LaserMax Now Offering Lasers for LCP II

LaserMax for LCP II

With its low price, tiny size and relatively good reliability, the Ruger LCP has become one of the most popular handguns for concealed carry today. However, it is not without its flaws and Sturm, Ruger & Co. released a second version of the pistol, the LCP II, that addressed some of the original gun’s shortcomings.

While the new pistol may be popular with many shooters, it does not yet enjoy the same range of accessories that the original gun has.

LaserMax announced it was now offering supplemental aiming for the LCP II through the introduction of its new laser units fit for the pistol. The new units will be available in August, and the company stated both red and green aiming lasers will be available for purchase.

These new LCP II laser units will use the company’s GripSense Activation technology to instantly turn on the laser. The GripSense Activation system does not need the use of a special holster, nor does the shooter need to press any buttons or manipulate any switches. In theory, this reduces the likelihood of an unintentional discharge since there is less fiddling with the gun under the stress of a self defense situation.

A price has not yet been announced. For comparison purposes, a red laser with white light combination unit with the GripSense Activation for the S&W Shield costs $199. I would expect these to be less.

Richard Johnson

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  • MeaCulpa

    “relatively good reliability”, that’s what we’re all looking for in a carry gun.

    • Tym O’Byrne

      Ive got two SS LCP’s, both work just fine….cant beat them for summer carry, plenty of farcles from Galloway Precision added just to make believe i had glocks that needed upgraded parts…lol

  • hghgf

    well i work for cablelas and this has a price tag of $399.99

  • Indianasteve

    I have the old lcp with a lasermax I carry in my front pants pocket, in a holster, of course. I like it just fine. Mine does not have the grip activation so I have to fidgit with the button. It is located so that when i draw, my trigger finger rests on the button. I paid $300 for mine. Don’t think I would pay $400 for one of these though. I would sell mine for $275 with a 2nd mag and buy a Glock 43. This is not an ad for my gun though.

  • Honestly, I’d rather have a white light for an LCP than a laser. By the very nature of the pistol, it’s most likely going to be needed when additional light might be a good thing, and frankly, at the ranges you would be using it, I’m not sure a laser buys you any more *practical* accuracy than a Cirillo Silhouette aided by a white light would.