Gerber’s Sharkbelly Knife

Sharkbelly Serrated Edge

If you carry a gun, you probably carry a knife. Not only are knives helpful on the range, but they also serve as an important tool in many people’s daily activities. And let’s not forget that a good knife can be a valuable self defense tool as well.

Earlier this year, Gerber announced a new daily carry pocket knife that may be a good fit for the regular life of many shooters. The new Sharkbelly was designed to be a superior every day carry kind of knife that can handle your regular chores in addition to the more dire use for personal protection.

Sharkbelly Serrated Edge

The Sharkbelly is a folding knife that has a 3.25″ long blade made of 420HC steel. Two versions are available: one with a plain edge and another with a partially serrated blade. Both have a sheepsfoot design with a long thumb hole for one handed opening.

Gerber used a glass filled nylon handle with a texture it calls a Sharksin Grip. The knife has a pocket clip and is designed to be carried tip down.

These made in the United States knives are reasonably priced with a MSRP of $39. I’ve found Gerber knives to be well made and own several myself. The Sharkbelly is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Richard Johnson

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  • MeaCulpa

    I don’t know if a sheepsfoot blade is desirable for self defence as it’s a blade design that is really bad for stabbing.

  • Scott Tx

    looks nice but I’ve been spoiled by assisted openers with flippers

    • Phillip Cooper

      Me too. The CRKT M16 line has become the gold standard for what I need a knife to do.

    • Marc

      I must have tip up; ymmv.

      • Scott Tx


      • Phillip Cooper

        Same here.

        That, and the sheepsfoot blade, kill it as an EDC knife I may need to use as a defense blade.

  • Xerxes036

    Voda Consulting knows all about using blades for self defense against paper and ceiling tiles!!!

  • Swarf

    Friends don’t let friends buy post-Bear Gerber.

  • RazorHawk

    A small fixed blade beat folders any day, faster to deploy.

  • 22winmag

    Thanks for the lengthy and well-written excuse for more knife articles on a gun blog!

  • Kirk Newsted

    A link to the knife would be nice.