Wolf Gold (PPU) .45 Auto 185 gr SJHP gel test and review

We shoot Wolf Gold .45 Auto 185 gr semi jacketed hollow point ammunition produced by Prvi Partizan from a 1911A1 with a 5″ barrel into Clearballistics ballistic gel and measure velocity, penetration, expansion/fragmentation, and retained weight.

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Guns in this video:
Springfield Armory GI Model 1911 A1

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  • ActionPhysicalMan

    That is an unfortunate frame to have the video start on:-) I imagined that you were singing “To all the girls I’ve loved before.”

  • Swarf

    No Andrew, I’m not going to make fun of your Springfield! That would be unfair.

    I’m going to make fun of your 1911.

  • dddrmurray

    Dear Patrick,

    I like the procedure. That was a good example of safely finding the problem. Extra points for humility. I have some PPU SJHP 180gr .40 S&W that was an impulse buy and I expect the same as your .45 result. I hope my 226 doesn’t hiccup when I try it out. I’m also glad I have only one box. Thank you!

    • Ninoslav Trifunovic

      Actually, PPU’s .40 S&W SJHP will expand. But their 9 mm JHP will not…

  • gunsandrockets

    More data always good.

    As low energy as most pistol ammunition as, I wonder if it would be more productive for industry to try using bullets deliberately designed to tumble rather than expand in a target. Especially in the lower velocity calibers like .380 ACP and .45 ACP.

    After all, the energy a pistol bullet uses to deform its own shape is energy subtracted from potential damage to a target.

    • ゴリラKABOOM

      Federal HST is a good example of that not needing to happen. In this vid , the lead core of the SJHP round nose was probably too hard, the jacket too thick and little to no care of what the actual terminal effects would be. It’s a HP and people will pay more. That is very typical of the majority of the ammunition manufactured or sold under this companies name , then sold in the United States domestic market. Not to mention all of the other magical treats associated with the Wolf.

      • gunsandrockets

        There is such great load variation between brands of the same pistol caliber, and pistol calibers in general are so weak, that when in doubt, I’ll just go with FMJ in a pistol or wadcutters in a revolver. Most of the difference in real world results between different loads is inconsequential anyway.

        Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t care about those differences!

        Thank god for all the gun people out there who love to share the data they derive with modern cheap electronic devices. It keeps the ammo industry from baffling us with B.S.

        I’ve located a few promising hollow-point loads in some larger calibers, that not only seem to have a reasonable balance of recoil and terminal effectiveness, but are cheap too. The proof will be in the shooting of course.

        But even so I see no point in using anything other than FMJ bullets in .380 ACP!

        • ゴリラKABOOM


  • BattleshipGrey

    I never knew Wolf was simply an importer and not a manufacturer.

    I’ve been wanting to try PPU’s 158 grain 357mag. I read on a retailer’s site it’s pushing 1500fps. Not sure if the semi jacketed soft point expands or not though. Feel free to test that one for us Andrew.

  • Jonn Doe

    Just a poke In the dark here, did you try the ammo In a different 1911?
    I’m also curious about the ammo maybe you could crack one open and check It out.

  • retfed

    Why does TFB hate Andrew? Not only do they apparently only give him crappy ammo to test (every round I’ve seen him test underexpands and overpenetrates), but they make him shoot it in an obsolescent Taft-era piece of technology. Did he cool the gel blocks in an icebox? Did he drive to the range in a hand-cranked Maxwell? I’m gonna say no, so why does he have to shoot a century-old throwback, when it’s so easy to find modern hardware in .45 ACP?
    Asking for a friend.