Full Conceal’s Folding Glock Akin To Magpul’s FMG9

Full Conceal had a prototype of their concept back at SHOT Show 2017. Pete posted about it here. Their original concept was a cut down Glock frame and the remaining grip/magazine would lock onto the frame making the pistol a rectangular brick. You would have to remove the grip/magazine and insert it into the gun to make it into a complete pistol.

At Triggrcon 2017 they are showing off their latest prototype, the Full Conceal M3 folding pistol.


Their folding pistol is based off Magpul’s FMG9.

#fmg9 folding machine gun is the inspiration behind @fullconceal #foldingpistol

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The Full Conceal M3 folding pistol will retail for $1199 however you can preorder it now for only $999. I hope they will sell just the frame so anyone can just add their Glock 19 slide if they wanted to rather than purchasing an entire gun.

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  • Bill Jordan

    “You first”, comes to mind.

  • Neat, but what’s the target audience here?

    • hking


    • Anonymoose


      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Mom Ninjas.
        They are obsessed with folding crap.

    • PK

      The three or four civilian owners of FPG9 SBRs. I know I’m interested, even at $1,000.

      • LGonDISQUS


  • D

    Yeah, like I’m going to bet my life on that.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Still trying to figure out the problem that this is the answer to.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      A non folding Glock.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Your glock is so glock, the only thing it folds on is a military contract.

        • Vhyrus

          That burn was so sick my polymer frame melted.

        • Joshua

          that burn was so hot the fireclean vaporized

        • DW

          SHOTS FIRED, AD into a glock leg!

        • BrandonAKsALot


          Nice. Got a legit lol there.

    • derfelcadarn

      Just because you can, does not mean you should.

      • FlaBoy

        Just because they can usually means someone will, sooner or later, whether they should or not. See the First Law of the Improbability Principle: The Law of Inevitability.

    • Gangsta_crip

      No joke fam. Ill keep my hi point brand glock foty an str8 blass onna mark 4 he can evn put dis dumb piece toge4er.

      • Gangsta_crip

        On my momma cuz. We do dat hevie work . we ain’t bout no bubba garbage lyk dis^. I tole da homies to lern to swang dey gat by watchin whiteboyz on hur.

      • Thomas James

        You realize how fkng stupid you sound right now right?

        • Gangsta_crip

          Not as stupit as ur hoe asz . betchu wont step to dem hoova crips in new orlans wit hipoint brand glock fotys an oilfiltur and maglights hushers.

    • lucusloc

      A folding gun that reduces one of the hardest dimensions to conceal seems like a viable compromise for a large variety of situations. This particular gun may be a bit large for an application like deep concealment in light clothing, but as an early version of the technology it is an interesting concept. I would love to see something like this mature into smaller packages.

      • FlaBoy

        Agree, agree…both with the idea of hiding the gun shape and that this is an early iteration. Good idea, but it looks like it might be too fragile … waiting for the second or third generation. Also, an idea that might work even better for smaller guns, along the idea of the “folding cell phone gun”. I could see this folding Glock in a container with a lid with a disguise on top, eg, when you open the container, you see batteries, as in a box of batteries. The weight of the package would be appropriate, but below the fake batteries … a real, functional Glock. A way to have a gun when you need a gun where you’re not supposed to have a gun. Oh, wait…that might be illegal…I’d never do that.

      • TexianPatriot

        Why, so you can keister it. That would hurt, and if it didnt, not having a folding glock wouldnt be your only problem. That’s the only reason to take the “L” shape out of a gun. There are smaller pistols than this already available. There are zip guns for deep concealment.

        • lucusloc

          Yep, and if this technology was mature it could offer a much more capable gun in a form factor as small as a zip gun when folded. Taking the “L” shape out of a gun has lots of advantages; it reduces printing issues, decreases one of the harder dimensions to conceal and lets you carry a larger magazine. Of course the first gen of this tech would be on a full size gun. That is the easiest form factor to iterate on while trying to figure out what all the problems and possible solutions are. When they get it more refined they can move on to trying it out on a pocket pistol to see how it works there.

    • Jonn Doe

      I think you’ve got that wrong, this thing “IS” the problem

    • noob

      it means that to conceal it in a bible you only need to cut out a square shape, rather than an L shape.

  • X

    ? …..Why?

  • Mergatroid

    Nicolas C. has to be a troll. He must get up in the morning and say “You know what, I’m gonna find the most tacti-ninja guido thing and shotgun shitpost it on every website i can find”.

  • Cal S.

    I thought the point of a take-down was to decrease the space taken up by something. This just takes an ‘L’ and turns it into a rectangle of the same volume. Hard pass. I can find any number of compact handguns for a 1/3 that MSRP.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Uh no.
    This is just rearranging mass not reducing it all the while making it less readily available when needed.

    • lucusloc

      People looking for or needing deep concealment already know they are not getting a quick draw. Something like this reduces one of the dimensions needed for really good concealment, so it will find its place with people who need that particular feature. The other option is to carry a mouse gun with very limited capacity and power. You can theorycraft all you want about what is more important, a quicker draw or a better gun, the fact of the matter is that different people will prioritize those features differently. Sometimes that will pay off for them, sometimes it will not, but with such a limited sample size of actual incidents saying for certain which is better is pretty much impossible. Carry what works best for you.

      • FlaBoy

        Agree again! Deep concealment almost always means no quick draw. But you still retain some element of surprise (bad guy didn’t know you had a gun) and you still have some means of self protection. Yes, it might be a mouse gun or a gnat gun, but it’s still better than a rock or an old man’s fist.

