Shooting Blanks

Blank cartridges have been around for some time now and are found all over Hollywood, reenactments, and in various training settings within the Military and Law Enforcement communities. Although they add a great amount of potential in their use, they do require extensive safety precautions and care in their use. There have been numerous incidents of people suffering injury or death from wrongly modified blank firearms or even mixing live rounds with blank ammunition unknowingly. Blanks can also be very difficult to work with as we show in the video, requiring special care and attention to ensure that the firearms they are used with work reliably. This is more of an issue with semi-automatic firearms, but manually repeating firearms can have issues too. There is also a wide variety of blank rounds, from wooden tipped cases that require shredders at the muzzle to “shred” the wood, to polymer versions that can be very economical.

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    In the mid 1950’s, a bunch of us kids had pistols that only fired .22 blanks. They actually were pointed upwards in the gun and blast went out thru the top of the barrel. Young & dumb with a finger over the hole ONCE and it really really hurt. Next time with blanks was in 64 launching frag & WP grenades from the barrel of an AR-15 in Nam.