Frame Integrated and Wirelessly Rechargeable Handgun Light and Laser Concept

A Swiss startup company called Swiss Tactical Technologies is designing handgun lights and lasers which have a couple of unique features. First, they are integrated with the frame. As you can see in the computer mockup image, the dust cover portion of what looks to be a 1911 frame is enlarged to house the light and laser. The second feature is that it will be possible to wirelessly charge the batteries using charging mats/pads.

The advantage of this system is that you won’t need to remove and replace the batteries and won’t run a risk of having a dead battery when you need it most. All you need is to keep it charged – just like you do it with your cell phone.

On their Facebook page, they’ve also released several images of a Picatinny rail mounted light/laser combination device for mounting on rifle handguards. This one will have the same wireless charging technology using an externally attached charging device.


The Swiss Tactical Technologies is in its infancy right now. They are in the computer designing and patenting stage. They are also looking for investors.

I think the idea of wireless charging is really interesting and has good chances of becoming a successful product. Also, it is good to see new technologies like this being used in firearms designs.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • Joshua

    The battery needs to be replaceable.

    Li-Ion battery’s eventually lose their charge capacity.

  • Vhyrus

    As a CAD guy that was really sloppy of them not hiding their sketches before taking a screenshot for marketing.

    • civilianaf

      Im with you, looks like stuff you see being done at an entry level Solidworks class.

  • Rnasser Rnasser

    This is an old concept, harvesting the energy from the bolt/slide to recharge the battery, and cables hidden inside the frame/lower/rails/whatever.
    Still nothing soldier proof so far…

    • Blake

      I don’t think you understand the concept shown here. There is no harvesting energy from the bolt and no hidden wires. They’re using a Qi charging system just like in use in modern cell phones where you place the unit on a special matt and it is charged wirelessly.

      • Rnasser Rnasser

        My bad… thanks for pointing it up.
        Equally impractical, though.

        • Blake

          I don’t know, I can think of at least two niche roles this could fill. If, that is, they design a holster that has a charging coil built-in so you never have to worry about charging your light. Could be very useful for both people trying to protect their home and police units.

  • Luke Yost

    I like the concept of wireless charging. I don’t know the swiss market. I pesonally would be a lot more interested if it was detachable. I am happy with the profiles of current lights/lasers. But to leave it stored in a safe or etc and let it charge all my gun electronics…that would be worth buying.

  • Integrated lasers have typically been a commercial flop, as the technology continuously advances.

  • El BAnDit0

    Hi-tek game changing concept, uses a 1911 as a base. LOL

    • civilianaf

      Was thinking the same thing. Everything old is new again…

    • If they need a steel frame for it to work, that’s one of the two most common steel framed pistols in the West.

      • El BAnDit0

        These aren’t Swiss Chuchichästli folks. These are B&T wanna be folks.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Im waiting for wireless re-loading.

    • mig1nc

      Sure, on a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.

      • SkonOfVulcan

        I’d prefere 1.21 Gigawatts and a Mr. Fusion powered plasma rifle….

        • mig1nc

          But it’s not California compliant. The phased plasma rifle can be programed to only wirelessly charge 10 shots at a time.

          • SkonOfVulcan

            Fine limit it to one shot. Just have it do a full discharge with that one shot. That way you know you’ve taken out your target (and the whole downtown metro area). I have no problem with that. Of course that makes the silencer problematic. No one wants to carry around a twelve mile long cadmium shielded silencer.

  • Mr._Exterminatus

    Wireless charging isn’t exactly fast in my experience. Maybe with time this will change.

    • Blake

      It’s never fast because of the amount of energy lost. However with the tiny batteries these lights use it won’t take long. I’m hoping they also develop holsters or mounting solutions that having the charging pads built in.

  • Blake

    This could be great if they also develop holsters and mounting solutions that have the wireless charging pads built in. That way you never have to even worry about charging.

    • SkonOfVulcan

      Instead of Li-ion battery use an ultracapacitor and have it charge from a battery in the holster. That battery is replaceable. Ultracapacitors have a better lifespan than any battery. You should be able to get 100 rounds without putting it back in the holster and a recharge could be as short as a few seconds.

  • civilianaf

    Hey guys, we have screen captures of Janky Modeling! Get your check books out now!

  • I really hope these guys didn’t submit this on purpose – So NOT ready for prime time. Two weeks ago I was consulting with them on a number of changes… and then this gets out.
    Judas Priest.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    SIG makes a frame for the P320 with an integrated laser. Same location, under the dust cover. Activation button is directly below the trigger guard on front of grip.

    • Seamus Bradley

      Nice, no imagine that with IR laser and IR Light and I can now fight at night with one hand! I hope they do it, especially now that they are fielding the M17.

  • AD

    Wireless charging means induction using magnetic fields. Is there any chance that other metal parts of the firearm could heat up or develop a lingering magnetic charge when continually exposed to the magnetic field of the charging pad?

    • BryanS

      Hasnt been an issue with phones and the screws they use to hold them together.

      • AlDeLarge

        A lot of electronics are held together with non-magnetic stainless steel. Not that it matters for this, because wireless chargers work like a transformer constantly switching polarity.

  • Joe

    Looks like the Hudson H9

  • Hoplopfheil

    Basically a Ruger P94DL with a rechargeable battery?

    Hard pass.

    I will take a P94DL though, if I can find one.

  • junyo

    If it can break, it will.
    If the batteries can fail, they will.
    Two is one and one is none.

    I’m not a huge fan of integrated… anything, on a “must work, can’t fail” system. And integrating the batteries just makes it worse. And it means you’re basically precluded from component upgrades unless they publish a standard or lock you into some proprietary system. Powered rails seem more useful than this.

  • Zaro27

    Why not have a centrally located battery that can feed multiple attachments on the rifle through inductive charging and powered rails? Use the pistol grip and stock on the AR to hold the primary battery and have each piece have a small secondary battery just in case. You could have a cradle or a clip you use to charge everything at once, wouldn’t take long with modern high amp charging systems. If you use the cradle, I could see it being integrated into a vehicle.