        • FlaBoy


  • bgav

    Way to ruin a perfectly good and concealable G19.

  • Oregon213

    I’m really enjoying the juxtaposition of this article and the one on the S&W 69.

  • rychastings

    just get a smaller glock 43 instead of trying to gerry rig this thing if you can’t pack a larger gun

    • Drew Riebe

      Agreed, it looks, if anything, harder to conceal than a 43 or LC9 or similar. It kinda looks harder to conceal than a regular G19.

  • Swarf

    Well… okay, but can you make it even dumber?

    Like, I don’t know, maybe a suppressor that folds over the top of the frame? And an ENDO stock that folds to the side?

    And make it all spring loaded.

  • Edeco


    Well, that’s a heck of a thing. More interesting than the one-finger grips they were doing.

  • FMG9 all the way.

  • Kelly Jackson

    How is the overall height when folded any shorter than say a Glock G19 with the grip cut down to G26 specs? Then just put the magazine in your pocket, because that would take about the same amount of time to deploy.

    I can appricate the overall concept but the execution of these things is just awful

  • Madcap_Magician

    Just because it’s ‘inspired’ doesn’t make it smart.

  • JD

    Yawn, I challenge buyers of that monstrosity to see if they can draw faster from concealment than me drawing a standard glock 17 from my AIWB. I’m betting there won’t be any takers.

  • st381183

    I think it’s a neat idea as a concept. Why Magpul hasn’t manufactured a semi automatic FMG (FMSA maybe?) I don’t know. I would pay the AOW transfer fee.

    • Cymond

      SBR, $200
      But yeah, would be cool. It’s like Magpul loves teasing us with cool guns they’ll never make.

      • st381183

        You are correct. I got a little fixated on its looks rather barrel length. Still worth it though.

        • Wow!

          A few guys made home builds of the Ares FMG with an arm brace design.

      • Wow!

        It seemed like Magpul was planning to get into manufacturing firearms but after the screw up with Bushmaster over the ACR, it seems they decided it was not worth the hassle, which is unfortunate.

        They did however port the designs over to PTS which is their airsoft brand and you can take apart those guns and counter engineer it into a firearm fairly easily (considering everything is nearly 1:1 scale)

  • Robert Bonaiuto

    Huh? Why? Looks harder to conceal? More moving parts. Just…….why????

    • Gregory Markle

      I checked it out at SHOT and it would be easier to conceal. What wouldn’t be easier to conceal are the motions you would have to go through to render it functional, how long deploying it takes, and the holes you acquired from your intended target while doing so. It really struck me as a solution in search of a problem to solve and the fine motor skills needed to render it operational really don’t sell the design at all. It’s nowhere near as slick as the Magpul FMG9 which I’ve wanted since I had the opportunity to mess with the prototype several years back!

  • This is really just astoundingly stupid. You’re not saving a bit of space over a compact frame Glock that’s ready to shoot on draw and already has most of the capacity, and you can reload with as honkin’ huge a spare mag as you want in about as much time as it takes to deploy this doofus device in the first place.

  • Gangsta_crip

    Yo dawg dis sheet be look buba af ya feel me.

  • Will


  • Joe Schmo

    Can someone give them money to stop?

  • USMC03Vet

    Somebody needs to put that Glock out of its misery and somebody needs to be held accountable for that Glock being tortured.

  • AZgunner

    What a ridiculous piece of garbage. I sure hope no one invested money in this company.

  • AZgunner
  • Jonn Doe

    Look just buy the damn Glock 43 or 26 already It’ll be easier to conceal than this thing.

    • Madcap_Magician

      Plus, while the Glock 43 carries less than half the ammunition of a Glock 19, by the time your folding Glock 19 is deployed and ready to shoot, a reasonable person with a Glock 43 will have already emptied his magazine into you, reloaded, and be well on his way to emptying his second magazine into you.

      But take comfort, for once you have gotten your gun assembled, you will have more ammunition on hand than he does!

      • Jonn Doe

        Actually I think a reasonable person would just dropkick you In the nuts and slap It out of you’re hand, pick It up walk away laughing their ass off and throw It In the nearest recycle bin.

  • Ger San

    One word: yuck.

  • mechamaster

    I think it’s better solution if they can designing the folding grip lower-receiver of the gun from the scratch,
    and only added “drop-in Glock trigger part and slide component like the barrel-recoil springs assembly and so on”

    • noob

      make a super conceal frame that accepts a M320 sig chassis and you might have a business there…

  • jcitizen

    Cool, but you are going to have to do some fantastic practice to produce this thing in time to beat the bad guy at the draw. I suppose it would be good for transport to the danger area, then unfold it; but then it seems like just bringing a normal gun is enough. I think the Ruskies did this with a subgun knockoff of a MAC SM-11-9 IIRC. Now that may have some use for bodyguards. IDK!

  • He’s gone—-

  • TangledThorns

    Not even Call of Duty would use this gun.

  • Hyasuma

    only people would buy this are the people who don’t know guns and shoot once solar eclipse appears

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    Marketing Challenge: This looks like a Glock KaBoom.

  • William Elliott

    Magpul really missed the boat by not releasing an “unstocked” variant of the…

  • Richard Lutz

    What a joke. Just get a Glock 26 which will take the magazines for the Glock 19/17/18.

  • Cymond
  • Anton_Zilwicki

    HTF is this Folding G19 more concealable than a regular old G19? Raoul O’Shaughnessy has the right of it…… Now if it was a belt fed G19……. 😉

  • noob

    wait does the quickdraw sheath have like a metal post that waves the blade open while simultaneously dulling the edge of the blade?

    • Kyle Blaylock