High Tower Armory shared this photo of the CNC mold they had made for their bullpup stock. The bullpup stock is for Hi Point’s carbine. It will be molded polymer with some metal inserts and rails.

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your patience as we head into the home stretch. It could be a little while longer before we have these ready to sell but the good news is that the molds are almost done and we should have the first samples in hand sometime next week or the week after! We have started machining the CNC rails and bedding blocks and have tested them in the 3D prototype we have now. Once we have tested the first samples for fit, function, and longevity, we will make any adjustments, if needed. Once we are satisfied with the quality, we will have the mold textured (last step in case of any corrections). A firm timeline is still unrealistic, unfortunately but we are trying to move things along as quickly as we can. Thanks again for your patience and interest! We sure appreciate it!



  • Vhyrus

    Will it take Glock mags?

    (No, seriously, will it?)

    • UWOTM8

      Last I heard, they could only get it to accept single stacks due to the original Hi-Point’s restrictions.

    • Cal S.

      UWOTM8 is right, the HP receivers are built such that they will only take single-stack mags. Kind of like those low-cap AKs, getting anything bigger in there would necessitate gunsmithing.

      HTA was talking about making their own and built this stock with removable magazine spacers that will allow for retro-fitting when they do make it. I suspect it will look like a SureFire 60-round AR magazine, but with double-stack necking down to single stack.

    • Karmen

      If you’re so obsessed with a Glock mag carbine, it isn’t like there is a shortage of options. Sub2000, various ars, a 9mm ak that functions via adapter, and finally the mec tec upper. It is also pretty straight foward to modify 1911 mags to work in Hi points.

      • PersonCommenting

        I have an ATI AR pattern that takes glock mags. I love it. Takes a bit of a break in which I am not a fan of but after that it did work just fine.

    • Machinegunnertim

      You would have to remove metal from the receiver but it is possible.

    • Darren Hruska

      It’ll take Hi-Point brand Glockazines.

    • Flounder

      Nope. It’s for a high point… They have their own mags. Although HTA stated if there is enough interest they will look into double stack mags.

  • Mark

    Looks like a really long length of pull.

    • PK

      Yes, yes it does. It’s due to the existing construction of the 995, quite a bit of the action is behind the magazine.

    • Friend

      It is shaq sized, OK?

  • I still need a .30-M1 caliber variant of this design.

    • Noishkel

      I don’t really even want to think about the idea of a straight blow back .30 Carbine firearm. I remember shooting a 9mm Hi-Point carbine way back when they first came out. I distinctly remember it having snappy recoil as is.

      • Button Gwinnett

        The 9mm Hi Point has nearly zero recoil. It’s a pistol round in a 16″ barrel, and springs in the butt plate.

  • lucusloc

    Makes the Hi-Point look good. Does it improve the weight at all?

    • LGonDISQUS

      No, the bolt/carrier is a solid ingot of zinc based potmetal ♡

      • Gee

        According to NutNFancy, weight is everything. This doesn’t look like it will pass the weight test.

  • Taylor Hardin

    Its still a Hi Point so its still going to shoot like crap and after a while fall apart. Just because you put new clothes on it doesnt make it better.

    • PK

      You might want to look into reviews of their carbines before saying things like that.

      • Taylor Hardin

        I work at a gun shop that repairs guns and I have seen my fair share of them come in that have parts that just fall off them when people take them to the range. fronts sights do it alot.

        • lucusloc

          That does not mean the internals are unreliable. I have heard they are tough, and just keep shooting no matter what you do to abuse them. They may be ugly, and the fit and finish second to everyone, but it is hard to bet the reliability of a heavy direct blowback action.

        • PK

          And? They’re a common gun. I see more AR failures than anything else, doesn’t mean they’re awful guns, just that there are a whole lot out there.

