New Model 700 Short Action Chassis from Best Damn Gun


The Best Damn Gun company announced that it was now offering a new chassis for the Remington Model 700 action. The new chassis is designed for the short action and follows on the heels of the long action version that was introduced at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

The chassis, like the original, is a basic chassis that the gunsmith or home builder can use as a base to build a bolt gun. It is not designed to be a nearly complete chassis that is commonly found. Rather, it is a basic platform that the builder can then add a stock, pistol grip and other parts to.

The nice thing about this chassis is that it is designed to be compatible with mil-spec sized AR parts. This allows you to bolt any AR type pistol grip to it. To add a stock, simply screw in a buffer tube and slide on your preferred stock. Up front, you can attach any AR handguard that has an internal diameter that is wide enough to clear the barrel you select.

The chassis is designed to work with any Model 700 triggers. For ammunition feeding, the short action chassis is compatible with AICS .223 and AICS .308 magazines. The chassis is made of 6061 aluminum and is unfinished. The suggested retail price is $545.

Richard Johnson

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  • That’s a hard price to swallow when there is the mdt lss and xlr element….

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Both of KRG’s stocks, AI AT chassis, etc etc.

    • Alexander Nguyen

      I was going to say, this should be like $100 for it to make sense considering you need to add a handguard and a stock as well as get it finished. Is there anything special about this chassis? It doesn’t even look like it’s compatible with AR barrel nuts, you have to request a custom chassis for each brand of handguard

      • Friend

        I was gonna say… doesn’t it kind of need to be THREADED to take AR handguards?

    • James Earl Jones

      My xlr element came out to about $800 with stock and all. I just don’t see this having the value.

    • neckbone

      They should try to come out with a 80% 700 action. Then it might sell.

  • Best Damn Gun’s drop in EDM Sig triggers are incredible, one of the highlights of SHOT for me the last two years. Butter smooth double action and maybe a 2lb, bolt action rifle crisp single action break.

    Don’t really care about the 700, but really hope they expand their line of drop in DA/SA triggers to CZ’s.

  • noob

    Neat! how does the barrel attach to the chassis? are those holes on the front trunion for set screws?

    • Xtorin O’hern

      it screws into the receiver, which goes in the chassis

  • Sledgecrowbar

    I was interested until I saw that they have a pile of specific models for various kinds of handguards. It should have a threaded collar like a regular AR upper, even if it has to be LR-308-sized for clearance of the barrel. The big thing with AR fans is that you can swap parts out when you want something else, this defeats the whole purpose of making a gun AR-compatible.