Grey Ghost Precision Partners with Aero Precision

Grey Ghost Precision slides

Grey Ghost Precision announced the company entered into a strategic partnership with Aero Precision.

Grey Ghost Precision stated that this partnership will allow the company to take its line of Glock handgun components to “the next level.” Grey Ghost Precision specifically cited Aero Precision’s manufacturing abilities, manufacturing expertise and distribution channels as key factors in how the partnership will benefit them.

The end result, it would appear, is that Grey Ghost Precision customers should be able to get orders filled quicker than in the past.

One of the first products that is benefiting from the new partnership is the line of Glock 17 and Glock 19 slides that were shown at the 2017 SHOT Show. The slides are available with and without the proper cut for the addition of a Trijicon RMR red dot.

From Grey Ghost:

“We are incredibly excited about what this partnership brings to the market. Both of our brands are focused on top tier products and our customers are of the upmost priority. We wanted to align ourselves with a company who shared our same values, and work ethic – the fact that they come from the Pacific NorthWest only further cemented their place in our hearts. We are incredibly end-user focused; and with several of our products currently being deployed with teams in combat, our focus on the feedback from those who put themselves into harms way is the most imperative.
This collaboration will allow Grey Ghost Precision’s current GLOCK line of components to leap to the next level, in utilizing Aero’s manufacturing abilities and expertise, as well as their distribution channels to help reach the end-users without the commonly found long lead times. GGP’s products can be in your hands faster and without compromising the quality both companies are best known for.”

Says Casey Ingels, Grey Ghost Precision CEO

Richard Johnson

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  • Rnasser Rnasser

    I’m amazed at the people that spend their money to elevate their glocks to the next level of pseudotactical ugliness.

    • Old Tofu

      do you not have cars with the 24″ rims in your city . . . similar mental illness

      • Rnasser Rnasser

        In my city the number or potholes make 24″ rims a no go…

    • Jack_A_Lope

      I’m amazed that these people spend money on Glock perfection, then have to spend more money improving that perfection. It’s an ugly, effective tool. Spending money on this “upgrade” is like spending money to make a sledge hammer look better. Why bother, and, who cares?

      • Sianmink

        A shovel doesn’t need pearl grips.
        All that said, that hex patterning on the slide looks really really good.

      • USMC03Vet

        It’s the logic special olympics. I gotta buy that gun with the biggest after market to make it good!

      • Shankbone

        A friend of mine is building a pistol from an 80% polymer lower. Although I believe he is going with a factory slide due to his student budget, it’s nice for others to have options.

      • Don

        It behooves me that someone would spend 3,700 on a glock (new barrel, slide,trigger ,sights, etc.) ,when one could buy a “new” Wilson or nighthawk for the same price and have a gun 10x’s better ….glocks work,but they look and feel like a piece of crap. ..PERIOD

      • Green tip

        You JUST ANSWERED your own question. Now…does that ACTUALLY make sense? Not really. But people DO what they DO. After all…you just said “WHO cares?” Really who SHOULD care, after all it’s THAT person’s money; evrybody ought to get OVER it already!

  • Christopher Wallace

    they look nice but wayyyy too much cash for it.

  • Now I want to eat a jar of honey.

  • Kevin Sanderson

    My recent Grey Ghost/Aero Precision rifle build now seems… correct.

  • izhmash

    The slide alone is $730. That’s an RMR or an entire new pistol.

  • netPIMP

    never a dull moment in the comments section on TFB… all the tactical princesses are out to bash and judge, hiding behind their psueonyms… I’d wager a significant amount that most of you nitwits couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with an elephant, much less with any gun you’re carrying, not matter how amazeballs you say it is, stock, bling’d out, or otherwise…

  • Budi Utomo

    Wow. Pretty clever how many accessoires you can sell for a gun. We just have bullets.