        • Blackhorse

          You do understand sights don’t effect reliability or function.
          Add a cheap red dot (Hi-Point sells them on its site) and that sight issue is moot.
          Add that the warranty is a lifetime of the gun, it makes zero sense to send it to a “gun shop” instead of sending it to Hi-Point

        • I wunder

          I call bs on the front sight falling off. There is one bolt for sliding the front sight up or down for big crude elevation adjustments. On the bottom of the front sight assembly are allen screws that holds it on the gun. Not counting that it usually fits tightish on the barrel, the only way this is happening is if someone took the sight off and didn’t properly retighten and relocltite the screws that hold the front sight assembly.

        • RocketScientist

          Ahhh, so YOU’RE the font of all that “gun store wisdom” we always run across. Wondered where all that came from.

      • Tim Pearce

        I owned one. It shot like crap and fell apart after a while. I fixed it and moved on to a better gun.

    • Blackhorse

      Hi-Point carbines are some of the most accurate and reliable pistol caliber carbines sold.
      My 995 (original model) has fired every make of 9 mm I can find and flawlessly digested thousands of rounds without issue.
      As for “Just because you put new clothes on it doesnt make it better.” Which is true, but it makes them a whole lot less ugly and they’re still as reliable and accurate as ever.

      • Tim Pearce

        I had the 4095 (original model). It had a trigger as crisp as soggy mashed potatoes. The best group it ever produced was 6 MOA. Every single other PCC I’ve owned has been able to do 3 MOA, or better. Maybe I just had the worst Hi-Point trigger. Maybe you just have/had the only good one.

        After about 6,000 rounds the garbage they decided to spray all over the internal parts started flaking off of the feed ramp, and it wouldn’t feed anything reliably. Apparently, this is so normal that many people just grind that garbage off of the feed ramp right off the bat. I removed that garbage, polished the ramp, and then sold the gun.

        • Blackhorse

          I’m not sure if you’re exaggerating or just making it up.
          As for trigger.
          It can easily be cleaned up and or polished/tuned just like any other firearms can.
          As for accuracy.
          Just like most firearms you have to try different loads to find what it shoots best with. I’ve personally shot dozens of Hi-Point carbines and even more other types and never had this issue of 6 MOA or even close.
          As for your 6,000 rds.
          I call BS. Most will wear off the “paint” by a few hundred rounds at best and no more than 2,000 at most.
          I’ve personally polished multiple feed ramps on Hi-Points and not one had more than a couple hundred rounds through them with a lot of the “paint” already worn off when I started.
          Now you might of had a damaged feed ramp with a bump or bur on it. This caused it to deform your bullets on loaded and thus effected it’s accuracy.
          Just don’t understand how after you cleaned the ramp you didn’t try it. Or send it back for a fix since it has a lifetime warranty on all parts.

  • PeterK

    That um. Actually looks really sweet.

    I’m not even sure who I am anymore.

  • Vitsaus

    Is it just me, or does this not appear to shorten the host firearm at all?

    • PK

      Looks like it’s about 5″ shorter than the factory rifle, possibly a bit more but not more than 6.5″ shorter.

      It also changes the center of gravity that much further back, making it feel lighter and handle a bit better, which I’ve always enjoyed about bullpups.

  • USMC03Vet

    Look like a cake pan. That is going to be one tasty Bullpup.

  • Jeff Smith

    You know what’s awesome? Manufacturers that give you realistic updates and keep you updated on progress.

    • neckbone

      You mean like kel-tec?

      • jonathan speegle

        Desert tech

      • Palmier


      • El BAnDit0


    • PK

      Agreed! If I never see “two weeks out” again, I’ll be just fine with that.

  • PersonCommenting

    I just dont get it. You spend 300 dollars on the hi point then another 400 on a stock and you still have a hi point. A great gun but not one that you spend more to improve than to buy. You could have a cz skorpion for that cost and a skorpion has double stack mags.

    • Blackhorse

      CZ Scorpion carbine runs $900 or more.
      The Hi-Point has a lifetime warranty, which stays with the gun.
      CZ warranty is not even close by far.
      I own both Hi-Point and a few CZ products.

      • PersonCommenting

        Yeah but you probably wont ever need either warranty so it is pointless. As I said Hi Point Carbine plus fancy stock is around 700 to 800 bucks I would imagine.

