RCMP Lost A Grenade Launcher

A multi-grenade launcher fell off the back of a truck in British Columbia, Canada. A member of the Integrated Emergency Response Team lost their grenade launcher with ammo. Now the launcher is non-lethal and shoots gas grenades. However it is not something you want to have falling out of your vehicle.


The police officer discovered the items were gone after a passing motorist alerted him that his truck canopy was open. The officer pulled over and realized a green camouflage bag containing the multi-launcher and a black backpack containing assorted electronic equipment were missing.

Luckily a member of the public found it and returned it. What would you have done if you found it?

Nicholas C

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  • Cameron Bissell

    Sorry officer when I found it the item was empty, good thing no one was hurt. Atleadtbsone one had some fun. …no officer I’m just wheezing because of allergies not CS gas.

  • DanGoodShot

    I would return it and ask if I can have a day at the rang with them firing it. 🙂

  • Matthew Scheafer

    Returned it once i shot all the ammo.

  • Risto Kantonen

    If this had happened in Finland, and i would have happened to found it, i would have called the police immediately after founding it and asked for instructions. I wouldn’t touch the weapon, nor would i approach it.

    But it’s extremely unlikely that something like that would occur in Finland.

    • PK

      I’m glad that the people of most countries understand how to close the storage compartment on vehicles. This sort of thing happens in English-speaking countries with absurd regularity.

  • Jeez Louise

    Screw the po-pos! Finders keepers.

  • noob

    a gas gun? so 37mm flare caliber and not full 40mm?

    • Anonymoose

      It still bloops! Theoretically you could make your own 37mm explosive rounds, but that would make the ATF mad. :^)

      • noob

        Can we put the ATF at ease with a pre-nuptial dinner, movie, arcane application form and $200 tax stamp before getting busy?

        • Longhaired Redneck

          Maybe throw in a flower bouquet? And make the 🎥 movie ‘Fast and Furious’!

          • noob

            Froglube. Lots and lots of froglube.

    • Details

      In the video it showed a 40mm CS round.

  • Major Tom

    “I’m sorry officer but it was empty and expended when I found it.”

  • Jim Smith

    My ex’s house would be totally unlivable – just saying.

  • FT_Ward

    If the situation was reversed the police would have charged the owner and issued a press release about how guns should be safely transported.

    • Flight Er Doc

      Indeed. The civilian would have all his firearms confiscated, his license to posses firearms in Canada revoked, and would never have any opportunity to get them back.

      The cops? Oopsie.

    • The Pontificant

      For the sake of society and the people’s safety, the grenade launcher should be impounded by the citizen and after an established period of time, either added to their equipment locker or auctioned off.

      If it is acceptable for those who work for us, then it should be acceptable for us, eh? We certainly don’t want to be hypocritical, eh?

  • Gary Kirk

    I might’ve had an unfortunate boating accident while on my way to return it..

    • Dan

      Damn you Gary you beat me to it.

  • Bill

    It’s amazing the stuff that gets left on LE vehicle roofs, trunk lids, call-out scene picnic tables and so forth. I once witnessed someone, from a major agency, start to drive a megabuck bus-sized mobile command center away with the awnings and pullout sections still extended. The instruction book says not to do that, along with the big red warning labels on the dashboard.

    The merciless ribbing whoever did this will get from coworkers is far worse than anything else that could happen, until some kid shot another kid in the head with a CS round from 3 feet away.

    • Blake

      Shot? As in past tense? When/where did that happen? That’s terrible.

      • Bill

        Sorry, I was speaking hypothetically, though there have been cases were cops didn’t properly secure there guns at home and some tragic incidents occurred when kids got a hold of them.

    • Blake

      Two Internet points to the first one that can name the film:
      (Should be easy. No peeking at the URL!)

      • iksnilol

        Pulp Fiction?

        • Major Tom


        • Blake


  • GaryOlson

    Non-lethal rabbit containment and removal. Do rabbits react to the gas the same as people?

  • oldman

    Fell off the back of a truck lol heard that one before usaly from the bloke trying to sell goods of doubious provenance.

  • Brett baker

    Gas grenades proved lethal in WW1 as I recall.

  • Ark

    Free grenade launcher!

    I don’t know what I’d use it for, but I’ve got a few decades of life left. Surely an opportunity will present itself.

  • Blake

    Jamie Hyneman has one:

    Apparently the pressure is massively adjustable (primarily for range).

  • Tym O’Byrne

    Found what? LOL.

  • Alfred Calver

    You mean that it is not called an “assault weapon” and is “… non-lethal and shoots gas grenades”?

  • Mark Duncan

    The question that really should be Asked? Why Does the RCMP need a grenade launcher for. Maybe at a routine traffic stop, checking for drivers license, registration and seat belt infractions, Howdy Doody, needs a grenade launcher to protect himself from us lawless , defenseless , Serfs..
    And to top it all off , Howdy Doody lost it from a truck.. Effen incompetence..!!

  • RICH

    WHOOOPS….. ! ! !

  • Antoua B

    Ridiculous question at the end of the news article:
    What would you have done if you found it?
    Every good and law abiding citizen would return it. Luckily, no crooks have found it as it would have never been returned.

  • jerry young

    I previously made a comment about the cop leaving it at Dunkin Doughnuts in jest, I am surprised at the amount of people that failed to see the humor, one guy even asked didn’t you read the article? why yes I did don’t you have a sense of humor? another had to point out how it fell out the back of a truck again no sense of humor, I think my Dunkin Doughnuts thought was a more plausible explanation, yeah right it fell out the back of your truck try explain that to the chief.

    • noob

      Dunkin Doughnuts? everyone knows if a Canadian is gonna forget his grenade launcher it will be at a Timmy Horton’s eh?

  • Stephen Paraski

    Buried for later use.

  • Farley Fishbane

    The Mounties have grenade launchers? Now I’m really worried about these folks.

  • shooter2009

    Es no bueno…

  • tick

    Well I remember the day when the Wisconsin National Guard lost something similar
    off the back of a truck. Wasn’t LTL though….and was never recovered.

  • noob

    yikes! that’s pretty much the M32A1 for cops right?

  • LazyReader

    Since you’ve attended a public school I assume you’re familiar with small arms….so I think we’ll start you off with something a little more advanced today…. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/503c6b54cb240784e9d891ebcfa36572b635c08dfa67a84a8ba78f1b65fa209d.gif

  • Dan

    I would have picked up the items climbed in my boat to take them back to the RC…. oh crap tragic boating accident.