

        from the La Rue website “When we handed out samples of the new LaRue TAC (Trigger Action Chassis) at SHOT Show 2017, people went nuts over them! The TAC perfectly supports an MBT 2S Trigger (or just about any AR15 trigger) in proper alignment with a grip and allows for full function of the trigger. Now, you can safely practice trigger manipulation without the need for a complete rifle.

        More than an interesting display-piece, it’s a great training and demo instrument that can make you a better marksman.”Feeling” a trigger will only get you to a certain skill-level. With the TAC, you can clearly observe all the internal components as they work in concert. The TAC will give you a much-better visual understanding of exactly how a trigger works. Most importantly, the TAC reveals precisely when (and how) a hammer releases. This is one of those simple tools that will give you a big advantage over traditional dry-firing.

        The chassis’ glass-filled polymer design allows the user to freely drop the hammer with no damage whatsoever for a lifetime. After each part is molded, critical areas are CNC-machined for precise fit. The LaRue TAC was designed and manufactured in-house, in Texas, USA.”

  • Jtx

    No mention of the Dillo dust. Is that included or did you buy it and set it there for optics?

    • Gary Kirk

      It’s not that great, but is cool that they send it with some of their stuff..

    • john huscio

      Good for snorting off a stripper’s ass (or so i’ve heard).

  • D

    My LaRue stealth upper shoots 1/4 MOA with factory ammo and my 308 shoots 1/2 MOA with factory ammo. LaRue makes awesome stuff.

    • neckbone

      1/4 moa my asss. Really I’m tired of the lies. Please be truthful. And pictures will help. But a video would be better. You sound like a world class shooter. If it shoots 1/4 moa all day that’s something you should be taking people’s money with.

      • Scott Wagner

        I don’t know if a Larue will do that group size (haven’t bought any of their stuff ever given how they’ve screwed dealers and the excessive wait times), but there are a number of companies putting out AR barrels that will do sub 1/4. Maybe not with every barrel off the line, and not with every load, but I’ve seen it.

  • SGT Fish

    ew! keymod….

    • neckbone

      That’s prolly why he’s selling this stuff so cheap. He’s clearing out stuff he knows is getting left behind. Like keymod and 6.5 Grendel.

  • john huscio

    Nutnfancy will get one, drill out the gas port, screw it up then whine about how awful it is compared to whatever hes reviewing next….

    • Henry Reed

      He is truly awful.

    • dave

      Iirc he sent it back to them twice and it still didn’t work.

      • Tox

        To be fair, Mark Larue is kinda awful too. just disagree with him in any way, shape or form and he shows his true colors. Larue and Nutnfancy were made for one another.

  • Gary Kirk

    Wait!! What?? LaRue rifle KIT + MSRP $299-999??? $299?? That doesn’t work..