        • Blackhorse

          That is the owners choice, isn’t it.
          I’ve seen people put over $1,000 into a $150 Mosin-Nagant or even more into a $450 SKS.

          • PersonCommenting

            For sure, it definitely is a cool product. I may not get it but like I said in a different string, if you like it you like it. that is all that matters.

        • Tim Pearce

          Depends on how many rounds you put through the gun. You’ll wear it out or break it in less than 10,000 rounds, at which point Hi-point can then refurbish it or replace it.

          • PersonCommenting

            And very few put 10k through their guns. Even then a few recoil springs will fix that.

          • Tim Pearce

            True, but, it’s not just the recoil springs. I don’t know if they’ve stopped doing so, but the original ones came with some stupid coating all over all of the internal parts, including on the feed ramp. It will start flaking off, eventually, causing reliability issues.
            Not to mention the lovely issue of several parts of the fire control group jumping out of the gun the first time you actually take it apart to clean it.

          • PersonCommenting

            Interesting, yeah I think I put about 8000 rounds through a 75 B from 2005. Never had any problems with it other than one cleaning malfunction. Sold the gun last year for a different one. Wonder if the new owner had to do anything with it.

      • PersonCommenting

        Also you can find scorpions for 750 to 800 easy these days.

      • Deplorable Shocked Amazed

        I have a 40 year old CZ … have not needed a warranty yet.

    • PistolPete037

      It makes way more sense if you already have a Hi Point. Also, High Tower keeps saying around $250 for the price, not $400.

      • PersonCommenting

        Well thanks for correcting me. Ive just seen similar hi point stocks go for 400 other than the beretta storm clone stocks. If that is the case 250 makes a bit more sense.

        All the same who am I to say anything though. As long as ya like it that is all that matters.

    • Edeco

      Well, I’d like to own a bullpup but most other options are over 4 figures and none are entirely to my liking. Nor is any current PCC entirely to my liking.

      If I could fill the PCC and bullpup niches both for $500, even if not perfect, that’s a lot of mall ninja needs fulfilled in one moderate aquisition.

    • Flounder

      The cost of the stock is going to be under 300. Probably 250-300. And you can get an older hi point for under 200.

      And this is a bullpup at almost exactly 26″ OAL.

      This is a distinctly different thing. The only 9mm bullpups are the Tavor conversion, the JARD, and I think I am forgetting one.

      Sure this is not as nice as any competitors but it is way cheaper or very different than everything else.

      I welcome the diversity! Aren’t you tired of AR’s yet?

      • PersonCommenting

        Yeah, I like this for it’s innovation. That is pretty cool. Maybe it will inspire more stocks on other 9mm carbines.

  • Indianasteve

    My Hi-Point 995 is a tank. It definately takes more abuse than any of my rifles, and I never have any trouble with it. And if I do they will fix or replace it for free. And Hi-Point is a company that does honor their warranty. Their customer service is excellent. This might void that warranty though.

    I do agree though that if this sales for $400, no way. I bought my rifle for under $200. One of the draws of this gun is the low price. I would like to have one of these, but I would have to be able to get one for around $200, and that probably won’t happen.

    • LGonDISQUS

      Just return in original stock!

      I bought an ATI stocked 9mm that was broken. Bought an old 995 stock on ebay, built it back to factory, got repaired and returned with a spare mag!!!

      If I hadn’t sold it when my company went under in Jan, I would have thought about this!!!

      • Indianasteve

        If I happen to get one of these I will keep the old stock. Thnks

      • noob

        sorry to hear about your company. hope that you’ll be back on your feet and restocking your safe soon.

    • PersonCommenting

      I have an ATI as well. Great gun and honestly pretty inexpensive. The CZ has dropped in price as well they are close to what The ATI was when I bought it now. I am sure the ATI can be found for mid 6s now which where it was before PCC boom hit.

  • John McPherson

    Certainly an improvement over the donor gun looks. Good luck fellas, maybe HiPoint will offer it as an option

  • Matt

    Wondering why they used aluminum for a injection molding tool… Prototype maybe?

  • Kenneth White

    I have all but given up on this stock … still have my doubts as to if it will ever get into production.